party with trees rasta x large

Party with Trees
Party with Trees
Rasta / X Large

speaking of which Leon Russell at Yoshis oakland 2 nights tues and wed, $43 each 8 p.m. show

keeo th eniht job buddy

keeo th eniht job buddy


(rasta x large indeedy)

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Identical v. a stone and a stone

I am pretty weak on Scott Turow, but I could not resist posting mention I teared literally from the Times of some weeks ago a blurb about “Identical” a murder mystery involving twins. Because I had been writing Muff Bonini a former Gunn basketball player one year behind (and five inches fifty pounds and three hundred points ahead of) me, now a judge, a “hanging judge” even. That plus the Cohens Steve and Eric are all over Plasti cal to, too.

Eben. Ok, Terry, Carol and I were walking to breakfast in a remote Central Coast town, nearly halfway to Los Angeles, if you excuse the Zeno-ism. They had bought the previous day a painting from Betty and her bassett hounds. As we passed Betty’s yurt, there was a sign “Bassetts Crossing”. Then a man (name dFred) approached walking a black dog. “Does your dog know or nose the bassets?” I asked. Sure he said, but the bassets are not to friendly (somehow Katherine Chrystal Foster or whatever he name, the snobby school board lady wanna be from Princeton or Yale comes to mind, and my freshman and sometime roommate at Dartmouth Edward Brandes Teddy Conway, who said “anybody can be nice; what is hard is being cool”).

I went into my slightly mis-remembered riff from Alterman about “a stone and a stone” do not give false measure, “eben” means ebony but also is a false stone it is wood. That’s the short version.

I am late to a movie about Yemen and then one about The South in the Sixties, the Gaints are up to 5, safely, we believe, Esther Berndt is playing sax soon enough, there will be bear or beer, and I said “sounds like heaven”. Also, a softball player and journalist named Emily may call or drop by to try to say something kind about the 50-year old teenager in the OBEY lid lampin’ lampin’ lampin’ robber-baron style, and aspiring for public service. or as Madigan Shive – now there’s an endorsement, would say, “on the aspire”.

The character in the story is Paul Gianis if that is close enough for plastic alto.

despite the fact that there are twenty typos and weirdos above I take pride in announcing that the Times blurb has “Gianis” “One N” while the Amazon has “Giannis”.

The name “stone” derives from the use of stones for weights – a practice that dates back into antiquity. The ancient Hebrew Law against the carrying of “diverse weights, a large and a small”[6] is more literally translated as “you shall not carry a stone and a stone (אבן ואבן), a large and a small”. There was no “standard” stone in the ancient Jewish world,[7] but in Roman times weights crafted to a multiple of the Roman libra (a pound of about 327.54 g) for use in commerce were often made of stone.[8] Such weights varied in quality – 10 and 50 [Roman] pound examples acquired in Italy, possibly from Pompeii, were of polished blackstone,[9] while a 40 pound example on exhibition in Eschborn, close to the Roman frontier in Germany, was made of sandstone.[10]

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Please endorse me, William T. Vollman

Mr. Vollmann wanders the globe like a man-child, it seems, or an outsider artist, gathering grim experience while remaining po-faced and curiously innocent. His sentences can be boring, but he himself rarely is.

Last year, out of the blue, he published a book of photographs of himself as a cross-dresser. He also wrote last year about getting his hands on his F.B.I. file and discovering that the United States government thought he might have been the Unabomber. These sorts of things never happen to Michael Chabon.

Mr. Vollmann’s new book, “Last Stories and Other Stories,” is his first volume of fiction since “Europe Central” (2005), which won a National Book Award. Not that he’s been idle. In the meantime, he’s published several dense slabs of nonfiction, including books about poverty, train-hopping and Japanese Noh theater, and a somewhat less slablike book about Copernicus.

I met William when he read Imperial in Sf then invited us all to drink with him across the street, in lower Haight. With more time I would finish Imperial and read the other 100 books I have bought in recent years, re-read another 100 from my undergrad days, and straighten my files. Or re-edit this blog, approaching 1,000 posts and 500,000 words.

Only 7 so far review this on leading site while 30 have done since 2010

edit to add:
SACRAMENTO — As far as writers go, William T. Vollmann is a man’s man. In pursuit of a story, he has roughed it with the mujahedeen in Afghanistan and survived a land mine explosion in Bosnia. He singed his eyebrows off and nearly froze to death exploring the magnetic North Pole. In Thailand, he rescued a teenage girl from sex slavery by kidnapping her from a pimp.

William T. Vollmann Navigator
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‘Uncentering the Earth’ (2006)
‘Europe Central’ (2005)
‘Rising Up and Down’ (2004)
‘Argall’ (2001)
‘The Royal Family’ (2000)
‘Thirteen Stories and Thirteen Epitaphs’ (1993)
‘Fathers and Crows’ (1992)
‘An Afghanistan Picture Show’ (1992)
‘Whores for Gloria’ (1992)
‘The Ice-Shirt’ (1990)
‘The Rainbow Stories’ (1989)
‘You Bright and Risen Angels’ (1987)
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Right: William T. Vollmann
‘I looked like this horrible Elizabethan courtier.’ – William T. Vollmann
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William T. Vollmann.
So it may be surprising that Mr. Vollmann, the absurdly prolific author and National Book Award winner, is also a devoted cross-dresser. He has developed a female alter ego named Dolores, whom he refers to in the third person.

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Gratuitous Esther Wojcicki James Franco item


Actually what is inspiring me to run this gratuitous Esther Wojcicki James Franco item is the blogger Victoria Thorpe who called my Michael Wolff – Nat Wolff – Val Kilmer – Jack Kilmer – Billy Kilmer – Mateo Romero – Naked Brothers Band — Teddy Franco – Arsenio Hall- MC Hammer – Michael Stubbs – Aleta Hayes -Richard Sherman — Kent Lockhart -Rich Kelley riff hard to follow (I think she said “incoherent” and “irrelevant”)

But an LGBTQQ charity at 375 Cambridge made $600 on the deal so is all good, aight?

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Vale endorses Weiss, Horton laughs

Late on Monday night, which is like a Sunday night since Terry and I were on vacation for the weekend, I get a note from V. Vale the famous journalist and impresario who says yes he will endorse me. Kinda weird since I wrote him back in September, early.

Vale published ReSearch and a cool email newsletter. I had been reading his stuff for years, like the Swing! anthology and things I’ve peered at but were afraid to buy — like when I worked at Green Apple, — that plus Steve Cohen either lent me or gifted me a punk on pranks. Book, that is. Stet.

A couple years ago I sent a phoner report to the good people at Goldenvoice, about the public auction of Fox Theatre in Redwood City — to David Lefkowitz office, and his assistant in reciprocation guest listed Terry and I to see Devo at Regency Ballroom and there we met and kinda hung with Vale. Occasionally he reprints a statement or comment I said him in his newsletter.

Not sure how many people this endorsement swings in Palo Alto but it means something to me. Also, in my previous two cycles, 2009 and 2012 I did not seek endorsements; this time I am trying to enhance the Weiss campaign as social sculpture experience.

I think I am up to 30 or more, although I admit I didn’t log every endorsement I received, which is, I admit, kinda lame. And it would be good to garner a “yes” from current or recent current past Palo Alto elected (some of them said they will vote for me but short of endorsements).

Brian Moore meanwhile my Dartmouth classmate says he is sending me an article that says endorsements don’t actually sway voters. Brian’s political claim to fame is that he was Larry Giordano’s aid and was the one who found the loophole in Massachusetts that permitted Willie Horton to commit a crime while on furlough. Giordano was instrumental in fixing this problem but the clever and motivated Republicans found a way to use this to defeat Michael Dukakis and elect George Bush. So blame Brian Moore, now a Springfield , Illinois neuro-pathologist, for Bush 1 and Bush 2. (Have you heard: the road to hell is paved with good intentions?)

I asked Vale to send me a photo he would have shot in the punk heyday, at Mabuhay, to post in this article. I saw a group of such recently at Paule Anglim Gallery. At the party for that show, I shot the crowd with a disposable camera and then ran a few blocks to a one-hour photo, then eventually returned to the party and gifted some guests, including Vale, with some prints, whatever that proved, it was kinda fun.

Today I spend an hour with a cool guy named Don Wallis of SLO, a poet, playwright and puppeteer.

edit to add: this item is getting weirder but besides wanting to link to more info on Willie Horton, it is also true that tonight I heard from Griffin “Muff” Bonini, the former Gunn basketball star, who says that he cannot endorse me — because he is a judge — but will “privately” mention me within the rules to friends and family members in Palo Alto and likely voters. Thanks, Muff! Judge Bonini is known for being super-tough, so there is a weird segue from Willie Horton to him. And of course there was a Willie Horton the baseball player and I know Judge Bonini also knows baseball (Bo – nini knows baseball).

Whether or not endorsements do anything, it is fun sometimes to try to get them, and it feels good when people say “yes”.

major boner by weiss: I saw Vale at a Bruce Conner show: this photo is by Conner:

photo by conner

photo by conner

The Willie Horton thing, although it has little to do with Palo Alto 2014, seems worth researching, especially since I know a principal. Bryan Stevenson coming to town soon.
Here is Willie, for what that’s worth:

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Arts ATL: Review: Locked-out ASO musicians perform DIY concert with guest cellist Matt Haimovitz

Originally posted on OXINGALE RECORDS:

October 16, 2014


On Tuesday evening, the ATL Symphony Musicians presented their most recent concert at the spacious Dunwoody United Methodist Church. The small orchestra was led by Richard Prior, composer and director of orchestral studies at Emory University. They were joined by cellist Matt Haimovitz as featured guest soloist in the evening’s interesting mixed bag of orchestral, chamber and solo works.

The performance was one of several scheduled by the musicians since they were locked out by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra management on September 7 after the two sides failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. The concert was attended by about 400 people, less than a full house.

Haimovitz opened the concert with a pair of unaccompanied cello works: the Prelude from J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 and “Seventh Avenue Kaddish” by David Sanford, the latter a remembrance commissioned by Haimovitz after the tragedies of…

View original 586 more words

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Christina Velazquez at Palo Alto Art Center, her work that is, thru December 23


Christina Velazquez has work installed at Palo Alto Art Center, thru December 23. I missed her residency per se, perhaps owing to the campaign trial. Terry my Terry the artist and arts commissioner Terry Acebo Davis has known Velazquez for some time, but I have met her seldomly these last five years.

I will paste in later a couple shots I took of the work.

Also, when I was doing a type of residency at Palo Alto History Association archives at Cubberley, H-3 I think it was I noted a work of Christina Velazquez hanging there in an inner office.

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