Mark Weiss the Frederick Douglass agitator type

Frederick Douglass daguerretype in collection of Chicago Art Institute

Frederick Douglass daguerretype in collection of Chicago Art Institute

John Fredrich, candidate for member, Palo Alto City Council and a retired Gunn High School of Palo Alto social studies teacher, suggests that rather than thinking of Andrew Goodman the martyred “outside agitator” when Bill Johnson real estate investor and real estate rag publisher calls me “The Agitator”, that rather I should recall Frederick Douglass, the antislavery activist.

John Fredrich Douglass sounds like a project.

Thanks, John. Thank you Mr. Douglass.

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Go, Dohatsuten, Giants


    Photo and reading by tif

    Photo and reading by tif

    a 3-2 lead and Mad Bum getting loose I shook off my catcher and signaled brothy pork ramen from Dohatsuten on St Ants only 9 min walk from Fred hello Laura Stec dive bar preview. Terry now texts me to join me. Meanwhile Tif slides me a ooh-mamma/ DUDE! bowl and snapped or tapped this semi sefry.

    Bonus points if someone saves me from searching Giants Nippon bullpennsensi circa 1965. Wanna say Mayoni Matsumoto
    edit to add: try masanori murakami

    and 1: leah garchik had something about ad man Bob Gardner thinking of himself as Madison Bobgardner which made me want to ring her about my visit with legendary ad man Dan Mountain this July in Venice, CA and watching with him in his home a few innings of Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers on tv. The year I entered the ad game, 1988 Dan won the Howard Gossage Award as top copywriter in SF and therefore the world. That same year I gave Jeff Goodby a mock award, the Goose Gossage Award: a 1975 Topps card of the ChiSox hurler, mounted and with handwritten copy “Trapped in this plastic sheath I empathize with the unemployed junior copywriters of the world”. By 1992, like Mark Fidrych, and Sid Finch, I was a flash in the pan in SF ad circles and drifted back to the peninsula, eventually opting to go Earthwise.

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I am so third

Seven-fifty-six on a Wednesday morning, two hours until my next appointment, lap top open, frothy Capucinno here at Peet’s MP, and I feel like Gale Sayers having juked Kermit Alexander at the fifty staring up at 50 yards of open, open field.

This is the edition I have, or had and read in about 1977.

This is the edition I have, or had and read in about 1977.

Also, the Kevin Kinney line, hot coffee and a full tank of gas, as filtered thru Krissy Durden (if that’s her real name) of KZSU in the 1990s.

And my first date is with a miscellaneous water document, a $50,000 grant from Santa Clara Water District for something, that generated about 20 to 30 pages in my 50 to 100 lbs of documents, council packets.

And after that, w.e.a.t., four for five newspapers, including Brand Chron — for the story about Mellancamp and King — and looking up old friends as Dr. Brian Paaso used to say and GAME 7 of the World Serious (as Ring Lardner you know me al would say) and I would like to break away from the game for 3 minutes to say “rent control” to Planning Commission, if I don’t hook up with good ol’ Andy Dieden my first sports-fan buddy, 1972-74, besides my dad.

And the five books I bought from Palo Alto Library for $six: Politics for Dummies, 2002, Ann DeLaney, Indiana Dems; Thomas Nast, page 103, drew in 1874 an elephant stomping the Tammany Hall tiger. And Andrew Jackson riding a donkey “to support his veto of the U.S. Bank recharter”. Christmas in Plains, by Jimmy Carter, illustrated by Amy Carter, 2001, his 17th book and I recall as a freshman at Dartmouth in 1982 fall receiving a book award from the outgoing editors of The Dartmouth, “Keeping Faith:Memoirs of a President” for most promising or at least most under-foot cub reporter, and I did just leave a voice mail to my roommate and fellow D editor G. Scott Rafshoon esquire who used to date Amy, asking if his eldest boy is yet off to college. (Will check with Mom if GSR is TDB to call back pronto). “1979: As Christmas approached both our nation and I were obsessed with the plight of the American hostages who had been captured when Iranian militants took over our embassy in Teheren in the first week of November”. David McCullough, “1776” just to see if it mentions my professor Jere Daniell (who told us the the Revolution was a bit of an over-reaction). No “Daniell” in index at least but there is “earl of dartmouth” p. 13 and p. 19 save that for another day, or 50 yards of daylight. Alan Alda “Things I Overheard When Talking to Myself” 2008 because he, me, Jackson Pollock, Collete and Claes Oldenburg are all fellow Aquarii. Something about playing Richard Feynman and then talking at CalTech and “entropy”. I’ll say. Al say.

I also borrowed Black Keys “Attack and Release” if only to see if I recognize any of the four singles, the Danger Mouse stuff. I first saw Black Keys as a Fat Possum act at Billion I gotta believe at SXSW maybe 2003. The RFID sticker from the library obscures the lyrics to “Thing Ain’t Like They Used to Be” — and I wonder if spending 50 cents each to save cd-s from theft is worthwhile now that price of cd-s is less than 50 cents, I know since I sold off a thousand of them for about $200. And they picked the guy who suggested this, the theft-prevention for Library Commission over Yours Truly even though I was the only candidate who mentioned even one let alone four authors, like Wallace Stegner and Dao Strom. it says here, on different doohickey that Dao and I spoke for 23 minutes week ago yesterday.

Back to black it say Ralph Carney, Pat’s uncle, played for Earthwise 5th Anniversary at Cubberley at Partial Parrot, plays Jaw Harp which I read as Jaw Hard on “I Got Mine” and concert bass harmonica on “Same Old Thing”. I will start with those: 2 and 8.

Wow. “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” book by Stephan King and music and lyrics by John Mellancamp December 5 and 6 only Curran Theatre, Shorenstein Hays production — which I picked up randomly and kept playing track 11 or 13 from library and then gave it back — I would sink the $107 or $214 if I bring Terry my Terry, that I’d see! Chad Jones says. 838 it took me two tries, either becuz of Stupid Smart Phone or them to realize that they open at 1000. so 40 minutes into my 10 minutes on water, will boot off to boot on at 8:50 for


The song I was tripping on was “How Many Days” sung by Kris Kristofferson, father of my Gunn schoolmate Tracy K and do you realize what a rarity to have a number 1 hit and an oscar film performance in same year, suss that:

And just so I don’t forget, and join me if you know this by heart:
The Lord is First
My friends and Family are Second.

And weirderly: because that Youtube does not seem to play without a new upgrade and Amazon does not have the sound bytes I have to rely on AllMusic to get ever 30 seconds (“if I was tough…my fist..if I was many days?”) of that one song, I am willing to let sell me $200 tickets to a show to:

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Briefer history of time

Watching Errol Morris thin blue line or is it Stephan Hawking or fast cheap and thermodynamic

Watching Errol Morris thin blue line or is it Stephan Hawking or fast cheap and thermodynamic

IMG_20141029_062745092_HDRIn thin blue line the case comes down to as Adams states five words fur-lined collar or bushy hair

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Mark Weiss Terry Acebo Davis official Palo Alto City Council 2014 portrait


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Do Spoon your water

Two threads merge here: I was psyched to hear Spoon, the Austin band that debuted in the Bay Area at Palo Alto Cubberley Center Theatre in 1997, get another song on the commercial radio, here KFOG for something called “Do You?”spoondo AND on my way to SLO or Oso Bay or Morro Bay or Morro Rock, at a rest stop near an Army base, three fourths of the way to L.A. I shot this water shot, thinking of my old bud Greg Zlotnick who knows more water than just about anyone. watermap

Greg Zlotnick and I listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd while doing our honors math 7th grade homework dished out by “Smilin’ Steinhouser”.

outro:at about half mil hits

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Fehr and loafing

kristina lindsay
I am writing this while board stiff so to speak at Council beating around the bush on “shuttle issue” –when I speak I will say what Schmid just said, and I just applauded 8:36 p.m. MARGUERITE. Speaking of chicks I dig.

Marguerite was Asa’s favorite horse as shuttled people from Palo Alto to Stanford back in the day.

We are beating a dead or dying horse here and reinventing the wheel. I say: cute a deal with Big Daddy and let Marguerite be he or she a horse or human figure out our problems. Duh. And how much, if I bellowed about $175,000 for the Flints — Half Moon Bay planning flunkies — are we spending on Fleece and Fleer or whoever they are, from Germany and England and Hawaii oh my.

Jim Burch with his dying breath said: let’s decorate the busses to increase ridership, because it was dead or dying then. I was there. In 2010, exactly four years ago. At PAPAC arts meeting.
(I suggested a bus dressed like Furthr).(that’s his granddaughter above, Kristina Lindsay, at Lytton Plaza).

Steve from Gunn, dude from Enschede.

Fittingly (love the dress terms), I was late to my speech because I drove home a young singer named Darryl Delanty I think who uses the Shuttle.

sang a michael jackson ballad for Alice of Garden Fresh in exchange for a ride home but usually uses our shuttle east

sang a michael jackson ballad for Alice of Garden Fresh in exchange for a ride home but usually uses our shuttle east

Are you on the bus or off the bus?

Stoned angels weep. Because you are wasting $300,000 of their our money, I am merely guessing – the number is hidden. I will ask.

Can I have 10 minutes not 3, Nancy?

Fehr and Loafing

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