Lense wars, Weiss v. Weber

Veronica Weber, photo by Mark Weiss, using a Samsung flip phone, 2012

Veronica Weber, photo by Mark Weiss, using a Samsung flip phone, 2012

I warned Veronica Weber, in fall 2012, not to do my like the press did the Jimmy Stewart character in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (they ran pictures of him doing bird-calls).

As insurance, I snapped this from my Stupid Cell Phone.

Meanwhile, next to kind of a back-handed announcement, they re-ran this picture of me. I actually think they ran a picture of me looking into space, to over-emphasize my Aquarian nature.

I told Veronica that I wasn’t going to sit for her at all this time around. Plastic Alto competes with the Weekly, and seeks to surpass it some day. (By covering Palo Alto without a pro-developer bias, and without 60 pages of realtor ads).

I went thru a reporter training program with the Peninsula Times Tribune, at Lytton and Ramona, in 1984. Things have never been the same here, since the demise of the PTT. Even with three local rags.

Goodbye, Fourth Estate, we hardly knew you.

I'm not sitting for Veronica Weber of the Weekly at all this time around, 2014

I’m not sitting for Veronica Weber of the Weekly at all this time around, 2014

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Save us, George Willard

I mean, Jack Burden.


That’s funny, I just name-checked (and vowed to re-read) Winesburg, Ohio on my blog:
Web Link

Palo Alto needs a George Willard to get to the bottom of what is going on here; not sure how close to that I can come; I’m either running for Council to spice up my blog, or writing a blog to forward my campaign. Plan B would be, if not elected, to grow my blog to compete more seriously with…Palo Alto Weekly .

Looking forward to reading more Nick Taylor (sounds like a Hemingway character name, or a Hammett…)

I take this as an omen…almost makes up for being basically dissed by GS of the Weekly.

Some earlier Andre Dubus 3 sit on my desk unread, although I am fixing to re-read Broken Vessels about his father’s demise. I recall sitting on the lawn, with Star Teachout, waiting for Dubus II to show up only to learn, from a note on the door, that he had taken ill (and soon after we learned that he had died).

Robert Penn Warren is also calling out to me, All The King’s Men.

Those who don’t re-read the classics enough are condemned to live thru them.

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I am running, if you define running as walking around, shooting photos and then writing about that or those

Within an hour of visiting Donna Grider, the Palo Alto City Clerk, to “pull papers”, two reporters called to confirm if I was indeed running.

I called back Breena Kerr of the Post and asked if I could add another point. I said that I disagreed with the stance of her publisher Dave Price regarding the enforcement of a City Ordinance regarding whether restaurants on University Avenue could use the sidewalks for al fresco dining. He said, a few weeks back, that enforcement of that ordinance would be like putting a boot to the neck of small business.

I told Breena on the other hand that the lack of enforcement would be like a subsidy of the landlord. “Wouldn’t it be a subsidy of the business — aren’t they the ones who, via enforcement, would be responsible for any punitive measures?” Good question. I had, do note, lauded her for an article she had written recently about CPI the metal-coating business and the concern among residents of Barron Park, specifically on Chimalus Street, about the possible release of toxins.

I realized later that I was perhaps playing with fire to directly contradict a stance of her publisher — who I take as a Libertarian, and to bring up a point that, in truth, I don’t know the ins and outs of (other than the fact that I do eat at some of these restaurants and had read the article on the issue, if not, to my knowledge a staff report on the topic).

As remedy, I decided to take a little stroll, shoot some pictures and maybe interact with John Q and Jane Q, Public that is.

Rachel Burke and Daniel Summer-Hays were sitting in a portico of Patxi’s Pizza, on Emerson. This, I thought, was the perfect compromise between indoor and out. They graciously complied with my request to document their evening, and we chatted a bit about the difference or similarities between development here compared to Mountain View.

rachelDanielPatxiI admit that I am an atypical political candidate, a strange mix, if this is evidence, of Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language” and Sherwood Anderson, “Winesburg, Ohio”‘s George Willard (which I read in 1984, as an undergraduate English major at Dartmouth, and I hope to re-read this summer).

I am not going to mention any other of the restaurants by name. I am not going to be the whistle-blower. I just noted the types of reactions to the temptation to eat out of doors, or al fresco. I will, since I brought it up, re-read the press coverage of the recent discussion and maybe staff report if I can find that simple enough. People I spoke to, as I wandered, were more in favor of being able to eat out door than concerned that the public space might be privatized. My concern is within context of a larger issue of overdevelopment in terms of adding office space at the expense of what could be a public amenity such as a restaurant. I did sneak a shot of the famous dive bar turned headquarters for something that at this point is better known by its squiggle than its actual name.

I've tried this one, but I sat indoors

I’ve tried this one, but I sat indoors

This one, quite popular, always a line, has a ledge facing the street and recently added tables, including one in front of their neighbor:

casi casi

casi casi

I categorically would avoid this place

I categorically would avoid this place

I rarely if ever eat at this place, maybe never. I would sooner, if I ordered there, take my meal to Lytton Plaza, which is open to everyone and not just the adjacent pizza parlor (which I frequent).

i'm a sucker for baklava

i’m a sucker for baklava

Although it was sooner than the evening rush, this ledge looked like a decent place to wait your turn:

ledgeI actually took 20 pictures, and have uploaded them from Android to Laptop, and may get around to an addendum here; but meanwhile think about buy, borrowing or reading my two main sources here:


It’s a bit of a red herring but I am also strangely inspired by an article in The New York Times, from 2007 but new to me, by filmmaker Errol Morris, comparing two similar photographs from the nineteenth century. I like the way he thinks.

edit to add: Elena Kadvany of Palo Alto Weekly, on May 2 of this year, reported on this issue and got 53 comments. I don’t recall how much more recently the Post and or Dave Price’s comment was, but I think I saved the tear sheet. It’s not a huge issue, other than it traces the outlines of mega-trends like Downtown v. Residents or the encroachment of a business mindset into the public sector.

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Harry Hillman, 1881-1945

Harry Hillman (1881-1945)

1. Olympic Gold medals — 3 in 1904 — St. Louis
2. Coached at Dartmouth 35 years, 1910 – 1945
3. Died in 1945 — how?
4. Coached in the Olympics
5. set a world record in 3-legged-race, in 1909, 11.0 100 yards with Lawson Robertson
6. designed a fast track; designed a better hurdle
7. Track Hall of Fame
8. His son was a great skier and P.O.W.
9. Donated his medals to Dartmouth (his daughter did)
10. joined a National Guard regiment in Brooklyn to train
11. made a scrapbook that someone is reading 109 years later

In my file
1. 02/04/03 letter from Don Burnham, 4 pages
2. 03/06/03 letter from Don Burnham
3. tear sheet from Dartmouth Alumni Magazine with notes:
a. according to Michelle from Alumni Records (603) 646-2253, the son died on 04/13/92
b. Don Wheaton ’39 — nephew (828) 894-(XXXX)? Columbus(?), NC?
c. “Susan”, Cynthia and “Hallie”
d. Phil Crunnervelt — alumni records — (603) 646-0538? helped me with contacting the nephew. Recommends switchboard.com
e. 724 Bentley Village, Naples, FL 34110?
f. Did I speak with Jack Faunce 1940 re Hillman’s survivors?
“Trinka”, Canton, CT, (860) 693-XXXX Check my phone records?
5. Hillman resume via Burnham
6. Mile Progress Chart supplied by Burnham:
Gunder Haegg, 1945, 4:01.4
7. excerpt from NYAC history, supplied by Burnham, re gold watch incident, 1905
8. Burnham c.v. 4 pages (1996)
including 28 article cited he wrote on psychology 1955-1996
9. my notes on Burnham interview from 01-13-03
10. receipt for $XXX for scrapbook from Resser-Thorner Antiques
11. January note to Burnham after interview
12. xerox of photo of Hillman and Burnham, circa 1940
13. xerox of display case photo + 3-legged race photo
14. my notes from November, going thru SID files
“1,000 prizes, 50 titles”
“Company C, old 13th, Putnament Sonner(?)
“fire, 1944″ article on fire
Brooklyn High School for Boys
NYAC “Star AC Brooklyn”
Mason (?)
Dick Whiting (603) 863-6067
15. Keith Peters, 12/18/02
16. John Klein ’52 re camp
17. Joel Platt 01/23/03
18. article ms “Three-legged Race: Oddity or ritual or both” by Burnham and Weinstein 1994 unpublished 19pp 5,000 words
19. article from Ed Burns ’85 1985 Sports Illustrated on ancient Olympics
20. phone numbers, per 3., above
H.Q. Hillman (239) 254-XXXX (Susane)
Harold Hillman (941) 761-XXXX
Har J Hillman (727) 896-XXXX
possible descendants of Hillman from switchboard.com: FL 01/03
21. query response from Sean Plottner 12/02
22. Wallin notes 03/06/03 cf Frank Zarnowski (301) 646-XXXX reference on track history
cf Cornelia Wallin (603) 646-3713
23. interview with Dick Whiting ’40 — also an athlete
24. John Herdersheft of Track and Field news (650) 948-8417 re Roberto Queratamis book John Hendershott
25. macdisc@iccas.com is this Mac Wilkins? Bob McKay, reference to 3-legged-race in AAU book, 1940
26. emails: Crumpacker, Chapin
27. Gregorian, Vaje

1. College archives Barbara Krieger and Cornelia Wallin
2. SID office files Cathy Slattery
3. Quercetani book – track and field news
4. Zarnofski book
5. Koop?
6. Wallchinsky?
8. Brooklyn Boys School
9. Stanford Invitational Meet
10. Vin Lannana
11. Gene Bokor, 1948 thesis
12. the book (scrap book)
13. Ripley
14. Guinness
15. Chariots of Fire (film)
16. Jim Thorpe story
17. Gangs of New York (Daniel Day Lewis story about New York gangs, 1880 or only 25 years or so before Hillman started running)
18. SuperStars TV reality show
19. April 24, 1909 depicted in 1918 Ripley drawing: champs or chumps
20. Carey Heckman ’76 06/23/03
a. never heard of him; b. recommends Jere Daniell; c. has book on early years of Dartmouth sports published in 1903
21. Don Lucas?

Oxford Companion to World Sports and Games, Artoff (London, 1975) p. 1094 Tossing the Weight
Part of Highland Games
weight is a metal sphere with a chain and ring attached weighing together 56 lbs, to achieve height and distance. In 1969 Anderson tossed a height of 15 ft 7 inches (4.75 m) the best ever achieved. He also holds the distance record of 41 ft, 11 inch (12.77)
coach wallin had said something as an aside about the world records, some not contested, that the best man in his wedding held a weight throw record

p509 hurdling, first instance of a 120 yard course, 1864 Oxford University sports, (sheep hurdles 3’6″) regulation 8 lb toppling mount 1932 IAAF rules

p31 three timekeepers necessary for valid or submitted for ratification of records, photo-finish, since 1964 Olympics

echelon or staggered starts: 200 meters+ 800 meters

Gunder Hagg (1918 -??)
1945 held the world record 4:01.4 until Bannister broke it in 1954
disqualified for professionalism
also held 5K records, 1942-1954

shot put is 16 lb

The Olympic Games, Barry Hugerman and Peter Arnold
Facts on File, 1988 (New York)
56 lb 1904 and 1920 only 2 competitions (competitors?) in this event
Hugman sources:
NY Herald 1904
Chicago Daily Tribune 1904
The Olympic Games 1904 by CJP Lucas and E.B. Woodward (1905) (available on internet)
describes Hillman grimacing veins bulging in neck, wins by one yard
track is one-third of a mile, 200 yard across infield

Spaldings Olympic Games of 1906 by J.E. Sullivan 1906
Track and Field News 1948-1984
The Games M. Brant 1980

Don Burnham must film!!! must meet!!
Reggie Williams
Boys and Girls — shoot the film there?
Andy Shue
John Paye
Fox Sports Network
Neil Pilson ’89P/Dana Pilson ’89
Stacy Livingston
Henry Livingston Hillman
Meisue Fencos / Fernandez
Dartmouth student I met at depot (I did meet a Dartmouth undergrad in Hanover who said she was from Brooklyn and had attended Brooklyn Boys and Girls, the same school that Hillman had attended 100 years prior)

I surfed the web, 12 – 1:30 a.m. — approx 2.0 hours
Elisabeth Thompson?
Coen Brother — “funny charming sports documentary”
Good funny sports film
Steve White (cal sports?)

1908 Ostay Ewry, London, vertical high jump
2. standing long jump – Ewry 3. makdkdkg 4. marathon
Dionde Pietra falls at finish, wrong way, collapse Johnny Mills got gold
given a trophy for great sportsmanship Alexandria

The first 90 Years: Olympic Gold Medal winners 40 min Best Film and Video, Great Neck, NY 11021
1984 cat #811
technical advisor Ron Pickering
honorary advisor Sir Stanley Rous CBE
research asst Patty Povey
asst to the producers Linda O’Neill
conrad film Associates Intl

Peter Ueberoth
“Classic Family Entertainment Presents”
John Wesson
first 90 years
Derek Conrad producer writer director
Robert Sidaway, assoc producer
John Wolstein Holme prod supervisor
1. 1912 ceremony; 2. W Smim; 3. greco-roman wrestling; 9 hours no fall both silver??–Louise Lee 4. marathon; no Thorpe? action but had medal ceremony
7th Belgium Antwerp 1. Nurvi finished 1924 France, winter.
silver cup won my Spiradon Louis in 1896 Marathon
Alvin Krinstein (U.S.) 60, 110H, 220H, long jump
Archie Hahn 200 footage
sack racing
obstacle – steeple
rope climb -obstacles
barrel climbs – obstacles
net climbs -obstacles
1906 footage 1. b.Kes (ceremony); 2. hurdles; 3. tug-of-war

(at the same time I was the manager of a rock group called Waycross and their various side projects, including an old demo — i.e. never produced or published, featuring my client Caroleen Beatty and her boyfriend from a few years prior, Jon Langford, a more famous musician (Mekons) as Pre War Jewels including a song I call “Leave Home Now” that for whatever reason I did and still do, 10 years later think of as the title track to a documentary about track and field, Brooklyn 1900-1904, as Harry Hillman and Lawson Robertson go from competing for the local militia the 13th and Company C, in armories, to international renown and Olympics medals and a coaching rivalry that comprised 35 years, one at Dartmouth and one at Penn; and that they competed hundreds of times as a team, the three-legged race, what I started calling “tandem sprints” and hold a record that is still not touched or touchable, 105 years later. I am culling all the above from a spiral notebook hated 3/03-11/03 although today is July 23, 2014 i.e. eleven years later. I fetched this or fished it out an open box in my storage locker, replacing my suitcase after a quick trip to L.A. for Terry’s birthday two weeks ago.Burnham has since passed, as has Cathy Slattery, the Dartmouth Sports Information Director. Somewhere in my data-trail I have a photo of the Hillman Gold medals over coach Bostwicks door, at Alumni Gym, circa 2005, but I wonder if they are there today; I did not check at my reunion, 2011.I thought I was going to be writing about or at least copying my notes on Sonic Youth Daydream Nation, 04/15/03 although the recording is much older, and features a Gerhard Richter painting I wrote photo looks like a photo of a candle. I think the list above is less than the half of it, on Hillman, but not much avail)

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I do Spoon on KFOG

Okay I admit I didn’t recognize the new Spoon song as a new Spoon song, but I knew I knew that voice somewhere.

Meanwhile I am tripping on Errol Morris “Unknown Known” although in this case Spoon was a known unknown.

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Moxy Fruvous, Paul Celan, Lefsetz and Petty

This is pretty scrambled, but:

lefsetz mentions something about jian ghomeshi and tom petty

jian ghomeshi, as part of moxy fruvous, did an earthwise show, that is to say, I organized the show, although it was a free show at Stanford Tresidder, about 1999.

The link is to, randomly enough, or not, a play on “green eggs and ham”.

Meanwhile, and this might be an outlier, the Geisel estate made a huge gift to Dartmouth who in term renamed the med school for him. (Which I once mocked as Red Pill Blue Pill)

I also recently was reading, for first time, Paul Celan, and went to Palo Alto Childrens Theatre “Seussical” to try to further a thought-exercise I was calling Red Fish Blue Fish (something that rhymes with “red”) Fish (something that rhymes with blue) Fish. Think: Holocaust.

So maybe Jian Ghomeshi, Tom Petty, the journalist musician in Brooklyn or Wisconsin who records for Tzadik (John Zorn) and I exchanged emails with, will also combine on something that looks at our darkest years with a new light. I mean Dan Kaufman of Barbez.

Check back.

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Shame on local leadership for silence on Buena Vista

Posted by Mark Weiss, a resident of Barron Park
0 minutes ago
Kudos to Winter Dellenbach for her compassion and diligence and tenacity here.

Shame on local leadership — Council, commissioners and staff — for not doing more to broker a deal along the lines that Winter indicates. I would think converting the park from a group of disorganized renters to an HOA would entail a significant improvement to the site from a physical standpoint.

I thought it notable and slightly confounding that there was disconnect and dissonance between the referendum at Maybell and the defense of our neighbors at Buena Vista. I would think in both cases the principle is stopping greedy interests acting in their own interests but adverse to everybody else. People I like and respect were For D AND passionate about saving the park, for instance — Nancy Krop comes to mind. And there are plenty of Against D who haven’t said boo about BV.

The deal offered Jisser would be a reasonable profit for him. Why he is entitled to maximize his profit, especially given the externalities?

It is notable that GS reports that Palo Alto Housing Corp would have worked with Prometheus to develop the property but have not apparently figured out a way to help the BV residents organize and defend or buy their homes.

This is another good litmus test for the upcoming Palo Alto City Council candidates.

By the way I think discourse would be improved considerably if more than 5 of the first 55 posters here would do so under their full names.

Lastly, is there someone living at BV who wants to step up and run for Council? We need more residentialist and opposition candidates.

By the way, is it time for a Rent Board or Tenants Union here and not just a pro-landlord “mandatory mediation process”?

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