Paye to play

Stanford HOF in hoops and grid John Paye, 49, in his East San Carlos command room

Stanford HOF in hoops and grid John Paye, 49, in his East San Carlos command room

If history recalls John Paye as a political leader who prepped as an NFL quarterback like Jack Kemp, you will have read it here first, in Plastic Alto, the blog with 500,000 words but no readers.

Towards the end of my 55 minute jaw session with the former Menlo School and Stanford two-sport star — and a 49ers Super Bowl ring holder — I asked in a type of push-poll whether he had been approached yet about taking a run at Rich Gordon’s assembly seat. He said no. I said that it would take someone more in the know and more persuasive to get him to run, Democrat, Republican or Independent, but then later my mind was reeling about what might happen, and maybe he could take Anna Eshoo’s seat as well.

The local press speculated about which local hacks might be eying the job, with Gordon terming out. I am eyeing the job. I told John, who I first met when we were junior players at Dick DiBiaso’s Stanford basketball camp in 1978, that it would be an unusual leap if I got elected to State Assembly after losing in my three runs for Palo Alto City Council.

Minutes prior, and this was after 40 minutes of general old guy jawing and war stories and just a handful or less of actual journalistic questions — “is it ‘Ann a, n, n’ or ‘Anne with an e’?” — I also posed:

‘If president of stanford or athletic direct comes to you and says ‘David Shaw is going to the NFL, we think you are the best guy to lead our program — as head football coach at Stanford’ what would you do?”

He laughed and said he is content enough being a family man, running his business (Payes Place the San Carlos-based), coaching the Menlo High School girls varsity and one of his children’s teams to take on that much more responsibility as a football coach at a Division 1 (and sometime BCS) level.

“My sister Kate is assistant coach to Tara Vanderveer” he offered, as a consolation for we Paye-watchers and Paye-followers of the old school.

In the here and now my interview yielded something of a timely scoop: John Paye and Sarah Harbaugh (wife of a former Big Ten quarterback I forget his full name) are producing a benefit event, a fashion show, at Rosewood Hotel, April, 2015 called “Out of Anne’s Closet”. The first time event will honor Anne Paye, the former Foothill College teacher and administrator who died in 2012, John’s mother. Sarah Harbaugh had a brother who died of colon cancer, what felled Mrs. Paye, and the two decided to Do Something (in the Andrew Shue sense) to rectify that, so to speak.

I have to admit that the recent scuttlebutt about Jim Harbaugh (Sarah Harbaugh’s husband) and whether he is in or or out of pro football, and in or out of NCAA coaching, is what catalyzed my calling out Paye. Former athletes and fans of my generation think of Harbaugh or Paye as akin to baseball in the 1950s New York: Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays? It’s not a perfect analogy but you get the idea (and that would make my classmate Chris Strausser Duke Snider; Strausser was second team all-league for the 1981 Gunn Titans and is still in the game, most recently as an offensive assistant coach for the Washington Huskies).

Tonight is actually a big night for Paye in that his girls play crosstown rival Menlo-Atherton at 6 p.m. at the Menlo School “new gym”. There is a 4:30 frosh-soph boys game and a 7:30 varsity boys game — six games in all, with four run simultaneous and cross-court — although I may try to also zip down to Saratoga to watch my 4-1 Titans boys play Prospect in the finals of their tournament, John Reid not Paye of the Daily News tipped me to, or his coverage did.

John Paye mentioned three or four other local prospects that hoops fanatics might start tracking, high praise indeed. He also mentioned that he was in Los Angeles yesterday to see USC ladies featuring his former player Edelman versus an LMU team featuring the daughter of a Stanford football mate. It being Hannukah he added the detail that Edelman was the MVP of the Maccabai games and therefore the worlds greatest hoops Jewess.

I countered that I was briefly the top Jew in the Gunn cager crowd, succeeding Matt Fisk, but that Dave Feldman was probably, even as a Paly ’83 to my Gunn ’82 the all Palo Alto Dolph Schayes of the day. John Paye checked his watch and begged to tap out verbal-wise before I could add another war story about my teammate Kent Lockhart, the eventual Don Haskins protogee, who also coached Andrew Bogut down under, while acting as an official frosh-soph summer league coach chewing me oat for not kneecapping Feldy the fourth time time down the floor, or something.

That was 1980, although it feels like ten minutes ago.
I will try to get some actual work done, or do my laundry, in the five hours of real life until the multi-tip-offs.

Good luck to Coach Paye and his charges. Think about that State Assembly seat. Carpe diem, dude.

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Sita sings the green

(make check to) Address
(send check to) in the US in Canada in British Territories anywhere else in the World Which songs?
WARNER/CHAPPELL MUSIC, INC. 10585 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025-4950 $0.938 $1.050

Am I Blue

Here We Are
100% EX BRTs 50%

I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling
100% (EX BRTs 66.67%)

Lover Come Back To Me
100% World (EX 50% US and EX 50% BRTs)

Moanin’ Low
100% (excl 50% of US)

If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain)
100% World Ex 75% US and Ex 25% BRTs

Who’s That Knockin’ At My Door
100% World Ex BRTs

London W8 5SW $0 $0 $0.175 $0 Here We Are 50% BRTs
Nashville, TN 37203 $0.300 $0.300 $0.300 $0.300
Daddy Won’t You Please Come Home? 100%

What I Wouldn’t Do For that Man 100%

Ste. 321
Nashville, TN 37203 $0.05 $0 $0 $0
Mean to Me – ?%*

If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain) 33.33 (US Only)/16.66 (World)

WILLIAMSON MUSIC 229 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001 $0.225 $0.150 $0.150 $0.150
Lover Come Back To Me 50% US only

The Song Is Ended 100%

CROMWELL MUSIC, INC. 266 West 37th Street
17th Floor
New York, NY 10018 $0.068 $0 $0 $0 Mean to Me 45% (US Only)
MEMORY LANE MUSIC GROUP 501 Seventh Ave., Ste. 512
New York, NY 10018
$0.029 Mean to Me 27.50% (US, BRTs and Canada only)/19.25% (World)
BUG MUSIC 7750 Sunset Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046 $0.09 $0.04 $0.04 $0.04
Mean to Me 27.5% World

If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain) 33.34 (US Only) = 16.67% of the world fee

metacomment on “Sita Sings The Blues” by Nina Paley is that it is based on Ramayana and I was just, posts before, quoting my own take on Salinger/Salerno/Shields/Bhagadivita: you have the right to work but not the right to be paid for work. And also today is something about Sony not willing to release the James Franco film “The Interview” based on the fact that U.S. government now says credible threat of retaliation from a foreign power because the film supposedly spoofs the attack on a ruler and uses his real name unlike Charlie Chaplain “Adenoid Hilcooker” or some such. Terry sleeps on the couch next to me as I screen 20 of the 80 or so minutes of this film. The first scene of the coupleandtheir cat reminds of me, Terry and our Frida cocker spaniel not to TMI you. Also, Rudresh Mah_ she uses, along with Annette H_, from Red Giant label, 2002 by my friend Liberty. I got to this because I was self-searching, and had posted a greeting to film-makers site but it took me a minute to figure out who she was and for a second i was thinking someone using my name or impersonating me; and moments before there is a cite where some Canadian author uses “Mark Weiss of Palo Alto” as a minor villain, and he is also a concert promoter, seems like an invasion or encroachment or something. And earlier today or a few lilies growing out of bellies ago or orchids, I was commenting on another Mark and India.

I clipped the Times article about Nina, the film and her copyright issues in February, 2009 about the time Terry and I met, and I was off for a sojourn in Austin, Texas.

i am also sensing a pun on fiddle and fidelity

i am also sensing a pun on fiddle and fidelity

3. a K.V. in Salon, Sept. 2013:
Just Act, and Do It With All Your Might.
In addition to quitting college, Franny also decides to quit her one passion, theater, because she’s encountering too much ego, and not enough genius or real beauty. In a speech echoing the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita, Zooey again admonishes Franny, telling her that the most important thing is to be detached, and to act, regardless of the outcome: “Somewhere along the line — in one damn incarnation or another, if you like — you not only had a hankering to be an actor or an actress but a good one. You’re stuck with it now. You can’t just walk out on the results of your own hankerings. … The only thing you can do now, the only religious thing you can do, is act.” Rudresh site meanwhile offer 13 cd for your take money: $$$$$
for no reason i am greeting the family friend Isabell and her twins:

this lookalike  hindi goddess with three faces and four hands but it is a family friend and ob gyn initials IB, I thought I saw her sister in law, Jennifer Bloch presenting to clients at Peets and texted my sister in law but I was confusing 2 different faces

this lookalike hindi goddess with three faces and four hands but it is a family friend and ob gyn initials IB, I thought I saw her sister in law, Jennifer Bloch presenting to clients at Peets and texted my sister in law but I was confusing 2 different faces

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I had a little Freydele

Post video for you? No problema.
Rob bank for you? Let’s talk. Tal vez — but I would claim it is Paul McCarthy inspired performance art, taking a page from “Ragtime” with a grant from the Judaica Foundation for Judiaica or some such.

First reaction, at :47 nesh gadol hyah MAH?
Or nesh gadol hyah Mama!
Or Mem Yud Lamed how you say “ef” in ebreo? MYLF

This is the new video by Golem.
I saw them at SXSW 2009 with Polka Madre, a klezmer group from D.F. and they were involved with JDUB label which frankly made it harder to try to deal with them. They are on some Corason, sounds Spanish. I also recall the lady from the band saying they could not tour California they were having baby. And I say: mazel tov. And men yud lamed, not disrespect to Mr. Accordion-player’s.

Also, coinkydinky — and why are there chocolate coins from Ghana but not from Israel? — I just spoke with the father of a really hot female accordion player — up there with the lady from Golem, I think her name is Kogen Ezekial or something — the other one is named Sarah Savoy the Goy no that’s not fair and besides she may actually be Jewish — “seh vwah” eets French or eats french I know I would — anyways Renee De La Prada in Cali her has a 5-years running project about women who play the squeeze box Accordion Babes and I think the young-momma lady — got I hope this is not imposing her privacy –I think some managers instruct their female clients to not wear wedding band — and I also to her credit liked the way, I figured out year later when Dar Williams sang and introduced “Iowa” she did it in a way that the narrator who “never had a way with women” could be either a dude or a lady, and Dar, so this is not too tangential, did play a couple years running at a Jewish camp in Pennsylvania.

Well, what happens if the dreidel comes up: shin, put one in. Kinda suggestive, no?

Mazel tov and happy hannukah to Golem and thanks for hooking me up with Pasatono. Or, as my rabbi, or the lady who is doing it where my rabbi Sydney used to do it, and that is a Harvey Mandell or Bobcat Goldthwait joke in disguise, Rabbi Janet Marder in response to my Salinger by way of Shields and Salerno bhagadivitaism “You have the right to work, you don’t have the right to be paid” she said:

You don’t have to finish your work.
But you cannot quit either.

Got it?

Gosh golly, I mean Golem.
yes, my precioussss.

I hope it is a good for you as it is good for me.

Or is it a reference to that movie that the coin never stops spinning that is how we know we are awake.

Meanwhile, James Franco, who is a jew, because his dear mother is, he should not kill. Not even a guy who are media says is a dick. Tater. He has a dick tater.

I’m here all week. Try the meat loaf.


edot to add: my bar mitzvah was quite a few years ago but for the sake of plastic alto, the blog with 500,000 words but no readers, i am sticking the thought that there is no “F” in Hebrew, which explains a lot of things, and Phillip Roth fist capitalized on. There is “FR” obviously, from the title, but otherwise no “F”. It’s like a shiboleF.

okay okay, adn1: I checked, there is Pe sometimes pronounced “Paye” as in “John Paye” the not very Jewish former football quarterback I just wrote about and am interviewing tomorrow and it, Pe has a soft version as is the 17th letter of the aleph-bet so the custom dreydal the lady from Golem uses in her sexy holiday video, if you look closely but don’t stare you go blind it says Mem Yud Lamed Pe okay now I am confused the word “Po” or “Poh” but probably not poetic enough to be “Poe” as in “here” as in Israeli hannukha dreidel Nesh Gadol Hayah Poe, that most have “Pe” too, Yes? MYLP or F. It’s not funny or puny if you have to explain it. I had punny but I was thinking puny and the spell-caster as compared to plaster caster read my wand. mind.

double ugh.
double ugh sofit.

1) this is a bit of a shonda, a disgrace, so maybe I should apologize. That little dreidel trick did make me dizzy. The headline references a children’s song, about a dreidel made of clay, and as I remind myself what is knowable about Golem, the article in the San Diego Jewish news recounts the story that the Golem is a creature made of…wait for it…clay. I have no idea what “Freydele” means, I presume, since the video has a small spinning toy, that it rhymes with “dreidel”.
2) Curtis Hasselbring plays trombone in this film and presumably in some live appearances of Golem. If he looks familiar, it is because he played at Stanford recently with Josh Roseman band. (A Sun Ra gig, or was it a Ska gig that sounded like Sun Ra?). Curtis and Josh incidentally both played probably overlapping and maybe thats how they met, with Russ Gershon’s Either Orcherstra, which was spun yesterday on KCSM jazz and back announced as celebrating an anniversary of their founding. I thought of Russ in that he produced an album of music using Ethiopian musicians,and I think he would have the kind of ear I like for sizing up the upside of a Pasatono, and how to improve, in the way that Ry Cooder said to add trumpet. And sorry to Annette Ezekiel Kogan for digressing from promoting her video back to discussing Pasatono, but that is where I entered the picture and you can at least rest somewhat assured that I can write standard written English — and picture of dreidel with S, W, E — when I want to.
3) I don’t want to tip her hand about her personal life but I imagine when not performing the song from this video live offstage of the Golem brain trust this time of year does involve some serious Hannah-knocking (that is me pretending I am the spellcheker recommending real English words when I either make up words or misspell them or write in Spanish) because it is a children’s holiday more than anything. Hint, hint. Mazel tov.
4) Nobody noticed I was wearing a green New Orleans Klezmer Allstars t-shirt at the Freight and Salvage’s Pasatono show, although I was thinking hard about and trying to channel Glenn Hartman the accordion player, who once brought his son with me on an interview, which took place at Kirk’s hand burgers at Town and Country, although I ordered the hambone. Has Golem performed with or corresponded with NOKAS?
5) I have not actually heard the new Golem joint, I played it on mute or actually was in a loud room, first Zoe Cafe then a Starbucks with hands cupped to ears like my father used to do –maybe I need an ear-horn — hunched over so am kinda bluffing here but she did say seasonal song — I am deliberately writing around the word “hannuka” based on my fear of spelling it wrong — and in terms of ending up in the gutter, as if she didn’t realize she was sending us there, well, I did recently re-screen “A Serious Man” which has the scene of Gopnik up on his roof to try to tune “F-Troop” (wink,wink) and then he notices his neighbor sun-bathing in the nude behind a so-so privacy fence. So it’s not just me, and B, T, W when I asked Glenn Hartman if he has seen this movie he said the unknown star is his childhood good friend. I wanted to start a Coen Brothers tribute that meshed Hendrix with Klezmer called Sussman Can’t Sleep, from “Machine Gun”. Anyways on the dreidel song I found this: However, in English the singer sings about a dreidel, whereas in Yiddish the singer is the dreidel. In the Yiddish version, the dreidel is made out of “blay” (Yiddish: בלײַ), which is lead, which is historically accurate, and in the English version it is made out of clay. Which reminds that I like to pass on and not pass over something I read that the famous “glass slipper” in the fairy tale is a mis-read of “fur”. Let’s get blayed. In any case, POH or SHAH, today’s tops are mostly plastic with the occasional woody that pops up here and there.
7) and further or fur her and I mean to support Annette Ezekial Kogan and Golem, by digressing into the canon to bolster not bury her but sussing around post-editing phase of the Plastic Alto post process brought reference to a Tom Lehrer song I’d like to hear, about Hannukah in Santa Monica. And the same wiki article lists the now ubiquitous Adam Sandler song, which reminds me that at the Rachel Garlin Curtis McMurtry show a few weeks ago I was sort of narrating translating and heckling and I said something about the fact that Curtis’ mother is a Jew while Rachel’s father is: I said put them together that is one fine looking Jew, which I think is a reference to the heritage or family trees of Goldie Hawn and Paul Newman, and Rachel whether she got the reference or not said “but i’m a lesbian”. Actually if you put Goldie and Paul together you would not likely get a whole Jew in fact you’d get like an one-eighth, which reminds of the truism about chaos and physics that you cannot stir order. And unless Ms. Kogan Ezekial is a physics professor by day, I am sort of doing her a less-than-solid in that it turns out turns turns turns out that there is a Tom Stoppard play from 1993 “Arcadia” that is the easiest to find proofing of my hardly remembered ditty about order: a character Tomasina says, and probably not on Chanukah, or while laying suggestively on a couch with her legs spread, not unlike the apple sauce on my Whole Foods latke I did eat:
THOMASINA: When you stir your rice pudding, Septimus, the spoonful of jam spreads itself round making red trails like the picture of a meteor in my astronomical atlas. But if you stir backward, the jam will not come together again. Indeed, the pudding does not notice and continues to turn pink just as before. Do you think this is odd?
8) Ok, a little more research with my little smarty pants on the lap top thingy and I am fairly certain, by Plasty standards that the lyric of the Golem bomb rhymes Freydele which is a lady’s name with Meydele which is Yiddish for “pretty young woman”. So in the video Annette plays a character “pretty young woman”.
9) earlier I was going to fake a Fitzgerald reference, from “This Side of Paradise”: he had only been inside Princeton for a very short time but it had changed him forever.
10) Golem played the 23rd Jewish Music Festival in 2008 in Berkeley the same year I produced the Steven Bernstein Dispora Suite cd release show at BOTH (B, O, T, H) with Glenn Hartman as support act so look he thinks he is a big Jewish promoter?
11) this is more of a yartzheit than holiday fun but point of fact JDUB, founded by Aaron Sisman an NYU grad who worked briefly for Ropeadope and now is at Lincoln Center in Jazz audience development, issued grants of something like $40,000 to each of its artists, including it seems Golem and SoCalled (who I met at KZSU and Lively Arts), and one of its major backers was Richard and Rhoda Goldman fund which has distributed $700 million in grants but after Richard died, the philanthropic part of the estate, according to Kevin Fagan of the Chron, was split among the three children, including Doug and Lisa Goldman, but did continue to fund JDUB which eventually sold its assets and disbanded.

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Two minute take on Lev Grossman on Mark Zuckerberg cover of Time, December 15, 2014

cover photo by Ian Allen

“Wired Ambition”
Facebook CEO MZ wants to put every person on earth online

photo of MZ in Chandauli, India or a soundstage ala James Carrey movie

Technology: The Man Who Wired The World: MZ’s crusade to put every single human being online
pp. 32-40 but more like 6 pages

A subhead: colonialism 2.0

Spoke at an internet dot org meeting in Delhi in October ; later he met with Prime Minister

FB is developing exotic tech like drones, satellites and lasers like picture for the most remote regions — and will it compel people like me refuseniks to join or be ostracized?

Nut line: p.35: there is another way to look at this, not altruism but “an act of self-serving techno-capitalism”

the article is interrupted by 2-page spread for an AstraZeneca cholesterol product
an enthusiastic black woman fist pumping as her white doctor smiles kindly, “actor portrayal” upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin, and that is 20-mg dose v. 7 % placebo but I digress

Is Zuckerberg “on the spectrum” zev says no. et cetera

and 1:

I talked to Peter Yamigaya I think who is doing 2-days here at invite of Palo Alto manager Jim Keene from Akron and Florida and I hipped him to 456 case and he said we could talk in more detail, for Plasty in the new year. “Love Your Cities” or such. I woke wanting to write write write in espanol even about Pasatono and how far they are from Silicon Valley: Mexico not U.S.; Oaxaca, not D.F. Tezoatlan Mixteca not Zocolo, etc. Ruben Luengas Perez and them play Mexican Museum of Chicago and I saw I was born on the South Side, home of the blues and his band is like the blues of Mexico.

This is the unique nexus of Mark Zuckerberg and Ruben Luengas Perez. I got autograph tambien of 1 violin Patricia

And trying to circle back to Mother Jones Shane Bauer Warrior Cop vs. RoboCop monument in Detroit. Gunn graffiti hate crime hoax and Ferguson in that the media is fanning the flames and defining the terms: how is this, like Rodney King not “class, not race”?

I think this yo creo que este es pasatono numero cinco de plasty.

edit to add: I am a liar too and (out)lier or not in that this is 15 minutes of my Thursday not 2 but I did digress to a couple more pressing and planned things and outro with fitter happier little indinas. One Billion Fitter Happier Indians Sitting On The Fence:

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Jim Harbaugh and Steve Jenkins, circa 1981, fighting over the last maple bar

I just realized that two of the most difficult and fascinating people I have met, Steve Jenkins the rock band leader and Jim Harbaugh the football coach and quarterback, may actually know each other, from Paly High in either 1980, 1981 or 1982. Steve Jenkins is a Gunn guy but in his searching days he bounced from Paly to Gunn a little. So conceivably, and this would have been great to see, they may have met, maybe in line at the Palo Alto High snack bar, nearly coming to blows over the last maple bar.

And Steve is a fairly large guy now, probably larger than me, but for a while he was super skinny and in fact his nickname was “Sticks” and not just because he was a drummer. His brother, George, and they are somewhere between 10 months and 30 months apart although one is an ’81 from Gunn and the other ’83, was always large for his age, a lineman for Gunn and frankly, kind of telling, a bully. Chris Kelley, Andy Zenoff and I approached he, Scott Sekamura and a couple others, freshman fall, 1978 and asked to try their chaw and George looked and me and said “I want to see this wuss throw up”. I think it was “WB” which was flavord or strong and gave you a buzz, the first 20 times you used it, and I never got there, probably between Copenhagen and all others dipped less than 10 times total. But certainly did not throw up, George Jenkins. (George is now a crew coach for ladies crew, at USC or something like that; 3EB Third Eye Blind got a few early breaks on account of George was in a frat with Adam Duritz and UC Davis not Berkeley, before AD transferred to his home team).

This post is occasioned because I wanted to write something about the fate of “The Harbaugina Monologues” in context of Jim being fired by the 49ers, but today’s papers say he is being offered $48 million – a lot more that Steve Jenkins makes — to coach Michigan. Yikes.

There was a moral hazard in that my Harbaugh-hater acts hinges on the tension of being a Stanford and 49ers fan yet hating, since 1980, Jim. If he were merely drummed out of organized athletics, I could not continue the act which would be like kicking a dead horse. And actually my denouement has him realizing wandering off path and deciding to correct or stimulate growth by quitting football cold turnkey and either playing hand drums for a world music group or maybe like Kyle McClachan in “Portlandia” bass guitar in a reggae group. To work on his lower chakras.

But on the other hand, well yes I can target a guy who is the most overpaid person in the University system in the world, the excess of big time athletics and all that. Hell, yes. And isn’t Michigan — and by the way my own mother is a Wolverine — that’s not something a nice Jewish boy is apt to say, and she is no Dragon Mom in the Chua sense either — one of those cases where the money guys have inundated the board of regents and people are starting to notice? UVA definitely and was in the NYT. But I think Michigan, too. And yeah, I still ask about Snyder v. Schauer.

So her at “a place for peace hope and community” Cafe Zoe the music system, which I checked and is now Sirius XM I caught the familiar riff of “Doot Doot Doot” and that was an internal name at one point for the riff, by Herman Anthony Zen Chun and Steve Jenkins, although Zen sold off his rights at least twice it is commonly known — Zen, when Steve and he were in first Puck and Natty then Puck and Zen but not his solo work, the one I worked with called Zenbox — who wrote the million or multi-million dollar simple riff, and maybe Velvet Underground signifier – “doot, doot, doot; doo, doo doot doo” and oddly the Foo Fighters apparently wanted to be Doo Fighters but their spellcheck program would not let them. I jumped up from my perch hunched over the magic Plastic Alto box and retreated to back of venue to stand by the speakers and also a screen which confirmed an alternate take and in fact a cover, of “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life” by Imagine Dragons.

Imagine dragons? Let’s imagine Jim Harbaugh and Steve Jenkins in a food fight.

and1: and this is bit of a tangent, but despite the fact that Harry Connick did a segment for a national sports network about the fact that Peyton and Eli Manning played for Cardinal Newman of New Orleans and the producers found a photo of Harry as a freshman in high school that Connick transferred out of Newman after freshman year because he was bullied there, the skinny little arts guy (piano prodigy, son of the District Attorney or not) in a jock school. And I know this because my freshman roommate played football for Newman as well. And turned me on the Nevilles.

continuation: I was rocking it 510 style yesterday, off to Freight and Salvage to see Pasatono Orquesta de Oaxaca, but stopped into a hip little record store and gallery and actually asked about doing either “The Harbaugina Monologue” on the strength of Jim Harbaugh the Raider rumors or “Beat Hotel Room 32 Reads Howl” on the strength of them having done an in-store with a LA-based band The Molochs.

bonus track: The people at the Freight said yes I could do stand-up not music at their open mic or hoots on Tuesday next the 23 of December, for perhaps the last edition of The Harbaugina Monologue, but if they are wrong I will default to “Men of Dartmouth” acapella or “Season in the Suns” by Terry Jack, and I did pull out of my hat with one of the Cafe Zoe regs that Michigan is better off with Rick Leach not Our boy Jim in the way that I claim Stanford in 2002 should have tapped John Paye as they did in 1982. But I called John Paye “sweet kid” which in this context is a slag. John Paye is or was a sportsman, while Jim Harbaugh for better or worse is a competitor. I have half a mind to ring him right now.

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Fake interview with the black eyed beauty of France

Or, Do you have freckle like a turkey egg?

hello, bonjour, black eyed beauty of France,
please excuse sil vous plais, that I am writing you via Plastic Alto the obscure blog rather than more directly thru your email account. I do not speak French, and your father, with due respect does not speak American well enough for my untrained ear, and I could not ask him three times only twice to spell “black eyed beauty” in French.

I am writing about your participation in the famous Accordion Babes project. I would like to ask you a few questions about that.

Sarah Savoy by Nick Barber curated by Renee De La Prada 2014

Sarah Savoy by Nick Barber curated by Renee De La Prada 2014

I like The Accordion Babes project. I like Lightnin’ Hopkins more, however. Do you know Lightnin’ Hopkins, or at least his music? Les Blank, which is an English or American or even German name and does not mean “the blank” made a film about Hopkins called “The Blues according to Lightnin’ Hopkins” and I, forgive me, sometimes call it “Accordion to Lightnin’ Hopkins” even though he plays or played guitar. Inside joke. Rest in peace, y’all.

Although music is a series matter. Life and death, speaking of which, I actually asked you father for permission to use his famous line “Hey, young woman, do you know that your face resembles, with its freckles, the egg of a turtle or hen?” and he corrected my exact translation (from American 337 to American 650) and then said “well, yes, you can use my line, but results vary” He said something about your mom, nice, about his wife or ex-wife.

I have met, and this is not an actual question I admit, but disclosure — dees clo zuur — your mother, the musician and bandleader at least twice and have spoken with her by cellphone a few additional times. In fact I wrote about her just yesterday on account of her band being nominated for Le Grammy, which is funny thought, your Momma is a Grammy — although if she were here she might caution about her or who or how people might address her as “Grammy Ann” or such, and I did say “mazel tov” which is a Yiddish blessing, loosely translated to “salud” when your father described your situation of your personal life, in France, as actual by fiat French.

What do you think of Magnolia Sisters, are they an influence?

Do you like Jazz?

Is it just Django Reinhart or are there other French influences?

Who is the Ron Guidry of the French Soccer league?

Henry, does he play music?

How do they eat crawfish in Paris, is it different than in Lafayette?

What do they, the French think of Lafayette?

Do they bug us about not reciprocating for Liberty, the lady?

I am sure your husband is fine gentleman of the French variety, but might you have married instead the President of France? Have you met the President of France, I mean Sarkosy? (by the way, he and I share the same birthday, he is much older)

Is your mother dating? Please send her my regards.

Who among the accordion babes have you met or you like their technique?

How would your fashion sense chance or differ compared to the other women in the project?

How did you meet Renee De La Prade, or how did she find you?

I must admit I have not heard your music and have not scrutinized the photo — your father claims you are or were Miss February — but when I saw “Savoy’ — does that mean _I know – -that’s weird, my name, in German also means “I know or he knows” maybe we are related? — I immediately clicked thru — how you say, in French, click thru,the same? — and magically I spoke to Marc with a “c” — I told him that I have produced concert and managed musicians for 20 years but before that I was a fan of Les Blank and saw the movie on video “Marc and Ann” about your parents, and the last time I saw Les Blank was when Magnolia Sisters played in-store at Downhome which is the same office as Les Blank.

The question is:
did you meet Les Blank?

also, did you meet, and he is still alive, Chris Strachwitz?

Have you played in San Francisco?

Have you heard of my town, Palo Alto?

Did you do the American university system? What did you study?

Will you appear with Savoy Family Band in San Francisco in March?

Do you lead or headline a band?

Do you write music?

Who is your favorite Cajun musician who was famous before your parents were famous? Have you read your mothers book? Or, what is your favorite Cajun music you only know from recordings?

Do you like music Rock? Which part?

Happy holiday, bon voyage and mazel tov.

Mark Weiss, “marcel” — I took French in pre-school many years ago, but Spanish in high school and university — I know New Orleans and Austin but have not traveled in between. Do you know Marcia Ball, did you know she is from Orange, Texas which is also Cajun country?

If you come to Palo Alto, call me I will set you up a gig, I promise (that is not a question either, although I admit it is hardly a bona fide that is latin for for real offer in that I am writing this to myself on a blog Plastic Alto that has no readers)

Do you have freckles like your mother? What type of egg shell do they resemble? What type of egg shell goes best with black eyes? Is that a Roma thing?

Also, have you considered a acoustic version of “Dmitri from Paris Stylish Girl”?

Or, what about Virginia, what do you know of your Southern roots?

I can swap this out if you prefer not the reference to your parents, and is that you as four-year-old, in that film?

do you cook?

Isn’t there another group,or it it yours, The Black Eyes? A klezmer group?
Maybe you can tour with Black Keys?

edit to add: this is my actual notes from 8 minute interview with Marc Savoy at his shop by phone in Eunice, although I did not realize for a minute or two who I am speaking to:
lesyeyxnoir black eyes I nailed the noir part

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Pasatono De Oaxaca an vivo end Berkeley


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