Upright downward sign dawg



A tradesman assembles the new sign he says is for “Baptist Yoga“at Edgewood Plaza between Starbucks and the bagel people more or less, House of Bagels rather. I don’t know about you, but I like to squeeze my inner Hindi when I do my darsana.

edit to add or “The rest of the story”:

Rebecca Bera  is a Palo Altan snd experienced Yogi with a former studio in Redwood City. The word is “Baptiste” named for its originator and is a type of hot yoga as compared to religious yoga or related to the spiritual beliefs and practices of her landlord Peter Pau of Sand  Hill Propety who bought the Fox Theater in Redwood City principally to become a place of worship on Sundays. Better than that, Rebecca is dear friends with the wife of my friend and quasi-mentor, or guru, Chris Cuevas, the rocker and jazz manager turned Wanderlust yoga promoter and agent for top yogis who she claims will be invited to the opening and is based in Sacramento and has two kids:


Leading Palo Alto yogi – that’s a thing —Rebecca Bera looking forward to a peaceful transition from a room with four walls one of which is glass to a sacred place of growth and stretching and mind at rest

andand  but not “anand”(personal to CS):

What a cute little mini-Cuevas or semi-Cuevas – he’s part Flippin’ right? And A member of tribe, right? Mazel mazel!


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Never heard of ya


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God always says ‘yes’ to Nina (when she’s in San Antonio)


I miss my 1971 McCovey

or in St Louis

F16D3872-F6CA-43B3-8278-6120666FDFA8.jpegEdit to add or finish the next day ( I had cutlines of a parallel form, “or, …” for each of the following but now I’ve forgitten them:

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Why did it take 20 years for someone to do the math on: ‘Broun Fellinis’+ ‘Green leaf’?


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If you are reading this on January 16, 2029 then Amy Kurzweil is the greatest graphic novel list. Of all time


Prehistoric or pre-singularity photograph or

39bab1d4-8d4c-4f67-90f2-b25d0e4296c6Edit to add 20 minutes later speaking of artificial intelligence and the arts my computer rise song picker as compared to a song catcher played all the small things by blink-182 directly after giant steps by John Coltrane and if Amy is reading this and can do a sketch of those two artists I will donate $500 to her favorite Jewish charity

and1: I met this woman at Bell’s Books and want to buy her book.

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Senator Cruz looks less like a duchebag, with facial hair

701AB075-E8FA-4664-A52A-9113CC45E31E.jpegNotes: 1, Although it’s a self-serving argument because who has facial hair? This guy.

2,  It wasn’t my first thought, but in tags I put “George carlin”  for his famous poem or riff “ like my beard it’s really weird don’t be scared it’s only my beard ?”

Three, which leads to another Bowdler rise Asian of a George carlin ref: William Barr has two balls on him; William barr hurt his balls under questioning from Amy Klobuchar: he must have he’s  holding them. Yet the takings clause and the fifth amendment protects even him from unreasonable search and seizure.


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Goodbye, Dolly


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