Hey, San Francisco dick building, Detroit has a skyline too!!


I’m not the only one.

It looks tiny from this angle33A60079-7F7B-4C64-8CB4-CB31139FA318




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We came to splay

Something about Palo Alto human relations commission, the poet Nathaniel Maki, my years in advertising especially sports advertising in the Palo Alto Firebirds in the World Cup

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The Great Democracy Tap-Out (of Palo Alto) revisited

It’s 9:30 on a Monday in 2018, and two of the characters from my 2011 opus “The Great Democracy Tap Out (Of Palo Alto)” are reprising their roles, surrounded by seven new leaders. In 2011, Karen Holman alone voted against the large phone company’s colonization of our brains and poles, while Greg Scharff, the real estate lawyer and landlord (who I admit I voted for in 2014, and told him so) was pro-Corporate. So far, Lydia Kou is sounding like she hears us. My best guess on Tanaka, Filseth, Kniss (who made a guest appearance in 2011, but was not on that dias that night) and Fine is yes to VeryBig. Dubois is pro-people but he’s also very pro-tech. Stay tuned.

Here’s a screen capture of the 150 or so words I got thru in my one minute of free speech and civic engagement (there were roughly 40 speakers, so we were cut from 3 to 2 to 1).

I might have gotten thru more words but I was thinking of Aleta Hayes telling me to speak like I’m addressing a child.

Thanks to David Carnahan for plugging my magic box in to the system.

I sent two versions of letters on this topic, or these words, to Council which should appear in next week’s packet, lwatcdr.

In a better world, say, where people like me get three or four minutes to speak, I would have shouted out to Brian X.  Gaul my freshman roommate who is Assistant General Counsel for the same company, in DC and I wanted to, even in my 1 minute, express my condolences for the record regarding the loss of his beloved wife Eleonora “Sunshine”.

I was psyched to re-meet and hear speak Dr. Cindy Russell who in 1993 noticed I was carrying Jerry Mander “Absence of the Sacred” and put me in charge, for her Earth Day event, Earthwise Traditions, a happy accident that birthed Earthwise Productions and 25 years of pushing a boulder up a hill and watching it roll back, or rock and roll back.

Graphic or screen capture of below’s 2011 version of this. Somewhere I also read up and cut and pasted Santayana about history and infantile savages:


This is 350 words plus a picture of another 200 or so words. Very PoMo.

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Blue Mustang by Luis Jimenez shot by Denver airport by Broncos line coach and Palo Altan Chris Strausser w. Confederate monument in Mississippi captured from American Public Media ‘In The Dark’ podcast as reported in Times By Leonhardt

D78E9A8B-3E79-4991-9BCF-89C0D520F4FE.png   61DCB8E5-A5C1-4D77-81D5-2329491272A1.png

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Mo mural in Cairo

B736E45A-2BB2-4F17-AD19-1B71691D7DE9.png   B/w my favorite usher at Stanford baseball games


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Mark and Duffy at Blue Trees Project, 250 Hamilton, City Hall, King Plaza by artist Kon and Adele


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I lost or traded in or sold the car with the combination Superchunk David Gilhooly mash up bumper sticker but now have a magic silver box thru which I pretend I can see and hear Superchunk more recently than Bottom of Hill with baby in arms

new video by one of my favorite bands, called Chuck then Chunk then Superchunk

edit to add: 1. It was  post called “Das Sticker” from February, 2011 that is to say seven years ago: David Gilhooly Smith-Andersen bumper sticker circa 1985 over-laid with Superchunk sticker circa 2010, on 2004 white Toyota Highlander, as seen in or around Palo Alto, California. With photo, not sure worth adding here. Reference to Das Racist band and their Taco Bell song.

2. Did I hear Jon Wurster’s voice as guest voice cameo in the Wes Anderson puppet dog movie, Jon the Superchunk drummer (replaced Chuck Garrison the namesake — which in this case I mispronounce four syllables like the motorcycle brand name) and funny guy although at first I thought he sounded like a girl?

3. I’m trying to find a citation that would pinpoint exactly when I saw Mac of Superchunk and I guess Portastatic side project at Bottom of the Hill when his first child was new-born and on-tour — which is probably last time I saw him or them doing anything in person — the first time was 1991 at Cat’s Cradle and they also Superchunk played Earthwise 5-year event at Cubberley in 1999 — but instead found 1992 “For Tension” but he introduces it as a song called “Real Change” so go figure:

4. A BOTH database says Portastatic featuring Mac of Superchunk played thrice there between 2003 and 2005 so that might be last time I’ve seen or heard them live, which makes some sense since I have not been to Chapel Hill since 2002 or so, and not really been anywhere since Midwest tour with Dao Strom in 2009.

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