Lunacy as white privileged and ‘Columbus’: Neil Degrasse Tyson w Mark Twain

We believe, because historians tell us, that Christopher Columbus tricked to indigenous islanders into giving him food by causing a lunar eclipse in 1503.

I was just reading about this I wonder if that’s why my smart phone suggested I watch this clip

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David Hogg is not a ‘crisis actor’ But he is booked for speaking engagements by a former William Morris Hollywood agent

76846CE9-BAD3-4906-887A-9F5AF0ED11F4.pngAnd In a completely unrelated matter, except buy plastic alto logic, I’m producing a jazz concert October 18 at Mitchell Park Center, El Palo Alto room,  and I’m planning planting considering moling over rhapsodizing inviting the five candidates for city Council here to compete as kind of an opening act and how they can interpret imitate groove to lip-synch or mouth trumpet the Bar Kays “soul finger” vrumph!! Vrumph!!

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Kavanaugh confirmation process: ‘no’ means yes,‘yes’ means anal

“The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our female guests, we did” (wink) Ramis wrote, in 1976, while Kavanaugh was in the sixth grade, although calendars presented by his spin doctors show that he did not see the movie, “Rohypnol Houzz”


People who say “leave it” twhen my dog barks at theirs are assholes.



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Tantalizing blues double header two hours from my home today: Corey ‘Roar He’ w ‘Ruthie Truth She’


plays today in Rancho Nicasio


Plays tonite West Marin Coast


Corey Harris (and Guy Davis) are playing the Sebastopol community center tonite.

Thirty miles south east, but same neck of the woods, three hours earlier, at 4, Ruthie Foster stirs it up at Rancho Nicasio.

Although I have been thinking alot about these two relatively new breed, emerging blues geniuses, I cannot travel the distance today to see one or the other or both.

I did recently load to a new electronic device Corey’s 2007 cd, Zion Crossing. (That was the year he won the MacFound genius grant, whatever the connection). And I heard a new (to me) Ruthie Foster song “I’ve Got a Blues” from a Mitch Woods recent session — Mitch having played Palo Alto’s Lytton Plaza this summer, and I bought his CD.

Weirdly, I thought of Corey while watching an English Premiership game, Wolfhampton v. Arsenal: a player named Traore entered and made a good run. Corey used to tell — at least to Frank-John Hadley — about traveling to West Africa as an undegrad pre-education student and bringing a travel guitar and it “clicking” when hearing the music of Boubecar Car Car Traore — called “Car-Car” for his soccer prowess. Weirdly. Old Weird Africa.

Just like Peter Paid for Paul and Paul paid for all, what you gonna do when your back against the wall? (Plantation Town)

It would be cool if Corey on his way to his night gig dropped in on Ruthie’s afternoon hit and mixed it up a bit.

Isn’t it pretty to think so?

all jah children like to sing the blues — keep your culture — thanks for sharing

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Rating the 10 possible Palo Alto city council results (or slates?)

Are you PAT, ACT, ACE, ECT or IzWhat?

Peep this out, yo:





Pat Boone = P

Alison Cormack = A

Eric Filseth = E

Cory Wolbach = C

Tom Dubois = T

Incumbents hold: ETC (“et cetera” but not “ecstasy”)

Sea Change: PAT, APE or CAP (both newbies win)

Pro Housing: (levitsky has this)


Girlie but Establishment: (baten caswells have this) ACE

I’ll finish this later. (I have photos of Levitsky and Caswell homes)



I’m the only one, as I mentioned to Anna Eshoo, at the Jessica Morse thingy, that has a Dauber and an Eshoo sign (because Eshoo opposed the recall headed by “Mrs Dauber” ie Michelle Landis Dauber).

Also, and this hardly fits here, but Joe Simitian mentioned in passing (at Palo Alto Farmers Market, or just past) that Jeremy Lin was once briefly on his staff, but in Palo Alto not Sacramento office. (and its in his NBA bio). And I countered (being both an ass and a Gunn alumni zealot) that his Harvard bio claimed he was Editor of the Campy and I claim, because I read the paper that year, that he was a sometimes sport columnist, talking about himself, or that he and Steve Brown had played together for 6 years (on club not middle school), and maybe page editor, but probably not even sports editor. I did mention that I am endorsing and gave to Alison because Mrs. Russell’s son played for Gunn, hoops. Also, and I am a bit of an eavesdropper, Simmsy was suggesting that Commission Monk call on Micki Schneider (ex-Council, Spiral’d downward) in San Diego? I didn’t know her and was not political at the time but she let me put Earthwise Productions Cubberley Sessions posters in the window of her store, space permitting.


There’s a music cluster: CET or P in that Cory played trombone at Gunn, Tom raised money for Gunn band, Eric poses with a guitar above and Pat Boone shares the name of a white guy with blue suede shoes, a singer. Or ECT, for “ecstatic” works for the music as much as the sort of housing.

I was just writing about Corey Harris not Cory Wolbach (who told me the Brett Anderson who signed his petition was probably not the singer for The Donnas), and also I wrote about Cory McCullogh of Xiu-Xiu. Here’s a picture of local not-Rasta Cory:


Fifty days out or so, and not withstanding if “build baby build” has more Big Mo than “New Rez / Senzible Zoomba”, probably the incumbents will carry:

by James keene on jan 5, 2015 at their swearing in and his Tweeter:


it was 3.5 years ago today, rich prioste told the band to play


and one (although I owe about five more combinations):

I woke this a.m


I’ll Splain later. Calling Aleta Hayes.

i think so far I’m ATE or EAT.

PET is Pat, Eric and Tom which is misleading since Alison advertises a that people can walk with she and her dog.

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Dartmouth, 34 Holy Cross, 14


Drew Hunnicutt of Dartmouth and Josh Hicks of Holy Cross, article by Jennifer Toland of Worcester Telegram


I. photos of Dartmouth from Worcester Telegram (I worked there one summer, 1985)

II. Article in Telegram about Worcester arts scene>>

III. setlist of Elvis Costello, Aug. 21, 1984 Worcester Centrum (now DGA), 35 songs>>

IV. list of bands from Worcester, according to All Music

V. Bane, on Equal Vision

VI. Hail The Sun, on Equal Vision, but not from Worcester, and singer Donovan Melero talking about sobriety



Donovan Melero Hail the Sun Equal Vision Records will play at Slims SF in October

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Two chords and the truth


Beto O’Rouke clip from 1994 — that’s the year I started producing concerts, with Mudwimin and Oxbow — and the year Nirvana broke — with a future member of At The Drive In and Mars Volta — supposedly pissing all over their opportunity in protest of the right wing antics of their local TV show host.

To me this is not just Senatorial but Presidential.

Bob Lefsetz indirectly hipped me to this – or inspired me to search for it — in that he praises Beto but calls him wimpy and nerdy. Dude, what band were you in, in 1994. Weren’t you sucking major label dick?

Also, I wanted to send him Rachel Garlin and Julie Wolfe, with an original bluesy ditty (think “Blue State” i.e. liberal) about wishing they could vote for Beto because they relate to him because he’s a musician.

I said to Lefsetz: He was At The Drive In while you were souled out (nicer way of saying “SELL OUT”).

I said to youtube: Three chords and the truth. Well, ok, two chords. (In actuality, I don’t know if any of those sounds are chords; but to me it is currency of the land for 1994 indie rock; and I don’t know if Beto is the guy in the suit or the skinny guy. Someone said: bass

But yeah I’ve been saying locally for 10 years that policy needs at least an artist if not an indie rocker.

Do you punk?

(Also, Mac MacCaughan of Superchunk and Merge Records went to Columbia, as did Beto O’Rourke. To what extent did their worlds overlap? I presume Mac is Blue not Red but I’d like to know what he thinks, even in retrospect of Foss or what they actually sound like. This tape is like that of the Beatles playing “Little Piece of Leather” at a soundcheck. Little piece of leather not quite written by SF’s Stella Brooks –or Peetie Wheatshaw.)



O’Rourke, who used to quiz his sister about the Beatles as a child, fell in love with punk in eighth grade when he listened to the Clash’s London Calling for the first time. The record, he said, was “a revelation.” He would go on to become a devoted fan, in high school, of Dischord Records — the D.C.-based indie labeled founded by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson.

“I was into Minor Threat, I was into the Rites of Spring,” O’Rourke recalls. But more than just the bands, it was Dischord’s whole ethos that appealed to him, an angsty teen. “They started their own label, they pressed their own records, they wrote their own songs, they booked their own tours and they set conditions, like: you’re not gonna pay more than five bucks to come into this show. You’re not gonna pay more than 10 bucks for this record. Our shows are gonna be all ages, everybody can come in.”

By that time, O’Rourke had secured a scholarship to an elite boarding school in Virginia, where he would hole up in his room with the latest issue of the punk zine Maximum Rock & Roll and the latest Dischord release. “The record would come in the mail and there would be a nice note from someone at Dischord Records, like Hope you enjoy it!,” O’Rourke remembers.


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