Harvey got Milk? w. Tamika chock full

Yes, to answer my previous question, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada (north of U.S., north of us) did morph the “got milk” campaign created by Goodby Silverstein and Partners or Goodby Berlin and Silverstein circa 1990 with Harvey Milk the openly gay politician from San Francisco who was murdered by a former supervisor there, circa 1977.



Which reminds me that I thought about picketing Starbucks here in Palo Alto and pretty far from Rittenhouse Square which is near Penn not Stanford and I did know that area back in 2005-2006 when I dated a woman at 18th and Arch the old AT&T building before they erected the giant Comcast thingy, and I was going to reference, apropos of friends of mine concerned about reports that the Jewish Anti Defamation League (ADL) of B’Nai Brith was disinvited to help train Starbuckers on anti-bias training due to pressure from the ultra-left Blcak Lvies Mttaer, with a hand-made sign: TAMIKA IS CHOCK FULL.

I was going for the effect that the person allegedly who put the kabosh on the Jewish-Black nexus (which afterall goes back to my Rabbi Sidney Axelrad marching with MLK in Selma) Tamika something, and the brand of coffee not as big a chain but well known in New England maybe strategically partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts “chock full of nuts” who I think also enlisted black baseaball player and before the Red Sox Pumpsie Green of Alameda, CA but Jackie Robinson as pitchman or scene-stealer. But someone also pointed out that the term “chock” — which I admit I have yet to gloss in my trusty Webster’s Ninth (as in, I don’t trust subsequent Websters such as 10, 11 or X) what “chock” means but I am perty darn sure it don’t mean “brown”. But I am calling out her as “whack”. I would leave out, in my comp, the “nuts”. I could lose the “is” try: tamika chock full. it sort of works.

Also, oddly, or its about time, or as TSE would say “hurry up please its time”, I heard from Jeff Goodby my former favorite ad guy and started a thread about “iota” “yad” and “jot” I claim are all one. But not alone. (As Michael Franti knows).

Also I literally spoke for 9 minutes to a reporter for local rag about the contentioius recall effort here for Judge and former stanford lacrosse attack Aaron Persky (who I don’t know from Adam, although when I met Adam Levine at Stanford shopping center and Microsoft store hard opening and Maroon 5 concert and fuck I am fucking the fuck out of all my rules about not plugging fucking fuck corporate brands, I thought he was Marky Mark but not yet hamburger helper Walburg and I literally search-injured “mark wahlburg” “tiger tattoo” and got Zippo not the lighter nor the Phil Kline piece), AL of the Rotting Pile of Organic Put it in the Green Bin -OST — I say, as Foghorn Leghorn and my own guru James Melville Cox of the strategic semi-Kershaw stutter or flutter but not strutter, I spoke for 9 minutes into her cellphone taping devicicle — for cold lampin’, pen-wieldin’ character potential but legal since Thiel took down Gawker ass-ass-n-ate-her’s — nine minutes about why I rushed back to Palo Alto from who knows where and who cares Steve Entwhistle of Stanford by Way of Utah but Not Rocky Mountain Joe Walsh Laurel Canyon varietal to vote like Cordell and Burns NO RECALL and my salad days schlepping books with perty pictures for Richie Silverstein and Jeff Goodby and a comp I once gave Jeff, one of a series or seriously 50 or more, or 20  at least mock self-promotionals, based on “Aaron Burr” and “the bullet” a Johny Pesky baseball card and I wanted to call this or that “Those Persky Bullets”. The thing passed but not here in PA.

This too shall pass. Or as Duffy Daughtery of the Bubba Smith Spartans would say: Run. Return. Or, or then die.

My IM is true.

I found the Youtube of the Goodby ad and I will try to add the screen freeze of launched my thousand slips (the bullet) but I also want to find the cite of my claim that Jay Leno had a joke about “pesky bullets”. Even the doorman of RBC three blocks from Goodby and very near a cool install of Arneson influenced busts of famous Friscans (the place that also has murals of Hawaii ports of call) new “aaron burr” by name, and way before Broadway hit of related concept.

THEBULLET.pngI gave the comp to Jeff — and in context, he had accepted and put on temporary display or installation, next to his actual Clios and Cannes Gold Lions my fake dingi at least twice before — re Goose Gossage not Howard Gossage and his dog food client and put on Andy’s name “BowWow” and Rich as “Saliva-stain” — and he looked at it and didn’t get it and I explained it, about as succinct or not as this and he goes “Oh, I didn’t think you had actual reasons for these things” meaning were they all just pure unconscious in the Jungian sense, I think, or so have for the last 29 years.

No. No reason. Pure chaos theory. And the Liberal Arts.

and 1: this goes below but in terms of “disco” it is good to know or Goodby that the founder of Studio 54 Ian Schrager is also the man who after paying his debt to society then bought Gramercy Park Hotel my favorite, upgraded it, sold it and went PUBLIC. And if you search my surname and the type of ceramics made by people in New Mexico you may surmise or mere surmise sir why I think the outgoing director of our best regional museum may, the way the senator from Oregon apparently reads me on basketball, see all this, and meet me. What’s that movie about meeting on Empire State Building, now the Fay Wray but the sad one about ships that pass in the night? Brooke Trout Almendine Shields. Dan Any Mountain. Poor Amy Krouse. There’s a little bit of Maria in every song I wrote but probably not the same Maria that worked at 921 Front Street although it is the same Pam or Pammie Laws of Seven Day Diary fame. Weird.

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Blandino poppies remix


Alex Blandino the Palo Altan and former Stanford baseball star, was also a photojournalist in training and we traded shots, at the Farmer’s Market, in 2015


this is lifted from a private correspondence, with Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Stanford historian and bike sherpa Bo Crane — if by private we mean that the press won’t print it out of context.

wait a minute — you saw me speak about The Graduate, last night? (When I said “Elaine” I meant to say “lame” dyac)
Artist MOHAMMED SLIM SOUMAH, a native of the West African nation of Guinea. Soumah’s work was chosen from a selection of proposals from eight local artists.
today is Mohammad Soumah from Liberia I think who did the “poppies” mural at Country Sun on Cali Ave, for the Palo alto art commission I think in 2006 or so. I think that if the Post is requiring people to submit by email (ie they rejected my handwritten hand-delivered answer “Addison Garage, HP Garage” a few weeks ago, apparently for that reason — did not follow directions — then they should at least require people to get the name right. 
A nice lady from there, Melanie I think De La Cruz (perhaps) explained all this. Before I would deal with Alo Mano.
I was going to write about this today in my blog but instead wrote about “oceans 8″the movie and soccer. (I was going to do “Mohammed Soumeh w. Mohammed Salah” but instead I have Mindy Kaling and Max Hollein — long digression).
I mis-attributed to Kathy Aoki a mural by someone else, at Art Center once.
Last week I took a selfie at Patrick Daugherty installation at Art Center and then heard someone gagging on smoke and realized a guy and his bike were either toking up or hitting a crack pipe, hidden in the tree.
I married an Art Commissioner –and we met at Bruce Beasley’s studio — so this stuff matters to me.
Also, just yesterday, I ran into the former commissioner now paid staff elise DeMarzo and she intorduced me to Peter Wegner I sort of recognized name and thought to ask “are you…a public…artist?” and in fact he is the man behind the installation at Stanford GSB the mechaincal array of thousands of colorful cards that create patterns and an effect. (I think he has a second piece using words, on same site). Apparently he will get a perecent for art grant to do art for new or planned public safety building in PA.
Myself I stil think that the corner of page Mill and El Camino which is zoned “public facility” should be a prison for low security white collar criminals, and or current members of city council, and or public safety (cops and fire) and or teachers and or nurses, union nurses, like CRONA, and maybe one token artist (but not the guy in the Daughtery I mention above.
Appropriately, on Sunday at our street music festival I did test drive a bike that creates power for a musician or his amp. It was part of Cello Joe’s show, Joey Chang, and invented by a guy in Berkeley named Paul Freedman whose father Dan Freedman is or was an MIT and SLAC scientist who invented “super-gravity”.
I’m on a roll. Still going nowhere. But generating power.
thanks again for the custom ride last week. there should be a literary LAH ride. I actually ran into, literally for first time in 15 or so years, Barry Eisler of MP, I mentioned, who created the John Rain spy novel series and staged a murder, like I said, in his first novel, by knocking a guy off his bike at Old Page Mill and breaking his neck, making it look like driver error.
I’m not making this up.
it’s 2004
i’m forwarding this, if you don’t mind.
also,they should not call it “mystery photo” that’s a fairly lazy name. It’s more like Art Eye for the Straight Guy or somethingI tried to pay them, in 2014, to use a shot of me and my former Gunn High Oracle colleague Eric Hager, the manager for many years Palo Alto Sport and Toy next to the Greg Brown’s aunt with Hose mural during the Council campaign — Greg Brown endorsed me, shortly before his death, and his widow Julie affirmed it — Peter Drekmeir insisted I get that cleared — which reminds me that Greg Brown briefly tried to help me help Mohamed Soumeh and his Bagel installation about Izzy’s Bagels on Cali which was condemned but we tried (tepidly, or too much so) to get Liz Kniss to grandfather it as public art rather than condemn it but izzy didn’t want the heat (ironic for a baker). The bagel is in his EPA store, or on it, near it. Liz Kniss, I happened to stand in line next to, she and her hub, Dick, at Palo Alto Square the other night waiting for RBG movie (and next to us was former arts commissioner Larissa Usich) and I told her or them that I had just visited Joey Piziali the artist and former Paly football star and that he said Liz owns several of his works so I told her she indisputably has an eye for art (if greg brown thought to go to her, but didn’t say why — I assumed the Kniss’ own a Brown or something.)
But, yeah, apropos of the bad news about a company in Chicago trying to buy President Apartments and evict 40 Palo Altans inclludng former Mayor Sid Esinosa (who I texted a council member is now “where have you gone, Sid Espinosio?”) and would turn it into a hotel called “The Graduate” I presume because their millenial potential clients do not know the movie, I did say we should mine that movie for ways to mock them and thwart their initiative, and i did lean into the mike, look at our mayor and say, as a public record, ‘are you trying to seduce me, mme?” And my wife was there.
Mo sumah also did the Antonios Mural. Mo Salah meanwhile scored a goal in a 3-1 loss to Russia.
running this again, i.e. I hit replay:

Sabrina of Old Pro expertly brushes bangs from her eyes, just as Mo Salah of Egypt scores a replay goal



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My Max is from Frisco, your Max listens to disco

The best line, to my virgin ears, of the new Ocean movie is when, right before their caper or maybe right after, when they were spooning, all eight of them — SPOILER ALERT, but seriously I have 50 followers so no possible harm — they admitted that besides the crime they actually, for the B Crew, comitted like five other crimes, they doubled-doubled-doubled-doubled-doubled down, and get like $30 M each and not no measly $1M each, plus of course one union service, which in San Francisco, at least, in music, is $75 per 1.5 hours, minimum. They said “What do you think we are, P——?” I laughed super out loud. I was the only guy in the theatre. It was a matinee. I dozed off not because the movie was good or bad but becasue I may have sleep apnea, sub-clinical.

Speaking of sub-clinical, here is a screen capture of movie star Nora Lum pka Awkwafina who is part Korean, from her breakout hit “My V–”


She was one of 8 Nora Lums in her class at MIT I mean Albany and then first in her class in med school, I mean she played a doctor on tv.


It’s funny that all of a sudden, even writing this from a sports bar literally at the bar — OLD PRO, on Ramona, inside the former Ramona. and that’s not a dirty joke, it sold slices. Seriously. I can say v—– or v– even, even though I am the creator of the The Harbaugina Monologues (in which Jim Harbaugh and his former center, in football, Nick Z——- have female anatomy, because that’s how North Palo Alto men or boys, “V——” rolled in those day — it’s just comedy people. Nick Z, at the height of Harbaugina Monologue-sanity, threated to have me whacked. I can also say “Eve Enslers’ Vagina Monologue”but somehow seize up, like verbal shrinkage, if I try to say “My V–“.

Anyways I went to see the movie yesterday partly (!!) to see Nora Lum pka (pussy known as) Awkwagina, who is the youngest and freshest (face) of the 8 distaffs in the Sodomberg franchise and partly (!!) or more partly to see my fellow Dartmouthian Mindy Kaling ’69, who as an undergrad was known as Mindy — and I sent this to a friend — shit, I cannot say this. Her name is something longer and more ethnic, Koletkarsamsonsingthing, so for the purposes of Hollywood and off-Broadway, became, natch, Kaling. Her real first name is Bindi not Mindy but she switched to Mindy in hopes that old school Jewish machers would think she MOT.

Here is a captcha from NYT of Nora Lum — hey, she should be doing Dashiell Hammett ripoffs:

Dartmouth was mysoginist in my day — you could literally major in mysogyny. Of course it was all male at the time, and only half percent gay. Five catchers out of 995 pitchers. Being a pitcher, natch, we were told it was only gay if you made I contact. But I dig men. But I digress, I mean.

I saw Mindy Kaling and her then writing (but probably not cunnilingus) partner Callie Withers in their first show “Matt and Ben” which was a send-up of baseball player Matt Williams (before he went bald) and fake baseball player Ben Dover. I’m not making this part (!!) up. There was an actual fake baseball player named Ben Dover that in elementary school, when I was ten or 11, which was 1975 or 1976, you could get from the Scholastic Book Service. There was a little magazine that had fake baseball cards (like Topps 1975 TK image) with fake names like “Ben Dover” it’s a pun on “bend over” which in those days was funny but not gay. And like I said I was a pitcher not a catcher, but we had to throw underhand; my Mom, bless her heart, did not let me play pitcher

edit to add: sorry, I was in the bar. Mo Salah scored. I started to sing but almost got my ass kicked (friends of Nick Z, I presume, stalking me. Oh, sit down. Oh, sit down.)

So I wanted to add that the movie takes place in New York which is cool because my wife and I are going to New York for our honeymoon. The movie takes place at The Met (not the Tom Seaver place). My headline here refers to fact (not fake) that Max Hollein, a German guy who works for the De Young Museum in SF is apparently leaving to go work for the Met. I hope to meet him before he goes and then maybe call on him while in New York. So the two Max’s in the headline are actually the same guy (it’s a fight club thing, or Slumdog Millionaire thing, or Borges Y Yo actually there’s also a Edgar Allen Poe thing about Will Wilson, which is same concept, as distinct from the Fitzgerald concert of being born old Benjamin Buttons and then getting small like Steve Martin. But not Dorian Gray which is the song remains the same but the needle gets less sharp and hard to find your groove. So Russia is leading Egypt 3-1 and I keep saying that if they win then the whole thing is a fix. And yes I’m afraid to say not just “v—–” but also “P—-“. I don’t want to be hacked (more). But actually P—-is a P—-, or so says Michael McFaul. The fact that he works out three hours a day (as does, by the way Jeff Bezos) does not mean that some day soon we will all have to pick up an ax and fight like a farmer in a Jimi Hendrix at Berkely Square kind of way.

The waitress I caught au natural — brushing her hair back — says she is Sabrina — I didn’t check. Or I didn’t check my check, yet. Well, just for old times sakes I will go by Walworths and besides buying my Mo Salah soccer card, I will buy some vagisil I mean Aquafina, in honor of Honey Lum. (Honey Lum exists or did and makes or made drums. I like to beat it.)

My Mom in the mail today got a copy of J the Jewish newspaper and I borrowed it because it has Harvey Milk on the cover. I wonder if Goodby Berlin and Silverstein ever thought to do a pro boner ad with Harvey Milk with a rusty trombone? No, I mean it would be interesting to compare the spin of Harvey Milk and that producer guy (who worked with Mindy Kaling) who is now in deep don’t don’t.

Speaking of rusty trombones, yesterday I bought a silver saxophone from 1929 or so from a man in Los Altos on Portola Street. I actually blew him. Or her. It. It’s an alto, like Plastic Alto, natch, but I admit I cannot hear the difference in key. If that’s all I get out of that adventure, buying a sax and playing it 100 hours in public, like at Lytton Plaza, is to learn to hear a C from a G or whatever, that’s enough. It took me what seemed like a very long 3 minutes to get a “note”. Or as Rod (!) Stewart once said: the first “phut” is the deepest.


Frisco Max


Disco Max (Disco is bad)


This is actually from the movie, or at least from the publicity still, as published in New York Times (it’s actually an 8-shot):


Nora Lum pka Awkwafina, from “Oceans8”

I simultaneously review a movie and watch soccer:


Sabrina of Old Pro expertly brushes bangs from her eyes, just as Mo Salah of Egypt scores a replay goal


speaking of cleveland: the esteemed music lawyer cleveland rocker and sports ticket hoarder Barry Simons of Sf — who I met due to our mutual stalking of Caroleen Beatty before we realized her father was in the CIA — “advertising equals desire” — bedlam rovers late 1980s early 1990s Frisco don’t call it disco stuff — Komotion and all that — wrote back to say that Callie Withers probably will not sue me here  but I should check my 6 for Ilene crazed sister of Ben Dover. Which somehow reminds me that I once took a blind date to see the Deli Creeps at the Kennel Club in 1991 or so, Maximum Bob and Buckethead who played david mayeri’s Berkeley Cubed The Sphere or whatnot just last night, while mary halvorson played Kumbwa in Santa Cruz and then sat next to the same lady just last saturday night in Palo alto the RBG joint I liekd her line about its not that I want to stand with my brethren but only that he remove his boot from my neck and her name is Weiss which sounds like something I read or heard read to me by Ionesco or something it was actually a demo from two high school classmates a lady named Cunningham I think and Jeremy Bishop. Melissa Cunningham from down the block, that’s not quite right. Like how many monkey-puppy-baby’s banging away on how many macbooks before we stumbple upon all 8 billion of us linguistically conscious apes as Cornell West once said before it was not PC. Shauna. And Sandy. I’m here all week, try the onigily.


I kinda sorta want to send this to the DeYoung.

What could they do?

I think there’s a joke by Kurt Vonnegut about cheese: what could you do to cheese that has not already been done to it?


from dynamite mag, circa 1975

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DiNero no longer ‘down’ w. trump


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Alexis Cuadrado and Vijay Iyer on a panel together, unless that’s Anderson Cooper and Dinesh D’Souza


Alexis Cuadrado bass from Spain and New York, Vijay Iyer, piano from Berkeley, New York not sure if they play together

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Something about Mary, Obama, NYT, Yo La Tengo, Mad Bum

based on a story by Nate Chinen


FDCC8B0C-2BC5-4572-ADE4-4792852B227E.jpegGary my brother in law encouraged me to check out Yo La Tengo at the Fillmore last week after we lapped up 75 fairly strong left handed hurls by Mad Bum. He wasn’t familiar with the act — he’s a Deadhead — but he thought his sister my wife Terry would get over my indulgence. ( She works 36 hours strongly at the ER, while I chat up strangers at the pub buscando the next Mia and Jonah.) I tried to use Cochrane’s 1942 World Series Yankees – Cardinals Gas House Gang Press Pass to get backstage at The Fillmore and into the press box at AT&T Park. Two whiffs. Anyways flash forward a week to Mary Halvorson project aka Thumbscrew at SF JAZZ but it wasn’t until eavesdropping from overhead (on way back from room 100 upstairs) that I learned that Mary Halvorson, 37, was like Madison Bumgarnet, 40, a Southpaw. She holds her Sharpie sinister-like but plays her axe normal like not upside down like Jimi, although Ben Davis my nephew, a guitarist, a Bellarmine UC-Santa Cruz grad and New Breed New Dad, said she was “tap dancing” using both feet on her effects rack or racks, making her both good and goofy footed. I didn’t even realize I was going to a co-bill and had bought my tickets just for the Julian Lage trio. But I’d have to say, with due respect all around, like Tinkers to Evers to Chance that my takeaway and wormhole from the whole farrago is Jeff Parker The New Bread, esp Jrifted sic and “hey baby I’m giving you today…hey baby I’m giving you today” sample.

Larry Ochs the sax player was actually my guest (both wifeys begged off due to hospital fatigue) and said he had booked Mary Halvorson way back when in 2005 somewhere old world with Trevor Dunn whereas and meanwhile back in the states I told her, when she authenticated my “Ours” —but before I noticed her leftusluty —that’s not a word — leftualuty— argh, strike two— leftuality, that I saw heard her and potentially meet-greeted her in 2005 in Philly at a John Tcicai show put on my Mark Christmas Arse No Va  — jeezis. I’m so sorry, Mary, sweetheart, I’m married, see my ringy, but wifey and rover and mouse moise true leap I are couchified with Sarah Jessica Parker a villain and her ex he is being proposition something unprintable about her Big Toe. So I’ve completely ruined my Mary Halvorson ten years in the making Big Day Coming Tay Ho By-num-num not Mad for Bums talk-story —it’s the TV, the fucking TV —Jerry Manders as the beaver ads the beaver heaver was — Edwin Heaven heaves like Grover Cleveland fuckface pie hole Doggie Diner — who is that foulmothed centerfield phallus of her dirty Al Gallagher Jack Hirshman King Hal droppin put me in coach — that buttums line up buttum bluf fluffer— Just then SJP offers her climactic F-bomb— search-injun that: “Sarah Jessica Parker” +”fbomb” -knock down the old gray wall sal maglie fake Beat Case guy with issuing not at all gay shotgun in his Parkinson inside the park kisser chin music — and yes Scott Rothstein and Gregg “egg sky” Wilensky and I did caffeinate verb at Its Tops  on Market, Churn et al on Taraval and 39-40, and almost with Yessica or Hessicav Leon at Estacion or what not near Romer Youn in 22nd Street — that In November 4, 2008 Ibama Ibama strike 2 Ian the worst digital pecker Obama Hussein Barack no longer Barryblike Bobby’s bouncing boy him my onetime chase my momma LAH neighbor won the presidency as a black man and I went to bed then woke up and was RELIEVED that it was in The New York Times — as in nothing happened between 9 and 5 – but then when I saw Mary Halvorson inside on Arts P1 I was ELATED ( ie ELATED >merely RELIEVED) I got to say this to her face.

Long story short: Leroy says keep on rockin’.


Mad Bum the pitchet

i saw Yo La Tengo after the giants game quite the Banksian lets play two


This is a good one good enough out of 4,354 shots and better than the 1961 Mets

edit to ass: it’s episode 3 of “Divorce” on HBO and aired on my birthday January 28, 2018 but instead of watching in real times or even knowing it exists had Spanish food in San Carlos. E2B7132A-AD5A-4B87-BD18-F48BF81CBB51.pngI should really be sampling Mary Halvorson but, as Sarah Jessica and my actual wife Terry Acebo Davis and Duffy the dog emerge from fog to fire fore I’m outro with Beach Biys from Ep3 and maybe that was a real Beatles synth license I liked the black painter lady and in fact was sussing William Safire Passing Strange And Gail Fisher and because a couple episodes back in our binge there was a fake or ghost dog cgi Mike Conners as Frances’ father Thomas Church Haven putty mouth

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Egg, sky


This is not an egg it’s a ceramic flower and Rome or young

This is not an egg it’s a ceramic flower and Rome or young


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