Lin “gunning it out” with Kobe Bryant


Did I just see a highlight of Jeremy Lin spinmoving past Derek Fisher thru the lane? Did I see him go down there again and do a reverse layup?
My cousin in LA texted me “Jeremy Linn” — excuse the spelling error, he thinks Lin’s Irish — and I turned on the tv to see Jeremy Lin, 3 points. Jeremy Lin, 3 more points. He finished with a Knicks-seaon-high 38 points, and the lady from the network congratulated him for “gunning it out with Kobe Bryant.”
A list of all the puns, headlines and tributes would take pages to list here.
A Hollywood movie, I could picture.
When I turned on my computer (Terry’s computer, actually) did it say “Lin” or “log in”?

On the other hand: yesterday I left a voice mail for Mitch Stephens the prep sports writer for the Chron and explained “the Gunn Lin Conundrum.”
I will spare you from the description here.
I will quote, out of context, Tom Jacobousky of Gunn High:
(by text): I had asked him in a text — in code — if I should explain in public “The Gunn Lin Conundrum”. Tom said:
I wouldn’t bother. We’ve moved on. And I’m actually rooting for him. I don’t want to be viewed as sour grapes

What I almost wrote back was:

So you are resigned to conceding 20 points per game each year? (I went to the Gunn-Paly last week and was impressed but even so: Floreal and Dawkins, who both live in Gunn district, combine for 40 points.)

I said on another site — Patch — that Lin is Wat Misaka meets Tim Tebow.

In Mrs. Cushing’s English class, back in 1981, we read Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon” and were taught the distinction between “expediency” and “morality”. I woke up yesterday with this headline: ”
Darkness at New Lin

I guess the expediency of lighting the NBA on fire for four games outweighs
4Q 2:29 nice job, “takes his man”

He was gracious in post game thanking and crediting his teammates.
“the phenomenon of Jeremy Lin continues”
“The Yellow Mamba”
All I do is Lin Lin LIn
May the best man Lin
I definitely thought even after making the Warriors that he could do wonders as a barnstormer thru Asia, maybe hooking up with Kurt Schneider of Harlem Globetrotters org (a Dartmouth ’87) if the NBA doesn’t back it.
I would say he is worth more than the $800,000 certainly.
He could be the Ty Cobb of hoops — I just noticed that there in recent years was a Ty Cobb at Sacred Heart — a great-grandson of the baseball great?

I wil say it again: Lin is part of the legendary 3L’s as one of the top 3 players in Palo Alto prep history: Jeremy Lin, Kent Lockhart and Jungle Jim Loscutoff.

most in first 3 starts since NBA ABA merger

shooting 58 percent

great for basketball in New york

Jeremy Lin draws the charge! (4q :41)

Wow. Again. Wow. Legend in NewYork LIN
outro with the rap:

“I’m just thankful to God, man” Jeremy Lin to ESPN’s Lisa Salters.

edit to add, March 19, 2012: finally got my hands on the SI and noticed that the article reference the fact that Joshua Lin played for Gunn:

When Josh’s Gunn High team completed conditioning drills, there was Jeremy again, sprinting and keeping pace on the sideline. Long after the middle child went on to star for the Crimson, finally growing bigger than any Lin in memory—”When he was a baby, Jeremy ate twice as much as his two brothers,” their 5’6″ father, Gie-Ming, likes to say—5’9″ Josh still knew, better than any defender in college basketball, how to nullify 6’3″ Jeremy’s best moves.

dana o’neil in 2009 article also references the Gunn vs. Paly conundrum for the Lins.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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8 Responses to Lin “gunning it out” with Kobe Bryant

  1. Mark Weiss says:

    MIke Tirico in Utah: I was in the press room and when Lin hit those two 3s, the place erupted.
    With Chris Mullin. Trust us. We are all like you, hanging on every Lin shot. This is truly, everyone around the country in on this phenomenon.
    Mullin: It’s a great story, Mike. After game one, game two, people asking will this continue. It’s four games in a row. The guy…give him his due. He’s playing great basketball and more importantly he’s leading the Knicks to wins. (4 in a row).

  2. Mark Weiss says:

    8:20 pm and ESPN2 “coming up: jeremy lin news conference”

    also it reminds me of sleepy floyd playoffs for warriors a few years back, people had it saved on vhs.

  3. Mark Weiss says:


  4. Mark Weiss #13 says:

    Jeremy Lin wikipedia page has 135 citations and was updated during the time it took me to read it; like, every five minutes.

  5. Mark Weiss #13 says:

    I ran in to Steve Brown, Lin’s longtime teammate at Palo Alto High, and in AAU ball going back to age 12 or so. We were both pumping gas in South Palo Alto. I hope to write more about this, in a minute.
    Then I had lunch with Hans Delannoy, my old coach. Jeremy’s picture is on the wall at Chef Chu next to those of presidents and Super Bowl MVPs. I told Ms. Chu that if I ever get famous enough to pose for a photo next to her dad that I would be all smiles. (“Jeremy is shy,” she said).
    Her brother should make a Hollywood version of Lin’ life; or Jes Yu should. My working title, for next Plastic Alto blog post on this topic: What Can Brown do For Yu?

  6. markweiss86 says:

    i did just search injun “valentines day special old pro palo alto” in a delusional moment wondering how to ask the girlfriend out to eat at old pro.
    actually she works until 8: yes!!!!!! game is east coast probably at 5, right?? knicks raptures

  7. markweiss86 says:

    I hope Jeremy Lin does make $100 million promoting basketball around the world, and I did scream for him when he “faced” Dirk, but even still I am ambivalent: Here I come out as a bit of a hater in Palo Alto Weekly, apropos of a girls lacrosse ineligibility case:
    February 2008 Weekly has article and a long comments section on a lot of these topics, about Ed Hall and Paly basketball forfeits, and the Gunn-Paly acrimony (which is a lot worse than in my day, or when Keith Peters was in high school).

    Web Link

    The Jeremy Lin case is topical because he played for JLS not Jordan, then Paly but not Gunn, but Skelly was asked recently about this and ruled “no blood no foul” basically.

    I think Jim Harbaugh was actually the first Gunn-zoned Paly star, although it is also true that the Gunn famous tennis dynasty in the 1970s and 1980s included people who lived in Portola Valley or transferred in from other places. But the situation seems worse now, the Gunn-Paly rivalry and the pre-professionalism of youth sports.

    Here it is about a star player for Menlo Atherton switching to Palo Alto, although this might be the first time that the problem has creeped over to girls’ sports.

    Or are we saying that if the admins had done their paper work there is no ethical consideration about what is a teammate, a neighbor, a community or playing by the rules? Amateurism means playing for love not power or money or free prom tickets.

    I saw Paly boys hoops with Jeremy Lin and two or more arguably ineligible players crush Richmond High whose best player had to sit out for saying “the f-word” in NCS previous game and thought it did a disservice to Paly’s kids for them to think the world will always give them 50 point routs and people working behind the scenes for their benefit…

    Sports are a microcosm of real life and we should all win a mere 50 percent and lose a few, and be happy we had the opportunity to be here at all.

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