A picture is worth one thousand emails and one (Meredith Valiando commercial)

I captured Meridith Valiando, a publishing executive with Universal, about an hour ago, while watching Letterman, then cracked upon the laptop for some random post, meanwhile vaguely monitoring now, 45 minutes later, Charlie Rose about “Ad Men” a show I haven’t really seen, although I am a refugee from that industry, would see the Lee Clow doc, and dug the reference to “Putney Swope”.

The lady in the ad says she gets 1,000 emails every day, and also says that if we buy the other brand of hand-held computer and phone device we would not be able to type as easily so many emails.

Notice that she does not, of course, say that she returns 1,000 emails per day. That part would be fibbing. Or fibbing twice.

I won’t mention the brand name, the people that paid for her endorsement –although it seems they spelled her name wrong — “Meredith” vs. “Meridith” — or is it just me — that’s the danger of late night blogging — I got the Valiando part right — I am leaving it tagged both ways  — but it is the one that had or has a nickname that references an addictive cocaine derivative.

Although they don’t say this in the spot she is the founder of a tour of bands that all score well on the leading online video site which I tend to name but don’t here even though it integrates so well with this format and with Patch.

It came thru Oakland at the New Parish which I somehow missed, but is coming to Boston (or Cambridge) to the Middle East a cool club, I saw Mark Kozelek there and I think was even guested that night by the Mitch Okmin’s office. As cool as I am.

The nice looking publishing lady and tour producer also, to me more relevantly, attended or was perhaps a panelist at something I also missed called Creators Project, a joint production (“are you cool?” — did I really post on Patch about Joe Simitian speaking “High” …”on what?” today? ) of Intel and Vice. That was at Fort Mason — though strangely overlapping a wee bit too closely with SXSW -which I also missed this year — and featured Yeah Yeah Yeahs and something I sussed up Zola Jesus which must be cool because it is booked by Sam Hunt of Windish.

Off topic slightly but I liked the cover of Joe Jackson “Fools in Love” by a female vocalist I will have to track down later. Unless of course my new best friend Meridith Valiando knows off the top of her head, or better its her song — her company or division is actually called Rondor and seems to be a residual of AlMo records — Herb Alpert and Al Moss — I recall them as Ozomatli’s first label –and writes me back.

I will drop her a quick line — maybe thru the tour publicist — and see what happens and will report back.

Oh yeah (but not Karen O. Yeah Yeah Yeah) the digression to Creators Project led me to suss up a local band –although one site said Brooklyn not Frisco, like Sleepless the band that opened for AOL at GAMH at Noise Pop that I have been saving in my phone but maybe can sneak in here uber-gratuitously I mean Big Sleep — its a little rary reference Chandler and all that, don’t you know, but from Brooklyn, but not Motherless Brooklyn but close enough, lethem read it and weep, I wanted to mention Hundred in the Hands — which for a second hand me believing included a South African visual artist I kinda like named Zander Blom —no they don’t work with him they just write about him — that sounds familiar — a guy and girl named Friedman I think and something kinda Frenchy, with 18,000 “likes” on the leading over-valued pre-IPO but only six reviews of their cd on Amazon, and no agent or management contact one can find quickly — the record was 2010 on Warp and the name seems to reference Lakota vs what Custer’s Last Stand or something? Anyhow, maybe they partied with our Miss Meredith. http://thehundredinthehands.com/

link on! Do people say that, like for a while they said “Right on!” (the second time — then they said “right arm” — “link arm?” that sounds like you are getting ready for pepper spray or something — man, Charlie Rose is dead I mean done, why am I still writing? I wanted to say that it took me and my stupid phone 8 minutes to load up Ms. Meridith becuase I had to delete something else to fit it. Now I’ve deleted her, accept here at wordpress and my yahoo storage).

Danny of Big Sleep at Noise Pop 2012 booked by Windish Agency and formerly on Frenchkiss but not necessarily endorsing a smartphone or Universal or Meridith photo by Mark Weiss sounds like Sonic Youth

edit to add, June, a few months later:

This is a surprisingly popular post for me. I will link to the dude who is outright claiming less delicately than me that the lady in the video does not actually get 1,000 emails per day. Also, I answered my own question, rather than waiting for Valiando to do so, that the Joe Jackson cover I heard on “Grey’s Anatomy” is by Inara George, daughter of Lowell George of Little Feet, and partner with the ex-partner of my friend Tommy Jordan Greg Kurstin ex-Geggy Tah Bird and Bee.  Joe Jackson makes about 8 cents per unit for every bit Inara sells and presumably half the money from movie and ad placements, although don’t quote me, tv might be part of a blanket agreement.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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2 Responses to A picture is worth one thousand emails and one (Meredith Valiando commercial)

  1. Mark Weiss says:

    i actually did send this note to the publicist for the digitour:

    hey dude i mean ben-
    do me a solid and pass on my regards to meridith of digitour and i guess universal publishing.
    i am a concert promoter, artist manager and blogger in palo alto, silicon valley.
    i wrote about her on my blog.
    thanks a lot.
    mark weiss
    earthwise of palo alto and “plastic alto”
    bonus points if she knows who did that joe jackson cover on ‘gray’s anatomy” — dinner for two at hardrock cafe if it is actually her account
    this is real. someone actually wrote this. not spam. i have friends in cambridge.

  2. Mark Weiss says:

    the other thing that i wanted to mention and now i am two hours into this is that i want to know how many times i can mention andy grove and that his daughter karen grove was my classmate from 5th grade on and kind of my girlfriend in a platonic eunich sweet way at age 11. and when her dad was time magazine man of year she said that late at night at their house up on L – – – – – – . he would start dancing and she called it “groving” not “grooving” facetiously. but they are players in the music biz no doubt, and not just the dancing bunny suits. which reminds me of my nameless other non-girlfriend who knew Penn Gillette as her “weird cousin” a tech there in fab clean room or whatnot. SP.
    you know its past your bedtime when you cannot spell eunich.

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