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Silversun Romney “Panic Switch” switch

Instead of having Romney desist from using “Panic Switch”, Silversun Pickups should grant permission in exchange for Romney releasing the tax returns that, according to Columbia professor Michael Graetz in the New York Times, probably show that he undervalued an … Continue reading

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Karla Kane’s golden west

I’ve always had a soft spot for Karla Kane of the Corner Laughers ever since I first read about her or them in an article by Kimberley Chun in the Chronicle a couple years ago. I’ve only seen her or … Continue reading

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Originally posted on 4&20 blackbirds:
by lizard Alden Van Buskirk died in 1961 at the age of 23 from a rare blood disease. His medical case was the focus of an article in the New England Journal of Medicine (August…

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Hang a banner or wear a hat

I met Donna Slote, milliner, as distinct from, as far as I know, but perhaps converging on, Donna Slote, millionaire, at Coupa Café, Palo Alto, today, Friday, Aug. 10, 2012. It amuses me how well, in the world of social … Continue reading

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Rob Reich stands tall with squeezebox

Rob Reich is a Bay Area-based musician and composer who will play Sunday nearby in Mountain View at Rengstorff House which is an historic sight and community center near Shoreline Park and Amphitheatre (which simultaneously is hosting comebacks from the … Continue reading

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Accept the good

I chatted with a nice lady from Colby Posters in LA and would love to design and order some posters just for the heck of it. But it’s weird I am blogging about a hypothetical letterpress poster project. “Accept the … Continue reading

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Fighting words in their own dugout (Harbaugh monologue research)

At the Gunn High of Palo Alto, Calif. Class of 1982 30th reunion, John Chovanec, the former all-league football and baseball star, gave me further comedic or psychic grist for the mill for the performance piece cum social sculpture I … Continue reading

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