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Weiss in so many words

what a lot of little buttons Continue reading

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Anish Kapoor in Korea

Introduction 음성설명 Born in Mumbai, India in 1954, Anish Kapoor moved to England at the age of nineteen to attend the Hornsey College of Art and later the Chelsea School of Art and Design. While growing up, Kapoor was exposed to … Continue reading

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Flying Cohen Brothers star in new LIARS video by Jordan Ellis

As an inside joke I am going to Swede this video without botching it up.  

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Most people if they follow sports would say Pele is the best all time. I am talking soccer. I met a man from Cape Verde, a singer, who co-wrote one of the most famous songs of his genre — he … Continue reading

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A touch of grey goo (weird review of ‘Welcome to Dopeland’)

Note: This is a verbatim re-post of the world’s weirdest review of a 2011 Cake cd which I now claim is the world’s weirdest review of “Welcome to Dopeland” a film by Len Dell’Amico, I caught recently in Menlo Park … Continue reading

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Lefsetz on Westergren

I’ve been a hater on Pandora since day one. I was psyched to see that industry gadfly Bob Lefsetz didn’t mince words on this topic: This is why the music industry hates technologists. Self-satisfied pricks like Tim Westergren who believe … Continue reading

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New York street music from Santa Cruz

This popular video of street music in New York features Jesse Scheinin the son of San Jose Mercury writer Richard Scheinin. edit to add: if that link don’t go thru, there’s also this video: I guess the kid is out … Continue reading

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