‘Bye-bye baby bonanza’…or ‘Bonanza’?

Kruk and Kuip said that something tonight — Bowser Blasts in Pittsburgh — remind them of Lon Simmons’ calling Willie Mays’ 600th home run, which was supposedly “Bye Bye Baby Bonanza”. I paused the game to go back to magic box and check all that and struck out

I got a 56 second video of Russ Hodges Giant’s theme song, with which I will outro.

I got Rich Lieberman and his readers saying at a $1M per year the Giants’ broadcasters are overpaid.

I got someone pointing out that K/K call, that’s also on a KNBR t-shirt, got the number of years wrong since the Giants had previously (in NY) won the pennant, 56 versus 52.

And I got this ripped picture of a Leroy Nieman print of Willie Mays (edition 300) worth about $5,000.



Someone said the “bonanza” line was a sponsor tie-in.

edit to add, moments later — ben valdez is probably right: Lon Simmons said “you can tell it goodbye”

edit to add, again (afraid to check on the giants, who looked pretty ugly): my fellow wordpressian 30onthefly explains that a Pirate home homer was a bucco blast (for buccaneer) but now due to a sponsor called Bowser the 16 homers so far are Bowser Blasts. D’oh.
During this second game, we discovered that home runs hit by the Pirates were counted as “Bowser Blasts”. These used to be called “Bucco Blasts”, since the Pirates are also known as Bucs or Buccos. In my opinion, Bucco Blasts seems like a much cooler name, but I’m assuming the term was changed due to sponsorship by a company named Bowser.

a chain of gm dealerships.

which sent me to find the Ellis Brooks jingle,

which sent me to find Lorne Greene (Mr. Cartright) and the cast of…wait for it…Bonanza with a 5-minute clip of commercials for the 1965 Chevy line-up. Huh? Coincidence, plastic alto, or commercial conspiracy?


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