Being less stupid (not a Jerzy Kosinski reference but thanks for asking)

Scott shot the blogger but he did not shoot the Retail Store Associates

Scott shot the blogger but he did not shoot the Retail Store Associates

Scott and I went to T-Mobil in Palo Alto on special assignment for World Cup Buzz, the App.

Ironically enough, I crashed a lecture right about kickoff time featuring a Stanford educated doctorate in computers now at University of British Columbia, at the Sheraton, the former Holiday Inn. It was tempting to blow off the lecture and munch a cheeseburger poolside while contemplating, with Juan, chances of advancement, from the perspective of Mexico, Croatia or Us.

Here are my verbatim notes on that, which I tapped into my Stupid Cell Phone:


And I am re-typing this because I don’t think these two devices synch

Kevin leyton brown stan phd u brit colu algo prac game theory Tv spectrum repurpose sellback FCC 488 page auctions Reverse Deferred acceptance algo descend clock auction airplane Frozen Feasiblity (sic) constraints 2,000 stations (although on my phone I write 2 and three small o’s because after 7 months I still have not found the 0 key) 130 K cons SAT encoding alto configuration tune clasp SAT MOOC positronic economist Asimov rich mozungo like me uganda 2011 kudu kudu radio diss tv spectrum

That’s about 60 words and 300-400 characters. The last five words were my analysis: I wonder if there is a cognitive dissonance between the first part of Dr. Kevin Leyton-Brown’s lecture, about how because electronic communications have changed so darn much in recent history that the FCC is auctioning off bandwidth to be more efficient and his experience in Uganda in 2011 where, despite bringing world class brainpower regarding cutting edge computer algorithm and game theory technology to the problem of market efficiency apropos of a local banana-like staple they found that Kudu their SMS-based platform only worked in conjunction with talk radio support. So isn’t technology relative to many other social and cultural and economic factors or is it appropriate for ruling entities or leadership to revise rules as they see fit and then say “technology is advancing so we must too”? Maybe SoMoLo also only works when supported by talk radio?

I may or may not edit to add with what all the above actually means. I also stole a copy of the program or schedule. All this prompted by meeting three young students, PhD candidates from CMU, MIT, one of whom wanted to check out Coupa Cafe for the Venezualan coffee, but not necessarily to look for a job or a business partner. He said his favorite baseball player was Andres “Cat” Garillaga, who I gleaned later is the 38th out of 240 MLB players from that country, i.e second wave you might say.

I still have notes that may or may not mean anything on the Economist editor lecture I crashed at Stanford and posted about below.

I failed to explain to Luca Mullane of T-Mobil, a former UBC now at SJSU student that Dr. Leyton-Brown applies GAME THEORY to ECONOMICS and COMPUTER SCIENCE and or is a world-leader of PRACTICAL ALGORITHMS. Meanwhile Angelique Paramore says that when not helping people upgrade their mobile devices she leads a spoken word event in San Jose in Japantown which sounds promising, and is of more interest to me, in theory, than how to tune Clasp.

I wanted to heckle Leyton-Brown: dude, what’s your Weissman Score?

clasp is an answer set solver for (extended) normal logic programs. It combines the high-level modeling capacities of answer set programming (ASP) with state-of-the-art techniques from the area of Boolean constraint solving. The primary clasp algorithm relies on conflict-driven nogood learning, a technique that proved very successful for satisfiability checking (SAT). which to me conjures Donald Sutherland teaching Milton to hypothetical Dartmouth students, biting an apple and worshipping a dark lord, a couple years before Kemeny-Kurtz.

edita: this message brought to you by (see below, which come to think of it, would be an interesting basis for a performance piece or monologue or one-person show, only prop being an old school remote control device that does not connect to anything, we know of)

edit to add: I posted to Weekly on teacher tenure reform:

Why don’t we take the free market approach to its logical extreme and sell off the future earnings of our children to the highest bidders, perhaps utilizing the latest in pragmatic computer game theory algorithm and then let the market decide how to optimize their investment in little Isabel and Brandon?

Tune that Clasp! Rah, rah!

We can do Better than you can yet imagine!!!!


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