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Greg Brown mural in Roxy Rapp building, above elevator

Greg Brown mural in Roxy Rapp building, above elevator

Posted by Mark Weiss, a resident of Downtown North
1 minutes ago

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How is it not relevant for the reporter here to mention that the developer here is Roxy Rapp, one of the biggest developers in town?

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Others have written that some developers get even more favoritism in staff rulings than the average.

You mention the architect firm in first reference and don’t mention developer at all until the next to last graph, and omit his name? Why is that?

The Weekly does not comprehensively cover the Real Estate Industry, it merely piece by piece, trumpets a proposal and occasionally like here covers the opposition.

Mr. Rapp, is not, just to be clear, the Big Three developer who helped the Weekly’s recent investment in its own building on Cambridge.

At the ball game I buy a scorecard, and in Palo Alto I advise we start tracking properties by their owners, and track their tendencies. I heard an interview with John Madden recently describing early in his football coaching career going to a lecture by Vince Lombardi which consisted of five hours discussing one play — with their literally billion-dollars incentive the industry certainly knows its business to a degree of high sophistication. We the People, even if leadership won’t or cannot, would be well-advised, if we want a chance to win, to learn the nuances of this problem beyond just our sense that this or that project is too tall or ugly.

How about a chart of downtown showing the holdings of each of the biggest 20 landlords? (How about a chart showing holdings, here and otherwise, of current council?)

Kudos to Tom Jordan, Doria Summa, and Sheri Furman for their tenacity, diligence and courage here.

By the way, the artist Greg Brown tells me it’s okay if the interior mural at 261 Hamilton gets destroyed in the process — it depicts a fiend cutting the wires to the elevator which he says Roxy ordered as a way to drive out a tenant he disfavored, a shrink treating paranoics.

And then:

Posted by Mark Weiss, a resident of Downtown North
0 minutes ago

Mark Weiss is a registered user.

Under further review, I meant to say that the developer is mentioned seven times but not by name: Roxy Rapp.

His building at Bryant and Uni used to have studio space for Al Young the poet laureate of California and now has office space for Laurene Powell Jobs the billionaire widow throwing coffee klatches for uber-wealthy and uber-powerful who require Secret Service and PAPD escorts, if that is Palo Alto today in a nutshell. “Our Palo Alto” — who is the “we’?????

Posted by Mark Weiss, a resident of Downtown North
0 minutes ago

I don’t know if my concerns are “poisoning” or “polarizing” or “French” but I would note, with due respect, that of the 30 posts so far on this topic no one else feels strongly enough about their opinion to add their full name to their statements, which to me leaves plenty of room for improvement in the discourse.

I’ve had some familiarity with the Rapp family for about 30 years, his two daughters Shannon and Kelly were classmates of mine at Gunn, I dressed in his Euro-clothing (yikes, was it…French?) even back east at a conservative preppy college — and was duly chastised even, for my look — and have eaten at some of the restaurants that were his tenants — Croutons, Machisimo Mouse, etc — and I think that on balance the Rapps have done a lot of good for Palo Alto. Yet the current environment, here and nationwide, world-wide — makes me worry about the effect of certain types of capital and capitalists. Read George Packer, Gunn 1975, “The Unwinding”.

It sounded like a cute story when Roxy Rapp hired the Stanford Band to serenade his girlfriend the day he proposed. Mazel tov to them.


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