I wanna get I Wanna Get Better but not for $1.29


Bleachers released his her or its debut cd on Tuesday, but I just heard about it yesterday or today due to a Kimmel re-run (I was actually taping to capta St. Paul and the Broken Bones or something — I was on a “pauline” riff). I thought the dude singing did look a bit like the dude in fun. It wasn’t until his guitar riff that, like punching the button on The Voice, I popped on my laptop to get the skinny. I’ve had this computer — my actual first, my virgin effort — for about six months now and have not yet downloaded or bought any content, except a download code for Sharon Jones that arrived as a blank. My girfliend (I had to try twice to get that by that bitchthe spellchecker) set up everything and did send me my codes but I never bothered to learn them(you need a code to go to the Apple store, for instance (I wanted to write “itstance” but am tired of fighting). I liked his t-shirt Downtown 4 Democracy – -will have to suss on that. I don’t like his GF that much. Shadedfreud or just a hater, or I’ve potentially met too many Smithies (of that generation). See also Kevin Cadogan, for the fact that it does sound like 3EB and poor Kevin’s solo effort never went as smoothly, so far. I am the poor man’s Christgau. (Better than the poor Christ’s Mangau). So $1.29 is the new .99 is it? Rather than continuing on with ABC coverage of Burning Airlines (that’s a misguided Eno reference) I am going to rewind to “I Wanna Get Better”. I presume the original Fun deal provides for solo projects, in this case on RCA. see also Nathan Fielder (dumb star*ucks) Strange Desire is the new of the set. PS the cap edit to add: weird sign that there might actually be a D-G: mid-solo there was a test of the EBS emergency broadcast system – -which reminds me of the band Elastica — but it deleted my pseudo-cat-pure on fake-tivo. May have to plunk down the $1.29. Now we have Meryl Streep asking me to check my polyps so I don’t feel as bad about my Eno joke. In fact I will link to it (disclosure I used to manage this act and may actually still receive 2.5 or now 1.5 percent of what they get by your streaming, from 2003, there’s so much in life we can’t control, such as colorectal cancer, she say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ5szyqkAHQ Your best shot is to check for a spot — PSA I am not making this up edita2: that’s 427 words and here’s a lift of another 200 or so: Last night in Brooklyn, the artist Dustin Yellin couldn’t keep his shirt on. That’s probably atypical for a political fund-raiser, but it wasn’t weird — it was Yellin’s place, after all, and he was surrounded by friends. At his Red Hook studio, The Intercourse, a self-described “cultural think-tank-slash-museum school experiment,” a bearded and bespectacled crowd of about 200 paid $50 each to enjoy the borough’s finest ceviche and moonshine, with the proceeds going to the political action committee Downtown 4 Democracy, “an alliance of professionals in the arts and creative media who share a deep commitment to progressive ideals.” Yellin welcomed guests with a bright red T-shirt slung over his shoulder, putting it on only when the sunshine softened, but he ended the night barebacked again, in case there was any question about the kind of event he was hosting. D4D was founded in 2003 and raised $1.5 million to get the vote out for John Kerry. We all know how that turned out. The organization disbanded soon thereafter, having become a full-time side project for its art-world organizers. “It was extremely successful in terms of getting the creative community to participate in the political process,” said Bronwyn Keenan, a former Guggenheim events director and original D4D board member, in Yellin’s garden last night. “But creative people tend to take it personally if we lose. It was a crushing defeat.” “It wasn’t until Sarah Palin that everyone woke up again,” she explained. That missile dodged and the world still intact, D4D has risen from apathy’s ashes this year and partnered with CREDO, a liberal super PAC, with the aim of unseating “The Tea Party 10,” the most extreme and vulnerable members of the U.S. House of Representatives, from Pennsylvania to California. Without their own Sheldon Adelson, the group hopes to make its dent in smaller markets. “I’m personally in a better position to give money now,” said Keenan. “Last time, I was in a position to do the grunt work.” Much of the organizing now falls to a next generation board member, 25-year-old Audrey Gelman, who’s just not busy enough as press secretary for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and an actress on Girls. Gelman launched a reborn version of D4D earlier this year with The Pocket Guide to Politics, a civics textbook-gone-Tumblr featuring government lessons told through art from Terry Richardson, Dan Colen, Aurel Schmidt, and Andrew Kuo. The book’s launch party, at the Standard Hotel, featured appearances from Gelman’s wide sphere, including Stringer, Lena Dunham, and Mos Def. Maybe that is Jack’s way of telling Lena he is leaving with Audrey. (If I can stay awake another 28 minutes, Jeff Koons may be on with Seth Myers…)

Audrey Gelman in the Times, October, 2013: this explains everything. Except Stephen King’s blurb for Josh Ritter.

This message brought to you by the letter B:



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