Hudba to Terri Hinte

Not much of an item but I had a nice brief chat with publicist Terri Hinte of Richmond, Cali.

She works for, among many, many others, Mimi Jones.

Mimi Jones, also known as Miriam Sullivan.

Miriam Sullivan, born in the Bronx but actually, if you listen or watch carefully, and are trained, a West Indian (Barbados and St. Croix).

Miriam has a brother in L.A. named Hannibal or something definitely you hear more of in Kingston or Rosseau than Detroit or Atlanta. 

Mimi Jones is her married name. Mazel tov!

Miriam who I met in 2000 as part of Rachel Z trio, which also featured Allison Miller.

Allison Miller a little birdie or birdland told me is now also a mommy! Mazel to them.

Rachel Z whose last name starts with an N.

Miriam Sullivan pka Mimi Jones not to be confused with vocalist Marianne Solivan.

Marian Sollivan who sings with, knows or donated Kickstarter to Dayna Stephens.

Dayna Stephens putting out a new album, “Peace” his fifth this fall, on his own label and probably not ChrisCross or Sunnyside, who released most of 2 thru 4.

Terri Hinte, who worked for Fantasy for years before going solo, who also works with and posed with Sonny Rollins.

The Bob Dylan novelty cd of baseball songs includes “Newks Fade” by Sonny Rollins, because Sonny Rollins apparently looks or looked like Don Newcomb the Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher, who had a hard to hit pitch called a fade like a curveball or maybe slider. 

I was gonna try to stump Taylor Eigsti on that one, because I know that Taylor likes sports, or 49ers at least, and played something by Sonny the other night with Julian Lage, Dayna Stephens, Jeff Ballard (from Santa Cruz) and Larry Grenadier.

I did not speak with Taylor, but did catch up with — a sophisticated game of catch — the rest of his quintet and his mom, Nancy Eigsti. 

Julian Lage who is sounding a bit like Bill Frisell; I asked Fred Hersch, pseudo-naively if he “recorded with Lee Townsend”. 

On her site, Terri Hinte, rhymes with Splendid Splinter — which reminds me of something I wrote about Bennett Paster talking in an exaggerated Brooklynese — explains “hudba” which is European for something postive; I will edit to add. 

Maybe this would be better suited under “A Sophisticated Game of Catch” (baseball-ese for the pitcher focusing on where the catcher is holding his mitt, and how he or she is calling the pitches, and not so much about what the batter might do, if he gets his way, but also this catching a show, or catching up with the guys and gals, or catching as becoming known; there is also something in The New Yorker humor blog making fun of Newk, but didn’t go over well, a bit outside or worse Chin Music).


A young guitarist at Berkelee, David Stern, approached Dayna Stephens last night and asked him to look over a chart or a transcription of something Dayna did or knows, and I held my super-smart-phone as a flashlight, plus snapped a picture of Dayna’s hand, which he said he was cool with me publishing here, at Plastic Alto. Either here or in my photo essay, below. Stern’s combo played an original ballad, called “An Original Ballad” or something — maybe someday there will be a David Sterns – Dayna Stephens project, or DavDayna SterStephens project. Dayvna Sternphens? Sort of a Shedroff-Redman thing….Oh, yeah, I was telling Dayna about Vida Blue and Pumpsie Green. Why shouldn’t there be a Montclair Women’s or Big Womens Blues Band? Dayna has an auntie who I am guessing can bring it, JoAnna Bullock I think is her name. Ledisi and Liberty ring-a-ding-ding. To it, birds do it yadda yadda yadda.

edit to add: I just realized that I had met Kenny Drew Jr when the Mingus Big Band did a series of events and clinics at Stanford a couple years ago. He died last week, at age 56. His father plays with Sonny Rollins in the clip above, and died in 1993. An announcer from the stage, maybe Taylor Eigsti, mentioned Kenny Drew passing and I did not put it all together until just this minute.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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