Notes on public safety, during three minute address to Council tonight

Larry Klein, at 7:45 tonight, approximately ten minutes after his 3 minute nap

Larry Klein, at 7:45 tonight, approximately ten minutes after his 3 minute nap

>>Seemless transition from neighborhood preparedness to public safety

Gunn, Paly and Castilleja –aspire to community service

We can self-govern and self-police.

No outsourcing. No privatizing.


1. 2011 ballot Measure D affecting collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and binding arbitration

A recent regional panel said we had some improprieties in how we passed the Measure

Link to Palo Alto Weekly recent story.

Public employment relations board, 53-page ruling.

2. Gunn “graffiti hate crime case”

I find fault with:

a. media, Chris Kenrick of Palo Alto Weekly

b. public safety, PAPD, Sgt. Zach Perron spokesman

c. schools — should have kept it in-house

They flared the flames of racism and classism and sensationalized this story.

3. Recent reports, out of Ferguson, Missouri, especially in The New York Times, Elizabeth R. Beavers and Michael Shank, about militarization of public safety.

(The authors are actually policy researchers and activists, not Times staff)

Also, in November, 2011, Palo Alto outsourced our crossing guards to American Guard Services, a very militarized firm, and all they did was hire back the same guards and make them work for less. I had written a letter to Weekly asking City Attorney cancel that contract and put it to re-bidding.

Link to Safe Routes to Schools, which mentions ACG. I may send this to PAPD and PAUSD people in charge.

I am interested in reaching out across the creek in one direction or the other (and here I gestured with my hand in two directions, with a shaking motion) such that we work together for our mutual safety but that is not the same as pooling resources to hire or outsource this kind of thing.

Larry Klein took the 3 minutes to either fixate on his fly or perhaps trying to remember his mantra; he certainly did not do me the courtesy of looking at me, and did not seem to listen to me. Previously I have noticed him taking the opportunity to relieve himself when it was my turn to speak, leaving the table, we presume to go and use the facilities. If he gets within earshot tonight, I am going to call him on it.

I should probably explicate what I actually said here.


I am writing this while attending the meeting. About 7:35 p.m. or 20 minutes later. Council is covering their respective asses on the 7.7 acre of Lee Property donated to City years ago, but never dedicated, and the subject of the Arrillaga power play, described in Grand Jury Report of June, 16, 2014. Four areas where fences are off the line by 8 to 12 feet — in which way? Chain link, covered with black vinyl plastic “and I expect will be replaced” Greg Betts. Whose fences? Neighbors. Holman.

Scharf: let’s celebrate this.

see also: Acterra has some plants there.

also: Peter Drekmeir, former Bay Area Action / Acterra leader and former mayor, did he have an inkling on the impropriety of the usage, for 20 years, and overlapping his terms?

Betts: artist in residence use? Like Sarah Cameron Sunde, communing with ants? There is no irrigation, and it would take about $500,000 to add sprinklers. There is a parks public outreach and planning “EIG?” – he will refer to them.

I am going to text Peter Drekmeier and ask him to call me on this topic. Acterra there since 2005. Kniss: this place is like a dust bowl now. (She has a property very near, she and Dick Kniss, a Williamson Property, I recall, plus she mentioned it once during campaign, 2012.

Schmid, 7:45, concerned about 8.5 foot chain link fence, Arrillaga put on public land, and can we get him to take it down?

edit to add: while editing this to add the links, meanwhile listening with one ear to discussion of parking technology and “loops”, I realized that I had written a version of this on Weekly comment board, earlier today:

I was one of only 50 Palo Altans willing to put their name on a defense of our public safety workers, NO on D at the time.

I would like to see a more thorough discussion of these issues.

I look at this in context of Fergusson, Missouri and the recent, in New York Times discussion of militarization of our public safety.

By Elizabeth R. Beavers

Web Link

I think we should self-govern, with leadership this is reflective of and listens to rank-and-file citizens, and a type of self-policing that expands neighborhood preparedness into something that de-specilizes public safety — so certainly DO NOT out-source or privatize. I want to see people from Gunn and Paly (and I guess Casti) grow up to help keep us safe.

I think leadership in 2011 was taking orders from a non-elective cabal of right-wingers, arguably the same people who push for too much development.

I do not think our working class should be scape-goated for our problems.

That being said, I am skeptical about organized labor, and its leadership.

Thanks to the men and women in blue (and sometimes pink) for keeping us safe!

I appreciate the signed comments by our neighbors who disagree with this (pro-worker) viewpoint, however. Let’s talk about it!

Like the Grand jury report of June 16, 2014 this is sign of a leadership crisis here.

edit to add, an hour later: Larry got up, presumably to pee, at around 9.

edit to add, the next day: I caught up to Liz Kniss, City Council member and former Santa Clara County Supervisor, and she clarified: her property on Page Mill is not adjacent to that of Arrillaga; if she mentioned Arrillaga as “my neighbor” she meant their respective properties in town per se; she said something about her husband doing HAM radio, up on Page Mill. She and Nancy Shepherd had toured he site in question, the 7.7 acre parcel the Lee Family donated to City for rec use years ago but finally Monday we added to park inventory, after Arrillaga had used it as a loading area for work on his own adjacent compound and tried to buy it from us, secretly, for $175,000. Also, Peter Drekmeier and I traded brief emails on this, because he is a BAA/Acterra alum and former Mayor. Acterra has a nursery up there, which may or may not be continued with the new designation. I am holding my place here about Larry Klein and his bladder, tacky as it may be (my stance, not his bladder). I sent a copy of this to his work email address plus a little note about whether he was intending to look like he could care less when I talk to council.

edit to add: November 26: the search function leads me here, maybe
cuz i miss-spell the italian word for writing on the walls, but somehow appropriate I just posted to PAW under an article about public safety staff texting a photo of a scantily clad suspect asking Weekly to re-open its report on “gunn graffiti hate crime” here known as “gunn graffiti” as a tag no less, thusly, but please not above that I guess I did in August speak to the world for 3 minutes linking this May 2014 Palo Alto case to Feguson MO:
Hey i’m still looking for traction regarding the PD’s inflammatory statements about an alleged but actually bogus “graffiti hate crime” at Gunn, May, 2014 (the one that started with “Thank God…”). You and several other news sources fanned the flames of racism and invited speculation on your anonymous comments boards.

Don’t get me wrong: I support Chief Dennis Burns and our generally excellent public safety staff here. But we do demand excellence.

Why don’t your report a follow up on the May, 2014 cold-case non-case and own up to your end of it.

If I did not have a meticulous habit of signing 234 of 235 posts to PAW I would have posted under NOBODYS PREFECT

I also spell “ferguson” fergusen I will add the correct and leave the incorrect.

and just for yucks or yuck i clicked on “sex” as category


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