What do you see in this image?

art by Matt Gonzalez, circa 2006

art by Matt Gonzalez, circa 2006

I see:
1. colors
2. a shape, bunny rabbit? New England state known for leaves turning in fall?
3. numbers, letters, not quite words. Qwerty? Hazbot? Nimby?
4. Is this a reference to Raushenberg, Switters, Walker Evans or what?
(it it bad that I am answering a question with seven I mean eight ?’s)
5. a pretty cool freakin’ endorsement from a regional and nationally known political figure, although he also states, somewhere “I hope that someday they will say Matt Gonzalez is a visual artist who dabbled in politics”

Ok, Matt Gonzalez is a former San Francisco supervisor. He very nearly was elected Mayor. Gavin Newsom beat him by a few points and maybe another $100,00 here or there would have closed that gap, some say. He works as a public defender (he is a Latino from Texas, who attended Columbia for undergrad and Stanford for grad school — I told someone recently my three favorite Columbia grads are: Allen Ginsberg, Matt Gonzalez and Bill Campbell — plus June Omura for good measure). He helped Ralph Nader run for President, once.

I met Matt thru Beth Custer — he donated a work of art, similar in style to the one above, early Matt we say. I bought that piece. (This was 2006 or so). In 2011, December we co-hosted and co-produced a poetry celebration regarding an obscure Dead Poets Society / pro to-Beat named Alden Van Buskirk, in San Francisco.

Ten minutes ago, I said “Thanks for calling me back, I’m sure you are 10 times busier than me”. We talked for five minutes, and hope to meet up sometime in the late summer early fall.

“Use by name at least. Yes, you can say ‘an endorsement'”.

I think this is my 20th endorsement or so, including my Dad, Paul Weiss — the Rotarian and Jewish philanthropist — but this is a thrill for me because this is the first real politician, I mean artist, I mean politician I have had the nerve to try like this. Wah-hoo!

(And I am sitting in the courtyard of Palo Alto Art Center, about to take another gander at work of Joseph Zirker 90 — who also endorsed me — as I write this, although I am about to kick off for lunch, I had just blogged when Matt’s call came in).

I said he is a good writer and I learn a lot from his work. (He also said Tommy Ammiano the comedian is very serious at his day job and don’t go for the yucks, even if I think I am emulating Sartre and “No Exit” who said more of his work got by the censors when he gussed it up a bit, under occupation, like Newk’s famous fade).


6. To answer the question, I see blue sky, and I hear birds not back-hoes.

P.S. Matt is from McEllend, Texas but I check “Austistic” meaning “Austin, TX or the 404” just for poetic effect. “Platos Republic” is my main category for things political and my campaign for council.

edit to add: ok, I am not sure, in this giddy state, — is that Delaware? — whether I am thinking Camus or Sartre and censorship, which reminds me that I am meaning to say something about the distinction between the lay sense of “animus” and the Jungian sense (“anima” actually). A troll or maybe the real Jim Baer described his sense of my discourse as “animus” which I think he meant in the sense of “hate” or “anger” or something — I thought it rather ironic, in a classic sense. Want to literally call him on that. I actually tried to bait J.D. Daniels to it, but he said he was not Jungian but a Burnsian or Beckian.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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