Of haps and haptics

1. I ran into my Oak Creek neighbor Serkin at Farmer’s Market and gave him my only Weiss for Council pin, from 2012.

New York Times article about robotics, Stanford date-line, by John Markoff: “Brainy, Yes, But Far From Handy: Software Aims to Clear Hurdle To Robots Working with Humans, (9/2/14) backed with Stanford Theatre, upcoming September 20 and 21, “Dinner at Eight” (1933, George Kukor, written by George S. Kaufman or based on his Broadway play, features line, by Kitty (Jean Harlow) You know, I read a book the other day. It’s all about civilization or something — a nutty kind of book. Do you know that the guy said that machinery is going to take the place of every profession?

I saw my neighbor Serkin at Farmer’s Market and gave him my only campaign button, made by Terry Acebo Davis and Rob Syrett. I mistook him for a professional piano player — back when Oak Creek had a piano. Supposedly WORKS Gallery in San Jose a cachet of my buttons — we originally or she originally made about 100. They were part of an art installation in 2012; Joe Miller would know.

What is the Kurzweil theory? The convergence? (When computers or AI surpass humans, like when Big Blue could beat chess masters). Compared to Grey goo, when little bits of lab fabs replicate themselves and take over the world (subject of a movie “Welcome to Dopeville” by a former Dead camera-man Len D’Amico)

J. Kenneth Salisbury and Sonny Chan robotocists
see also Fast Cheap and Out of Control, Errol Morris featuring Rod Brooks of MIT

virtual surgery with haptics, mimic the sensations of touch in a computer simulation

Of haps and haptics

other movies of note:

2. speaking of haps, I am looking forward to the Gunn at San Mateo football game, Friday night lights. This is the varsity debut for Sam Rothstein, linebacker, son of my good friend and fellow Dartmouthite, Scott Rothstein. The team also includes the son of my Terman football teammate Matt Maltz, meaning his son Andrew Maltz, a sophomore nose tackle who tips the scales at 300 pounds (what do you feed him, Jamie?). Vytes of the News suggests that Rothstein and Maltz (sounds like a law firm, or a good place to nosh on knish) will have a great time chasing down Line Latu, who accounted for 325 yards agains the Titans last year. I am going to be posting a synopsis of the game to “Coach” Keith Peters, son of music teacher Ken Peters, another Gunn grad, of The Weekly; GS of the Weekly suggests that because I am running for office I should post under a non de plume. I am pulling for: Sphinx Fitzwater II. Although I will never reveal why. Also: my Terman and Gunn classmate but never actually a teammate Chris Strausser is now an offensive coach at Washington, moving over from Boise State when his jefe Chris Peterson joined the Pac-12 Huskies staff. I recall Chris rassling with his Georgia Ct neighbor Greg Zlotnick when we were tykes. Chris took the long way to the helm of Gunn football, backing up Nick Sturiale, Billy Parker and others before persistence and a growth spurt finally brought him to behind center. He was Gunn’s answer to Paly’s Jim Harbaugh in 1982. (I believe Chris was 2nd team or 3rd team All-SCVAL, and then played for Chico State and Foothill, before John Ralston launched his coaching career, at SJSU). In more recent times, there are at least two Titans suiting up for NCAA gridiron: Sean Lydster a walk-on at Purdue in the Big Ten and Craig “Big Cat” Venuta for Harvard in the Ivy League. Sam Rothstein says he is as fast as Lydster was and is now taller. I hope he keeps up the enthusiasm after meeting Line Latu a few times. My joke is that Rothstein and Maltz are working to convert Line Latu; it is Shabbat after all, Friday night.

Ironically enough, the spell-check function wants to change “haptics” to “hap tics”

edit to add: The Daily Journal notes that Line Latu, after healing from a broken collarbone, has switched to quarterback while Watson Filikitonga has stepped up for Jeff Scheller’s Bearcats to prove a serious threat at back. All in they have 41 players to Gunn’s 17 Angry Young Men. Should be an interesting indoctrination for young Rothstein and company — if I write for a real paper, like The Weekly, I will not be so sophomoric. I think there is a Riley in senior leadership, maybe a Perricone, stalwarts of many a recent Titan squad.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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