Gunn Titans football the best 956th ranked team in the nation, no doubt: Just say ‘Nozo’


Gunn football 18 angry young men

Gunn football 18 angry young men

Gunn travels to Branham of San Jose Friday in search of their first “W” although so far, despite the 0-and-2 they are closer to the “L” hand-signal in Ed Lee/ MC Hammer “Too LEGIT” than the finger and thumb of San Jose (Lynbrook, since you asked) grad Greg Camp’s Smashhit “All Star” (for “loser”).

MaxPreps says Shinichi Hirano’s team is ranked 956 in the state. Wow. What does that even mean. They only play ten times. It would take a couple years to sort 956 teams. And why? (And this from the guy who has a list of 1,000 sax players…my bad).

Nozo Imanaka has four touchdowns of 20 or more yards.

The team features a corps of eight young men (!) who play every down, i.e., two-way, and another 10 (!) who rotate in, for situation and special teams, plus maybe nine practice players, the injured and soon to be eligible.

I think this is a story.

Meanwhile here is what I turned in to Keith Peters, xxx xxx, xxx xx xxxx xx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx xxxxx #@&^?

Compared to what they ran with here. And a great photo of Nozo’s catch, by Butch Garcia, the Pinoy Ansel Adams. But it is kinda fucked that this runs under a headline about Sacred Heart, excuse my nippon forerunner.

I actually bought the book version of When The Game Was Tall, which is part of the reason I enlisted here.

Gunn lost to Carlmont 24-19 Friday despite two crowd-pleasing touchdowns by senior Nozo Imanaka, in front of 500 fans in Palo Alto.

Gunn football prospect Felix Adams, 10, trains for his 2022 varsity debut; he is nephew of former Titan Bob Adams class of 1980

Gunn football prospect Felix Adams, 10, trains for his 2022 varsity debut; he is nephew of former Titan Bob Adams class of 1980

The compact multi-purpose back had a 65-yard punt return score in the third quarter and caught a 25-yard fourth-and-2 heave on a go pattern from classmate Noah Riley earlier, giving him four touchdowns of more than 20 yards already this year.

Six-foot-one-inch 176-lb linebacker Dietrich Sweat meanwhile punched above his weight to help contain the Scots, who feature D-1 sized backs like Willie Teo-Clifton and Dominic Blanks. The gutty Titans play eight boys two-way and another 10 in situations and special teams.

Gunn travels to Branham of San Jose next Friday, in preparation for the El Camino League season which starts October 3 against Fremont.

“We need a little more turgor” Gunn coach Shinichi Hirano said. “We bend but don’t break. Maybe we bend less next time.”

Hirano looked fairly pleased for a winless coach, Gunn having let San Mateo squeak by 27-20 the week before. Perhaps he liked the festivities surrounding the game, with Gunn celebrating 50 years of academic, social and athletic excellence, with alumni guests augmenting the band and pep squads and new PAUSD superintendent Glenn “Max” McGee among the revelers.

“You never want to start a game with a turnover, but overall we are doing great, and we play four quarters, a full 48 minutes each game,” Hirano said.

Gunn rallied from a 24-6 deficit, with a Sharod Miller touchdown reception, two fumble recoveries, and a fourth-down defensive stop by sophomore nose-guard Andrew Maltz keeping things interesting late into the fourth quarter.

Branham is about 30 minutes away, according to the search maps function on this here doohickey, if you take 280 to 85 past 17 and get off Camden exit. I would hope the bulk of those 18 families will check it out. The suspects would include people with names like: Maltz, Riley, Larson, Bibo, Sweat, Li, Gong, Rothstein and that Bret Baird guy. I actually think Gunn played Branham in basketball once, back in the day. (We won, obviously. We were 22-5, then 28-3).

edit to add, here and on Weekly:
I think Gunn, win or lose, should have their own thread, and not be subsidiary to Sacred Heart.

I am not alone.


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