Tom Dubois is a genuine brown man

Ran into Beau today, who I had to cover in the first ever game — despite what John Paye been saying — at the new Menlo Gym, in 1980.

I think of Beau as a conservative, but I also think I have an appeal to a wide spectrum of voters. I think the fact that I am a product of the local schools and have lived hear perty near the longest makes me appeal to all types. (Funny thing was I was singing “Son of a Gunn for Beer” about “like any honest fellow” when Beau and Adria and I all entered the tunnel, but we didn’t recognize each other until the other side. Beau said he recognized the tune but did not realize what it was)

Beau confirmed that he knows Tom Dubois thru basketball. He said that they have never had, like, a 30-minute talk, more like dozens of one line back-and-forth via email. Tom has done a lot for the league, the youth league. I actually hadn’t seen Beau in a while, probably since our reunion. I told him it meant a lot to me that Beau said that night that he had voted for me (in 2009).

He also played basketball on his Ivy League college team, at Princeton University but, as Sarah points out, he was mostly a bench warmer. His most notable moment on the team was taking a charge from Chris Webber to defeat Michigan University and the Fab Five, but is known in infamy as the “Giddy Up, Ride ‘Em Cowboy Dunk.” His failures as a player, along with the influence of The Mighty Ducks film leads him to coach a Woodcrest youth basketball team, though in two years they have failed to produce a win. He is depicted as somewhat of a goober and a wet blanket in social situations, since he seems unable to truly lighten up. (!–editor)

Nanda Berman (Gerber?) took the photo of Tom and I at Farmers Market two weeks back. I spoke to Tom Dubois just yesterday, matter o fact.

My former client Stew had a line in a song “Black Men Ski” about black men get mistaken for people they don’t resemble in the least. I wanted to try that line on Forrest Whitaker I saw once at Deuce France. Brian Copeland I tried to interest in “Passing Strange” when it was in Berkeley Rep.

Beau said he is voting for me, but is “apolitical” so would not put up a sign for either me or Greg Scharff.

Speaking of hoops, we were at one point, I saw my coach (and endorser) Hans Delannoy today just briefly, at Old Pro and Lytton Plaza Taylor Ho Bynum Ben Goldberg concert, with former teammates John Davidson (living in Lansing, knows of Mark Schauer) and Brian Bridges.

I just may vote for Tom Dubois. But so far I think of him as unproven or not deserving. Makes me want to re-read W.E.B Dubois, or to watch Boondocks. Less so: Tennesse Williams.

This is really off topic: but I saw Vince Derillo, a Gunn 1983 and posed with him, and bought two books,from his yard sale: on Marx and on Phily murals. I went by Gryphon Strings and got the endorsement of Frank Ford, which means a lot to me. One of these days I should update my endorsements list. (I also ran into, Thursday, Camille Townsend who said she is voting for me but short of an endorsement. Somewhere I may have already posted — like Kermit Washington — that I followed Zoe Lofgren to her car and asked the Congressperson about endorsements and she said “I don’t want to tell Palo Alto what to do” fair enough. I got Brian Bub Evans my former teammate, although I noted some reluctance in his tone. Even so, it means a lot to me. Michael Szabo. Aram James. I think Ceci Kettendorf. Paul Jacobs the musician, works at Gryphon.

I call this post a bit of tom foolery. Stew:

edit to add: what Tom Dubois, same name as the cartoon character, but actually a Palo Alto youth basketball coach, father homeowner and fellow City Council candidate, looks like, recently, according to his site:


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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