The post remains the same (5 – center)

DUDE WHERE'D YOU PARK YOUR ARB APP: David Carnahan of City Clerk office is asking me, Mark Weiss Council candidate yet ARB wanna-ARB as well

DUDE WHERE’D YOU PARK YOUR ARB APP: David Carnahan of City Clerk office is asking me, Mark Weiss Council candidate yet ARB wanna-ARB as well

1. point(David Shields, I am thinking “Pete Maravich”)
2. shooting(faux Filseth, and I am thinking “Jerry West” and being generous or atoning)
3. small forward (Gervin, Ice man?
4. big / forward (“John Havlicek”? although it was about Cazzie Russell or maybe Kent Lockhart or that poor May guy — this game doesn’t really pan out; it is worse than Errol Morris Fast Cheap and like that thing about hoops and soccer on same pitch, in Mexico)
5. big / center (“Bill Walton” or “Bob Lanier” because he shoe so big — trisha brown, walking on buildings or maybe Willis Reed because that’s where I came in and Trish and Architecture is very NYC Big Apple)

Although we didn’t use the term “big” to describe 4 and 5 in my day, and Hans was “Hans” and not “Del” or “Coach Del”

I am not sure if this is my fifth post of the day, making me a post man, of sorts, or continuation of previous play.

There is a Policy and Services Committee (a subset of council, discussing somewhere Alma Plaza bugaboos) and Parks and Rec at 7, where I want to talk again about Ventura Park. So I have another hour to finish my day.

I ran into Janice who is the City Manager’s assistant who recognized me and reminded me of the continuation of Candidates Briefing on City Hall How it Works. We are both Aquarii it turns out and I used that as explanation for how I pull information rabbits out of my hat.

I flipped thru the Trisha Brown book and snapped “sweded” versions of “Man Walking Down the Side of a Building” from 1970 which I am claiming is relevant to my desire to be on ARB or to be ARB. It’s arbitrary, sure. (It would be more relevant of course if Trisha Brown the creator of “MWDSB” wanted to ARB).

Also: The Global Office by Noam Dvir, in Art in America (June/July 2014) I wrote about and discussed at ARB, about “Fundamentals” a part of Venice Biennale, and “Absorving Modernity” and “Monditalia”. And “OfficeUS”. Dig?

(Also: Elvis Costello supposedly said: writing about music is like dancing about architecture, plus the pun on “about” meaning to circumnavigate or approach indirectly, my forte; my 40. I am drunk on ideas).

I can paste in a photo of David Carnahan, our Asst Clerk.

The five-member ARB earmarks 3 seats for architects or “design” professionals; I am arguing that designing a concert, especially a a site specific event, like “!Taylor Ho!” September 20 at Lytton Plaza, might be comparable to being a design professional. (Previously I had gotten Steve Staiger to agree that my writing on Plastic Alto and my pseudo-residency at PAHA would qualify me for one of the earmarked historian seats if I applied to HRB; the incumbents reapplied, I know that much and when I called the Clerks office yesterday Kim Lunt said the deadline approaching was “one minute” away, meaning closing, 5:30 yesterday to my 5:29.

I am doubtful that any of the other 12 (or 9) council candidates would double-down on commission/board apps, yet so far they are generally way ahead of me on picking up tricks. (Like the ballot statements on NEW Measure D, about council composition).

I did RSVP for a meeting at the Maybell group (that endorsed a pseudo-slate of 3) but not sure how to do that AND Parks and Rec unless I want to just do the oral communication. I guess I should keep my word, face the music.

I have a backlog of photos from earlier in the cue to post, when the Peet’s wireless seemed to get squirrelly.

Meanwhile, I just and about 10 minutes of our current host, J.P. Coupal and want to interview him for Plastic Alto. If nothing else (!), being on the ballot makes me that muck more avid a blog-poster.

And I can circle back to block out the hoops reference above.
(And this is a very David Shieldsian riff, methinks).

I also owe Mike Cobb something about Cub, Le Levy something about song and several others. (I made a list of calls to make).

Beth Custer, one of my collaborators in music, wants to do a jingle for the campaign; that would rock. Not sure if I have the budget or can I somehow steer clear of it being a campaign expense? I told her that when Scott Rafshoon and I (plus my dad, Paul Edward Weiss) toured the Carter Library in Atlanta, in 1992 (in town for World Series, Braves-Blue Jays, we thought the world -series — was coming to an end), he could not help but sing the Carter for President jingles, because he was 10 at the time they were new — 1976 — and his dad, Gerald Rafshoon wrote them; he has a signed picture of Carter, actually it is a young Scott with a jew-fro sitting on Jimmy’s lap, in oval office – and it says SCOTT, THANK YOUR DAD FOR GETTING ME ELECTED PRESIDENT. YOUR PAL, JIMMY CARTER.

It would be neat to pick Gerald Rafshoon’s brain on any of this, although in truth I’ve only met him a handful of times. Scott, Ellen, Jerry and Eden and I or maybe no Eden (Mark Donohoe’s widow) saw “Russian Tea House” by John LeCarre the movie on New Year’s Day in 1993, a carry over from being in Raleigh area for Rich Durante Brooke Baker nuptials; we also eat, the Rafshoons and I, at Mrs Simpsons, the thing about the English crown and their monkey business. Mr. Rafshoon treated. I owe him.

Running for public office is an interesting excuse to ring (by phone) or ring (doorbells). Which reminds: I need to update my endorsements. Maybe T the potential intern can work on that, confirming previous commitments. Or offering yard signs. You read that right, you spies. It is funny how the backers of the 3 never also have a sign for any of the incumbents.

It is weird but totally off topic that when I start to write “han” for Hans they suggest “Eric Hanson” and “Matt Nathanson.” interesting dinner conversation, that would be.

Does library have “Christ”: A Pattern”?? Is it in print? How well did I read it?

So that’s another 1,000 words, probably up to 3,000 for the day, maybe…wait for it…5.

-30- (and it’s 5:30 exactly, and now I’m channeling the weird artist guy Ray Johnson and his obsession with numbers, drove him cazzie firshir#


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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