Shields 224 (on R.Stern), ‘Damn right I’m no body’ & 10 day schedule

A dayworker and artist in Mountain View, calling him or her self Art Work, recommends via this yellow edifice that Palo Alto and its ARB retain and ratify its 50 foot height limit

A dayworker and artist in Mountain View, calling him or her self Art Work, recommends via this yellow edifice that Palo Alto and its ARB retain and ratify its 50 foot height limit

As I started to write this, waiting for my breakfast burrito, my table overcrowded with books and papers, I knock the plastic case of my reading glasses from the high top to the floor, and bending over I notice that the stool on which I set is metal painted as wood and not wood per se.

“Damn right, I’m no body” I woke to, as my inner monologue emerged from whatever accompanies the REM-stage; I heard Nick next door, left-handed Nick, grew up in Palo Alto and Woodside, baseball pitcher at Stanford and Colgate, my coach covered, moving around something, making himself useful, at 7:15. Chores around our home delayed my launch until about 10 a.m. I timed it at about 6 minutes to drive to Cafe Zoe — “Hi, Kathleen!” — from Downtown North. I went South on Middlefield rather than North because of a back-up, counter-intuitively or experts.
(Oddly, as I revisited this later that evening, having missed the Shields lecture in San Jose, I realized the pun in the headline in that Richard Stern had recently passed away).

Live 105 had a song, in that interstice, that I thought fit. Sublime Badfish the green light say. It’s about identify. I am really channelling Salinger, or Shields and Salerno’s version of. Shields is in San Jo tonight but I have a date with the City Manager, and his assistant, Janice Sherwood or Janice Shields. Svendson. Shields David also has a nooner on Thursday, with Evan Bishovshy ethan nosowsky or someone. Jesus took my money, poured my O.J and explained that a “Chuy” is probably also a Jesus, the way Memo is actually a Guillermo. Fijate. Jesus, is telling another customer that he just had a son about a year ago. Mazel tov. (The machine wants to change it to “Mazel Gov” — government luck?)

Wed Sept 24
wait, back it up, rewind to Tuesday, my unfinished call list: Baer, Young, Garston, Goldberg (some of these were not urgent, I just didn’t want to lose the number if I lose the card), — I just did a rare thing, for a blogger, for Plastic Alto, I edited and changed the punctuation; John Seeley aka John Paige; Booker,


NAOMI THE KLEZMER ACCORDION IS CURATOR FOR A QUILT SHOW, NOW AT CAFE ZOE IN ON MENALTO, FEATURING ART WORK OF DAY WORKERS, OF MOUNTAIN VIEW. (Meanwhile, she also had the out card for my converso with Jesus: his name is Yeshu. Photo TK

Naomi the Klezmer and curator accepts kudos from Shachi she says her Hebrew name, at Cafe Zoe, in Menalto, September 2014 for the day worker quilts

Naomi the Klezmer and curator accepts kudos from Shachi she says her Hebrew name, at Cafe Zoe, in Menalto, September 2014 for the day worker quilts

(Shortly after I bid adieu to “Shachi” the guy from Cal Voter Guide called and we talked for a few minutes and he said he would send me a hard copy of what they do and I said I would call him back when I got it — this would only run me $800, to use their service, for my campaign running for Palo Alto City Council, this is real, you know — and then at the end of the conversation I said “Fuck you” and he laughed. — Payback for him writing me yesterday and calling me a “nobody”, because I wouldn’t use his service. That some weird passive aggressive sales shit. Also the photo I found online and sent to him as a link is another guy with same name, but he thought it was supposed to be me. He is, literally, -30-)

What is the best, most interesting thing going? Stern, Richard Stern via Shields, David Shields has continually asked since being a “tyke”. He does not mind being in the shadow of greats, like Philip Roth.

I admit I am still processing the fact that a guy called me to sell me some sort of service that candidates in elections might buy or use, then got frustrated and wrote me an email calling me a loser and a “nobody”. Is he saying that they target such? For some reason I am channeling Borat: Do you have the yard-sign with the pussy magnet? (And that is not a Burt joke, it’s a Borat, brat). “Damn right I’m somebody” sounds like James Brown.

There were about five other names and numbers on my call list and log.

Today: maybe Rotary with my Dad, in Cupertino. Maybe A’s-Angels nooner; I wrote “Lytton Plaza” for no discernible reason. Maybe follow up or keep trying with Michael McFaul — the Richard Stern folds into that. Maybe Shields tonight in San Jo, especially if San Jo Merc has a preview that is irresitisible; City Manager: there is email from Janice Svenson, close but no cigar even try 3; more architecture: Dartmouth buildings and, um, Shields; I have the book of Book of Mormon Broadway cd to read and then return. Over due. Speaking of latter days. Trevor Noah is a South African comedian recommended by Palo Altan Rob Mori who is a bike enthusiast and also writes apps for droids.

Thurs Sept 25 is a blank page. Get out my sunglasses as Joan Rivers told Ricki Stern, no relation to Richard Stern or I am certain they are different people at least. I just sneezd as I wrote that and a man across, who kinda looks like an Arab said “bless you” a minute ago he was straddling somebody’s large curly haired dog. he knows them? None of my business. I am that Emersonian eyeball seeing all. — which reminds that I am trying to reach David Perez our County Poet Laureate if I have not scared him off, or scarred him, with my bad channeling of the greats. (What do I mean “blank page” if 16 hours ahead I am already salivating for my nooner in San Jose with David Shields — talk about short attention span, only 1,800 words).

Fri 26 Sept LWVPA survey due
Cristina Velazquez at PA Art Center 7 p.m.
Gunn football?
maybe the famous La Para breakfast klatch

Sat 27 Sept
Stanford Washington –I kinda want to go, accept I’m broke. My classmate and friend Chris Strausser all league for the Titans at QB is new Huskie offensive asst coach, with Chris Peterson from Boise State.
I have “Dartmouth in Ashland” a guy can dream can’t he?
Sun 28 Sept

Mon 29 Sept
Daily News 1 p.m. candidates meetings with Mario Dianda Jason Green — I think I saw Brenna or Breena Kerr of the Post not News at Policy and Services meeting yesterday but we’ve never met. I am boycotting the Post and the Weekly even if that seems counter-productive. Jim Newton of the LA Times bit on something I copied him on, if only to question why I had copied him. I think there is a story here, in PA about leadership that might be of statewide interest and not just because Jim was editor of the Campanile. He wrote about Lev, the LA council member (whose name is on Wall of Hollywood Bowl, I have the photo to prove); Michael McFaul, if I ever update my coverage of his excellent address, said that in 1991 there were delegates from LA and other U.S. cities as part of glasnost visiting civic officials in St. Petersburg and that is were he first met Vladimir Putin. I also am toting The Economist “The long game” chess and Putin to skim thru for future bluffing on what little I know about Russian. Damn right I know nothing as Shultzie the comic actor in Hogan’s Heroes with Bob Crane and not the former Princeton football hero with a Tiger tattoo on his high thigh with the Yalie Bush-leaguer might say. McFaul’s mentor is Condi by the way, he says. Nothing wrong with a little McFaul envy or obsession, for a no body. I am tempted to print out the 10 articles that reference him here and drop them off at the Tower.

I also taped a local news segment on Peter Thiel speaking of Tower, Lord of Rings: don’t they know that Palantir was a force for evil, sued by Sauron and Saruman? They seem to be gong more elemental: silver, gold, what nuggotnot.

thielian architecture themed

thielian architecture themed

Beyond merely negating the ego, maybe I can cloak myself in an alter ego, Neal Young Jeezy, or Neil Young Jeezy –he’s so breezy, he’s our saviour, on his best behavior; first it was Tim who channeled NYJ because a rapper joined his folk song set, then later I stepped up and spit a few rhymes on that riff.

Monday the 29 Sept also has an opportunity to have coffee in the morning with Preston Metcalf of Triton museum 8 to 930 in Santa Clara.

Tuesd 30 September
League of Women Voters Forum, 7 to 930 p.m. at Etz Chayim, the former YWCA on 4161 Alma, although the site is also on the Housing Element and the developers are salivating about destroying the temple, forcing the Jews of Ari Cartun branch to dispora-ate and building building building more homes homes homes. Shana tova indeedy.

Wed Oct 1
rent is due. new lease on life, for only 200 bump. My rent has gone, I said this in a public forum, from $2,200 in 2008 to $3,1000 in October, 2014 a 40 percent jump in six years, which I calculate roughly as 6 percent per year or at least twice the CPI consumer price index, for a 1BR. I asked in a forum: Does the assessor re-price this as often? And Greg Schmid later that night, at a different meeting, or in the hall outside such, said in passing that they did gloss that, although I didn’t sit still long enough, nor was it the place — we were in Council Chambers, for a art commission meeting — to get on same page, but I hope to squeeze him in here, Plastic Alto and God’s green spinning mush, soon enough.

the very next day
Thursday Oct 2
PAN Palo Alto Neighborhoods forum at Council chambers hosted by Sid Espinosa our former best mayor — Wesleyan grad, from Salinas or Gilroy, Kennedy School, Clinton speechwriter, clog-dancer, old movie buff, lived at 365 Addison or what-not, head of philanthropy at Microsoft, he who walks the oxymoron with moxie, 6:30 to 9p.m.

and if I make it to Friday Oct 3, it is written and sealed, dayeinu it is enough

up to 81 reviews
and as i type this into the tag bar it starts to list as “reality unger” and I think about a Dartmouth classmate, Rob Hunger, a Canadian and rugby player, I hardly knew beyond that, and that Carol Hegna, Stanford 1981, aka Carol Milton (friend of Milt McColl and Cindy Swenson McColl) sent me a post card from Kenya or East Africa, where they might have safari tourism to see she met Rob there and mentioned me to him. Howzit, Hunger? Howzit, Hegna? I’m also flashing to Richard Freed arm-wrestling with Carol’s sister, younger sister, more of a Wyoming cow-girl than Carol was, Carol who skateboard across White Plaza, I was just telling a young lass the other day, and was nearly a Dolly. But alas I cannot pull, even in an Aquarian fit, the younger Hegna’s first name.

And that’s my hour.

Thank you Terry, my Terry, Terry Acebo Davis, for all your help on my campaign and on wardrobe. Luv ya (and this is a business blog, not personal, please note. I am saying that to make money, in a Walter Mischel Marshmellow-differed kind of way).

Shieldsian addendum watching “Auto-focus” the Bob Crane biopic with my mom and texted Steve Cohen of Ally McBe fame: who plays Newkirk?

Michael e Rodgers as Newkirk to kinnear as hogan right says cohen

Michael e Rodgers as Newkirk to kinnear as hogan right says cohen

Chapter 224: What Does It Mean for Hospitals, Health Plans, Consumers, and Clinicians? (Blue Shield, that is, not David Shields, but close enough for Plastic Alto)

and as I am typing that, while watching the Giants tangle with Clayton Kershaw, 1-1, and typing the gratuitous coda about Blue Shield, a Dignity Health spot comes on with Secret Sister Tomorrow Will be Kinder, which was also used in Hunger Games:

reality hunger games?

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