Extra! Peterson Guilty! Post picks Scharf, Kou, Dubois and them

Caught up with Greg Scharff who was not running away from it all but was taking the air and stretching his legs in and around Paly this morning and he broke me the news that the Post had endorsed, in today’s paper, October 6, four weeks before Election Day November 4, 2014 and 10 weeks in — it’s a short season — he, Dubois, Kuo, A.C. Johnston — essentially a mix of the incumbents, the PASZ pseudo-residential slate and the safe establishment picks. I congratulated him as we continued walking. We congratulated each other than although he still won’t vote for me — and I doubt I will vote for him — that we get along better than we did in 2009. Politics makes strange walking-around-Paly fellows. (His kids went or go to Menlo and Casti by the way. Did I mention somewhere that I went to Gunn?)

I repeated my little joke about how I might vote for the incumbents based on “the devil you know versus the devil dubois”.

vote Scharff now 99.44 percent more pure, pure what?

vote Scharff now 99.44 percent more pure, pure what?

Did I mention that I am boycotting The Post because Price and Pavelich are yellow journalists and consistently mis-represent me? When they owned The Palo Alto Daily News the headlines were consistently “Woman struck by car…in Mountain View”. I would not expect them to endorse me.
Mario Dianda and Jason Green the last journalists standing within 10 miles of Palo Alto City Hall, which is not saying much. It looked like Jason was starting and stopping his tape deck when certain people spoke as opposed to taking down the whole meeting, I'm just sayin'

Mario Dianda and Jason Green the last journalists standing within 10 miles of Palo Alto City Hall, which is not saying much. It looked like Jason was starting and stopping his tape deck when certain people spoke as opposed to taking down the whole meeting, I’m just sayin’

Wiki had this little gem a highlight of Price and Pavelich of the News:

On November 12, 2004, the Daily News beat the competition by putting out an “extra” minutes after a jury in Redwood City convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his wife Laci and their unborn son. Editors put the “Redwood City Daily News” flag at the top of the Extra because the trial was taking place in that city, but it was distributed in all of the communities served by the Daily News, including Palo Alto.
Redwood City Daily News Extra

No disrespect to Scharffie (that I compare him to a murderer?) only that being buds with Dave Price is not anything to be proud of, in my book.

I consistently state that part of our Democracy malaise is not just a failure of leadership per se (elected council, appointed boards and commissioners and paid staff) but that the Fourth Estate is such a shadow of its former self, or a smudge compared to the crisp printing it once was. In Palo Alto, I argue, just as a powerful special interest, the billion-dollar commercial real estate industry for instance, has undermined the process, it has the press in its pockets as well. I also boycott the Weekly for a variety of reasons but starting with the fact, as my theory goes, that they are in league with the devil –metaphorically mephistophically — when they moved from High Street to 450 Cambridge and with Jim Baer’s help took a $5 million (estimated) stake in the continuation of the real estate rout.

are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system-supportive propaganda function by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship, and without overt coercion (from wiki on chomsky “manufacturing consent”)

I mentioned my little sports writer brouhaha with the Weekly: I was hired by Keith Peters to cover Gunn football, then fired, then re-hired under the table, then asked to be reinstated for real. I was promised $50. I thought it meant on a check signed by Bill Johnson and per week until Thanksgiving. Hmmm. Sounds complicated. Who could help us sort this? (I thought of Joe Yuckica, as precedent).

Meanwhile, I am being fairly tough on Jason Green of the Daily News. Mario Dianda, his editor, at least worked at the same Peninsula Times Tribune that I worked at, me for 10 weeks in 1984, he for several years — and he may also be a Stanford and Bishop O’Dowd guy, so he should have a clue, but I have no idea how it feels like to stay 30 years in such a sinking ship. Whoever owns the Daily News (it’s in Menlo by the way, close to Cool Cafe), and we don’t know if they are announcing that the paper is for sale or just its various real estate — it is not Knight Ridder and not even the people that my pueblo pottery buddy and former advertising copywriting professor Al Hayes and his people once were – not the Ohlone. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see the Ohlone buy out Mac Tully or whoever.

The lack of coverage of this lack of a race per se — it’s a horse race — probably means things will get worse before they get better.

But I’m gonna, like the boxing characters in “Carmen Jones” keep swinging away for four more weeks. My coach Hans Delannoy texted me that he saw my yard signs and I wrote back, what he used to say, which I think means a basketball team trailing by 4 to 10 points in the second or third quarter, but some things are clicking: I am in the hunt! (Despite what you read in the Post, the Weekly and the News)

edit to add: I may or may not get seated — I am shooting for 8,888 votes — but may get the pyrrhic victory of a Pulitzer for combined poetry-politics-non-fiction, which would put me more officially in the camp of my former Gunn Oracle colleague Jim Yardley and my former The Dartmouth editor Dan Fagin. Also: Jim Newton of Paly Campanile and The Dartmouth fame is in Menlo Park in two weeks to interview on stage some guy named Panetta. If I were producing this event – -and I’ve produced close to 300 events, including literary events — I would make Jim 100 co-bill, and I told staff at Kepler’s this several times.
insert photo of the add

stick in a gratuitous David Shields just for effect; my PoMoGuRu


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