Slow pitch softball plus a pinch of Carl Hubbell the usual

Having struck out with Palo Alto Weekly, Daily News and Daily Post, I am counting on Stanford's Communcations 4 to tell the true story of the Weiss campaign

Having struck out with Palo Alto Weekly, Daily News and Daily Post, I am counting on Stanford’s Communcations 4 to tell the true story of the Weiss campaign

Mr. Weiss,

My name is Erin Ashby and I am a Stanford student currently enrolled in COMM 104: Reporting, Writing, and Understanding the News. We are currently making candidate profiles for the upcoming Palo Alto City Council election and I have been assigned to you.

You briefly met one of my peers at the Farmers’ Market this weekend on California Ave., Alex Blandino! (as a junior at Stanford, .310, 12 hr, 44 rbi, communications major, from Palo Alto but prepped at Saint Francis)

I was hoping to get the following information from you to put in your bio:

-elected experience
-other professional experience
-reason for running
-length of time of residence in the Palo Alto area 
-family (general)
-any endorsements for the campaign (up to 3)

Hope to hear from you soon.


(we spoke by phone and she told me that she could not meet up in person because she was at a medical appointment — I live on campus so suggested an in-person meeting might facilitate her article)

gosh golly.
be well.
don’t swing at any bad pitches.

mark weiss
1788 Oak Creek Drive #217
Palo Alto,  CA 94034

(650) 305-XXXX call any time

say “wah hoo wah” old school dartmouth lingo for “hurray” or “good luck” to your new coach.

The Unwinding by George Packer who’s mother and father taught at Stanford, background for my campaign (I had mentioned in our phone conversation, as an influence — Nancy Packer has endorsed me as well; we had talked for about 12 minutes on Wednesday, October 15, at 3 p.m.)

endorsed by: Matt Gonzalez, the SF Green former Supervisor; Greg Brown, the muralist; Henry Ford a black football pioneer, if that’s my rainbow coalition of supporters and inspirations. 

I sounded fairly articulate when we spoke I hope some of that ends up in your notes.
Also, I shot a portrait of Alex with his camera for my blog, if you remind him to forward to me. (see above)

I am an arts guy but played basketball and tennis for Gunn and baseball 8 years in youth leagues plus junior high football flag for Terman

A former client of mine Mark “Stew” Stewart produced a Broadway show “Passing Strange” about his life as a black artist but it workshopped on campus. Also Aleta Hayes a Stanford instructor endorses me and sang at some of my events.
lives in town.

I once went to a Grateful Dead concert with Michael McFaul, in 1982 his freshman year on the Farm my senior year at Gunn; he is at Hoover and the former Ambassador to Russia said hello to him for first time in 30 years last month.

also, he did not endorse me but Rich Kelley a Stanford basketball legend and NBA player this morning said I could use his picture for my blog and you hereby have permission (  c earthwise productions 2014) to reprint it or use academically. enclose (he is the 6’11 guy, I am the 5’11 3/4 inches guy, with hat — Erin said later that the picture was not usable so we sat for each other not selfies but simultaneous cellphone portraits or close enough, serially at least. I suggested trying Veronica Weber of the Weekly and ask for one of the outtakes “the one in which I am smiling” as opposed to glaring (10/1014 or staring into space, from 2012)

born 1964 chicago
aquarius, moon in cancer scorpio rising

read my blog: plastic alto (its a jazz reference)
my partner in life is terry acebo davis a former arts commissioner here and visual artist (and works for stanford but please do not say what exact department I had mentioned off the record I hope) (I also brought one of the yard signs Terry made to the meeting we had today)terryNanking
from last Wednesday, 10/15

Hi Mr. Weiss,
Just got back and able to start writing.

Three questions for you:
-Does your girlfriend reside with you? I just need to use the correct conjunction

-What do you mean by Henry Ford a black football pioneer? I want to make sure I correctly identify your endorsers

-Do you happen to have a picture of you with your entire face? Unfortunately that is one of the requirements of the assignment. I can pull one off of your website if that would be easier. Totally up to you.


(did not see that until the next morning, luddite that I am…)

you might have called to let me know this is here.
i have to be in a meeting in 10 minutes.

I live at Oak Creek. Terry Acebo Davis lives Downtown North. We keep separate residences, but in some parlance we “live together”. complicated.

Henry and Rochelle Ford have endorsed my campaign. They are for real husband and wife, probably 60 years. Henry was first back (african american) quarterback at Pittsburgh the University (tony dorsett , Larry Fitzgerald and him are on their poster) and then played briefly in the NFL for Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns before their inter-racial marriage (she is considered…Syrian?) got him blackballed, according to a recent book, on “black football pioneers” and a lecture they jointly gave recently to PAHA.

they live on waverly before kingsley. yellow house with sculptures she makes and sells. his son marc ford played running back for paly while jim harbaugh year younger was QB there.

 i actually did just promise the other day to hire a photog for official campaign snap but otherwise steal my face as we deadheads say.

an hour later, while sitting at the ARB ready to oppose the placing of a giant antenna at Palo Alto Little League fields

A Little Chin Music for The Corporate Behemoth 9/18/14 plastic alto wordpress blog
(not sure why the all caps came in, and was too in a hurry to correct…SORRY)


Hi Mr. Weiss,
I was hoping to gather a little more information from you for you profile. My professor gave me back comments on my first draft.

Unfortunately I have practice and a meeting after it tonight but do you have time for a short phone call again?
(Erin plays on the softball team, if you didn’t glean that from mention of the new coaches, from my alma mater, Dartmouth)


slow pitch softball and i pinch of carl hubbell as always

our header: Re: Fw: Palo Alto City Council Profile CORPORATE CREEP AT BASEBALL LITTLE LEAGUE PARK
(I said in there somewhere that corporate creep is my term for encroachment of a corporate mindset into the public sector or everyday life; see also Kurt Vonnegut “Player Piano” circa 1959)

(meanwhile I had a brief correspondence with Alex Blandino who confirmed that he played four seasons at PALL. Also, somewhere in there I promised to try to get Ms. Ashby job interviews with Cincinatti Bengals and San Diego Chargers, I also name-checked Anne Cribbs Warner the former Olympian and pr wiz. I hope to check out a game next spring, win or lose, and meet the Dartmouth brain trust. Plus Matt Maltz will coach Gunn girls again, maybe Erin Ashby will do a clinic or something for Titan Ladies.

As a lagniappe I was thinking of linking to “You Know Me, Al” by Ring Lardner and “The Glory of Their Times” by Lawrence Ritter, the two best books on baseball, as much for A.B. as E.N.A or my readers..

I had a card like this until the great ransack of 2/1/08

I had a card like this until the great ransack of 2/1/08


About markweiss86

Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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