Gunn falls to Homestead 42-7 yet flyers flawless

Future bright for Gunn football versus Linval I mean Lynbrook which is subtle Bob Marley reference

Future bright for Gunn football versus Linval I mean Lynbrook which is subtle Bob Marley reference

I spent much of the first half of Gunn at Homestead talking to a white ex-pat Jamaican named Linval DePass whose daughter is a “flyer” for the GHS (formerly GSH or HMG) spirit squad (what we called Cheer Leaders).

You think your cool, but you don’t know who rules, as Tracy Turner would say. to the opposition. She was head Gunn cheerleader in 1978. I asked about her at the Gunn 50-50.

I met Professor Kasnik of the Stanfrord GSB and Israel Hebrew University of Jerusalem just as his Guy ran 90 yards tearing by for a score, and Mr. Sweat high-fived Kasnik who passed it on to me as well. We were discussing Dartmouth or Brown. I will write to Buddy and maybe Hanlon as well. I was going to write something longer about David T. McLaughlin visiting Monroe Trout or something the banker and Harvard player and maybe Hanlon should fly out here to recruit both Kasnik but this will have to suffice.

Earlier Kasnik looked to be held on a fourth-and-long from red-zone and his father said “he would not object like that unless there were cause”. There was also a fifty-fifty ball or dead duck pass that he almost came down with, so the TD, probably his first was timely, and at least avoided the shutout.

I mean to write a preview of Gunn-Lynbrook: Gunn Football Great Future which is or was a Bob Marley reference I cannot quite haul in this a.m. pre-coffee.

I will edit to add actually spelling of Kasnik. He estimated more than 500 Israelis in Palo Alto now. How many does Dartmouth have?

Guy Kasnik, who also plays soccer and track, missed a few games at start of season due to an injury sustained ironica enough at Buddy Teevans camp at Dartmouth.

Maybe when Professor Kasnik says “Oh, do you know Buddy?” and I tell my stories from 1988 and I said “His sister Moira was the year behind me, there were four or five Teevans at Dartmouth, football, hockey or track” he actually does know Buddy for being on faculty at Stanford together trumping my old boy routine.

Shinichi Hirano was greeted warmly by the stadium announcer from Homestead who I take it is old school. I was on campus Thursday at Gunn,, caught a minute of volleyball frosh-soph and said hi to Hirano. I was arranging something coming up for Chris Horpel and Jonas Haro of wrestling. I also have a meeting up coming with Tom Jacoubousky: where is Kent Lockhart’s red #25 jersey we donated item 1 and item 2 where is Gunn 1981 CCS runner up plaque or trophy?

We have the power to, we have the power to, prevail.

As Faulkner said: man will not only persevere he will prevail.

Or: you don’t have to finish but you cannot walk away.

Sidney Akselrad playing handball on side of shul in Pittsburgh.

actually dartmouth should take Kasnik, Dietrich Sweat and Nozo Imanaka and if they don’t play football would be great at rugby.

Reminds me of Raoul Israel Socher the Dartmouth rugger and Phi Delt asking Teddy Conway the Isadore Newman School of New Orleans WASP, does the Sphinx take Jews?

They do now, mother fucker. Shavoua tov.

And not one of my seed shall sit on the sidewalk and beg your bread, or so jah seh

edit to add, moments later: so we are talking about Ron Kasznik and Guy Kasznik; in Hebrew I am guessing or educated-guessing from a Beth Am reform Bar Mitzvah 35 years ago perspective that is Kaf, Shin, Nun, Kaf Sofeet. Four letters. He seems to say “cos-nik” like Bill Cosby but I am tempted to think “cash-nik” like somebody who has made bank. With the Shin (as opposed to poor Forrest Bubba Larson and his broken fibula) there is sometimes a little dot above one or the other posts, to be the literally shiboleth and siboleth of “s” versus “sh”. I tink. i link: RK

I also vm’d the man threatening to write both Teevens and Hanlon.

and 1:
I actually had to read this in college, Dartmouth in the 1980s, from 1975 but otherwise now obscure, Roland Barthes S/Z:


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