Stack and pack v. rent control

But concert promoter Mark Weiss dismissed the question as “biased” and said the city would be better off exploring rent control.

“How many houses would we have to build before the prices would become affordable?” Weiss asked. “No one has answered that at all.”

Forty-percent of us rent here. Personally, for my one bedroom at Oak Creek, it has gone from $2,300 in 2008 to $3,100 now, by my count twice the CPI.

I met a man and his daughter, roller-blading at Peers Park, who said “A new park in Ventura is fine, but they just raised my rent $500 and I’m not sure I can stay here”.

But there is virtually no discussion of rent control in the already short season of the Palo Alto City Council campaign; Jason Greens two brief graphs I reprinted above are about the only word on it.

I don’t even know if it will work — people tell me there are flaws and cheats on rent control — but I think it should at least be discussed.

I saw Garson Bakar’s name on the list of backers of a Joe Simitian soiree at Lucie Stern yesterday. I wish I had gone and could pigeon-hole his thoughts on this. Bakar owns Oak Creek and several similar properties; his name is also on the 4th floor of SF MOMA as an arts patron, and landsman.
(and I just revised to click “ethniceities” the Plastic Alto code for Jewish)

I was at Greg Brown’s memorial at Art Center and was late because I was chatting up Mr. Danner, the music teacher. I was two hours later (and $200 short) for Simitian and he was a week early for PAHA. We discussed Hank Thompson v.

edit to add, October 30:
Bobby Thompson.

I spoke on this theme for 3 minutes at ARB on Thursday, October 30. (I am also an applicant, as a non-architect design professional for one of the 3-of-5 seats on ARB set for design professionals; currently there are five architects on the Architectural Review Board; I am claiming that 2 of five would be plenty, and remedial, to all the log-rolling; Randy Popp, my childhood neighbor but not really an al, mentioned me, indirectly, before the gavel drop, apropos of my simultaneous more of less striving for both council and ARB seats; for the record, today, the board is Gooyer, Prichard, Popp and Lew).

I almost spiced up my little talk with reference to Isaiah the Prophet, the Book and a little quote I saw in a 1992 book on printmakers Terry had on her shelf this morning, selected to accompany a print by Ida Applebroog: I will go before thee, And make the crooked places straight 45:2. My mom, maybe as part of the presentation of her dementia, maybe not, said that Rabbi Sydney Akselrad of Beth Am, circa 1977 said of my singing and chanting voice “He sounds like Isaiah!” which is meant to say “loud” or as Michael Franti years later would say “loudy”. (“I like my bass loudy”

ok, permit me this digression, while a nice lady — I am at ARB listening to a presentation about 441 Page Mill, by Norm Schwab and John Northway — North Elevation adjacent to Paint Store discuss.

Every body on a move
soldier of fortune open your cookie
unfold the paper stop lookie lookie
then march to the kitchen
food for the masses
that’s the new mission
salaam shalom
shalom salaam
the one sound louder than a bomb
the whole world sings this song
check it
i like my bass loudy loudy louder

this track is love amplified
this track is love fortified
this track combats genocide
7 inch Jamaican 45

The thing about the rebbe, and I did speak to his daughter Lisa Akselrad, who ran an ad in the local paper about her personal assistance business (not exclusively for elders) about his considerable legacy; I borrowed a book for 24 hours from his successor Janet Marder of Beth Am about Rabbi Sydney; a couple years ago, 2007 or so, while living on Pepper — coincidentally a stones throw from 441 Pepper they are still discussing — Nielson Buchanan Terry’s neighbor the parking guru, lauding Amy French, not a bad singer herself by the way — a tape of my Bar Mitzvah and he said “I named you Moshe (Moses) because I expect you to be a leader”. Even reading two pages was a shot in the arm. And I shot a photo of a page, copyrights be darned. (I didn’t realize he was from Pittsburgh; maybe he knew or knew of Henry Ford the footballer).

Dartmouth also quotes from Isaiah in its motto: Vox clamantis en deserto. And 1: I re-met the charismatic young Christian bluegrass fiddler Isaiah Pekary busking on Uni the other night and offered to manage or advise him: no reply.

Anyhow there goes our 3 minutes.

don’t forget why you came to the dance…
the MOVEMENT is like a phenomenon.

Rent control.

I also said that in the San Jose Metro there is an article by Pam Malone about Mountain View council candidates not discussing rent control. I also borrowed a book from the new Paly Media center a student publication from somewhere with that as a cover story.

Let’s talk. Or dance:


edit to add, two years later, August, 2016: I found a link to Jesse Arreguin’s proclamation that passed in Berkeley on pushing back against Costa-Hawkins. I believe earlier this year I sent same to both Marc Berman and Vicki Veenker running for assembly, hoping they would add a plank in support of renters. I sent a note to Steffen Eelgstrand, staffer for Jesse Arreguin, this post and a bit of who and why I was or am.

I would admit the above starts straight then explodes, like our universe into too many pieces.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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