Jodi is smarter than her meter; or, 8888 w. Jodi w. SEIU

she can go east west she can go north south

she can go east west she can go north south

(In the course of a 12-week campaign leading up to my name on the ballot as candidate, member, Palo Alto City Council, I am slightly more outgoing than usual Weissian self and tend to post to the cloud more freely, this being item #141 since July 14, on policy or a blend of policy and culture, than being lingua franca of Plastic Alto; Bruce Hampton is the narrator of the background track, from Medeski Martin Wood “Uninvisible” of 2002 — “snake anthony…” If I do end up producing a track or more of Jodi Ball her thoughts, voice, music timing and essence, I guess, if seated to council or maybe ARB Architectural Review Board I would at least report to Clerk or City Attorney Molly Stump that I have a client who is also working for We The People. A couple huge ifs there. For reference, City Manager — Jim Keene — runs the city and reports to Council who report to we the people, about 60,000 of us and about 20,000 registered voters. I think there are 1,000 employees, our budget is $150 M which might not include Utilites, here the instant matter, and a good number, like Ball, are union, S.E.I.U, who I tend to support; timing is everything, or as Paracelsus sort of said, there is poison or potion based on dose; if she has nothing else ready to say she can, oddly enough, read this:

I think there is a pun on “meter” somewhere, yet not funky. This is somewhere between punk, “stoner rant” Beat as of 1961 filtered thru Coen Brothers 2013 version of such, ode to Tom Parkinson and his assailant, real MMW and The Groove Grillers; maybe Hampton would lay down a track, sally

Snake Anthony was not a small Japanese woman, nor is or was Jodi, S.E.I.U, “caught working” a drummer and bass player of a punk vintage yet open-minded and broader, so to speak, and in flux, like a river, like the same river once, as Marshall McLuhan had said, and Myra Melford did affirm. Ball, on a roll, working the streets, and avenues, of Our Fair City; she has installed smart and smarter meters up and down our best coast. I tried to rouse Maya from her abode but it was still fairly early, even with the shift, not the red-shift the big one, doppler and all that, —big bang, beat— but spring forward fall back and all that. Vallejo. She said she used to live near Highland School, where Tracy Hartwell famously, or famous enough, put together two compilations, Say It Thru Song, Jodi Ball said she heard or heard of that. Good on Tracy! Anyhow, I was telling her about AFI at the Cub, 1996 — back in 19 and 96, as the man might say — it was AFI — a fire inside, asking for it — Groovie Ghoulies, Vintage 46 local kids with Mohawks from San Mateo and Fury 66 from Santa Cruz. We sold 404 tickets in a 300-cap room, which only works since you can stand about a 100 in the “throw”, but yeah it did get a little rough; a welder named Arbogast fixed all four or three chairs for like $75 total chargeback, he was holed up near the former Moffeit Drive-In, eventually he too sold out. Actually, since I am playing track #3 of MMW as I compose this, in three or four 2:35 loops, it is pretty wild to say that in one July weekend at Cubberley Community Center of Palo Alto, Earthwise Productions had back-to-back-to-back a three-peat if you will: AFI, MMW and Cake, about 1,000 people, probably fewer repeats than you might expect today. I saw AFI recently on late night, Davy Havock pushing 40 himself but still swinging it, in a tough gay guy glam kind of way. Works for me. Caught working the lady says. Cake meanwhile whatever they do or don’t 2:43 actually to be exact, me at 9:42 engine running in my White Cheddar (Chevrolet Cruz 4-dour, 4-cylinder Chevy —- and as I type Chevy he says “we live in a Ched” or shed probably at like 0:53. Day before election, or 34 hours before polls close, although I am predicting it will take until December 3 or later to fill that fifth seat. Maybe it will be me. I am here. Send me. But, after this 10 good ol’ HMG or GHS or GSH or whatever, To Jaco (not Pasturias, speaking of bass players and other not Japanese or even Hapa players). It’s all about timing. Jodi Ball and I meeting in the driveway. Her delivery. I am saying spoken word, funny and deep, backed by bass drums and keys, I have a hunch that she can play them all themselves. I am sensing 8888 that and my day job maybe a new client. I am one of the few in Palo Alto, in 2010 there were exactly 50 of us, who stood up for the public sector unions here, Measure D — my device was “d is demeaning, and e is expensive” — I’d like to stay in touch, we swapped digitals but in an analog sense as well. Maya did not take the bait. They would about the same age, and have a lot in common. Jodi said that Jello said “buy my album” and I said I hope he was kidding. When Jello played the Cub we by honest mistake or rookie erros oversold the house considerably by not counting in one of the advance piles and had a line out the door but luckily since it was a spoken word show and not a band and no gear to take up stage space or freak people out, literally or figuratively, the stage crew guy at Cub said we could, like the orchestra, place 100 folding chairs on stage and we had to run this by Jello or Eric really he was sit in the round. So we set 375 not 300, win-win-win. Anyways, thank you Jodi Ball for your public service meter reader and your sense of timing hope to see you soon. it would be funny and cool if sense thing came of this. And out. (run the photo, link to the MMW track. get the name of the speaker. not Snake Anthony obviously. the working title was: 8888 w. Jodi w. SEIU. Everything in 4’s like Bernie Worrell at B.B. King my then-client John Ellis opened up for. I helped him load out. Heavy. Save for later the dog crap Bhagadav Gita riff.

No relation to Lucille.
Jodi Ball Or Deal?

edit to add: I should explain: I’ve started to say that I feel “8,888” apropos of 11/4/14. Not to be all Joe Namath or some thing. If it’s not eight thousand near nine thousand votes cast than votes plus the number of people I’ve met, and the seeds going forward of the movement and its assets.

This is meant to be read aloud. Or “LOUDY”. Or as Rabbi Janet Marder told me recently: you don’t have to finish your work, but you cannot stop working either. (which I took so literally Sunday morning I was on my haunches –dauber down — scraping dog crap off Town and Country sidewalk, in front of Peet’s as a guy from Redwood City who said he played with or agains Jim Plunket and Jim Chasey later pivoted and yelled at me: WHAT ARE YOU THE DOG SHIT POLICE?

I get it.

Go, Jodi.

so you play this as your read that and maybe if you are like me you imagine Jodi Ball both reading one of her monologues ala Beth Lisick and playing all three parts, the drums, the bass and the keys. Or she reads this, 1,254 words takes about 6 minutes as another plays:

the only other thing, short of links and editing, is the all caps JODI which almosts looks like J O D I versus normal Jodi which is like a reverse ee cummings thingings


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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