Schauer defeats Sndyer

Self-Serving Palo Altans for Sensational Self-service rejoices Tuesday at the big news

Self-Serving Palo Altans for Sensational Self-service rejoices Tuesday at the big news

Mark Schauer is a guy I met on the campaign trail here in Palo Alto, on Santa Rita Street to be precise, so I was excited to punch his name into the search-injun to learn that he got 47 points in Michigan goober race which is a lot better than the incumbent Rick Snyder who got 53 points and was sentenced to four more years hard labor.

Good job, Mark. See you down the road. May the wind me at your back and all that. Reminds that my parents had this weird exercise machine from Battle Creek — Schauer home town — where you just stand there and this belt goes around your love handles and wiggles away unsightly or unfashionable bulges. Somewhere in there is a political metaphor.

I had booked a $600 flight to Detroit from San Jo on Southwest to experience more first-hand-like and less-search-injun like the Mark Schauer Experience but got cold feet. Meanwhile back here in Palo Alto (hometown of Plastic Alto the blog, and other things) Mark Weiss the guy sitting at my keyboard this very minute and stroke, got about 2,000 votes in City Council race, although they are still counting.

“Compared to the five thousand sheep-type voters that some of them got, my backers are more like jaguars that hunt in packs,” Weiss said, or wrote or thinks.

I am predicting it will take three weeks to sort Lydia Kou and Cory Wolbach for fifth seat, next to Holman, Scharff, Dubois and Filseth, know them all.

Mark is not a loser

Mark is not a loser

Gennady Sheyner of the Weekest quoted Tom Dubois saying something about cost per voter his campaign efficiency and a texted Tom a claim that my campaign if it yields 2,000 votes with less than $1,000 spent, to his 6,000 votes but $20,000 spent is probably fivefold more efficient. I win, again, on cost basis. I asked Tom to crunch the numbers more officially, for yucks. (By the way, I asked three candidates early on to back me in a $10K cap but no way).

I saw Gen yesterday and said, that as he reported in 2009, I am the most popular Palo Alto candidate on a cost basis. By far.

Also, I am satisfied with having written 140 articles on policy since pulling papers in mid-July, starting with one called “Shame on local leadership for inaction on Buena Vista”, actually written before pulling, but I had an appointment with clerk.

I went to the campaign after-party and boob-tubing event at 433 Kingsley (former home to PAUSD stalwart Agnes Robinson and before that Gertrude Stein’s brother, and the Matisse collection) but left quickly because it smelled funny, like turtle.

I got John Elman’s endorsement on the way out, better late than never. (I’ve known John and his son Brad, since 1977). I got a big laugh recreating John’s speech to council regarding Maybell: not a great place for seniors, all you can do is get a lube job or check into a motel.

I say: I hope I can earn YOUR vote and or endorsement for 2016.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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