Great future, Gunn football

that’s a bob marley reference (“No Woman, No Cry”) and will addend later with photos and some thoughts; actually I caught Mrs. Sweat, Dietrich’s mom (#42) with a bouquet for Sonny Boy 2, and might have to lead with that; Terry the father — that is not quite right, but close enough — I have chatted up extensively, but I have not actually been introduced to his wife. Wasn’t sure if there was a cultural gap I was encroaching on if I just stuck my hand out and said “Mark Weiss, Gunn 1982, alumni, not a dad, but seen your son represent us well, thank you!” She did note me aiming her general direction, if I didn’t catch the casual her.

No woman no cry probably also translates as “female person I am addressing you don’t have to cry” every thing is going to be alright. But not, not bloody likely loosely transformed, excepting here in Plasty, as
which is actually Marlowe Philip not Marley Bob.

Although I proffered the concept of would Gunn win a game before having to forfeit the season for lack of bodies, I was not, I repeat not advocating any wagering.

I drove Sam home twice of the nine games so far I’ve attended. The second time, Friday, after the home game — compared to I think it was Prospect near San Jose, a longer trip, he recalled that I had given him such a lecture on the very song, and recalled my highlighting as compared to “high-lifing” the lyric about sharing the corn beef porridge or going barefoot.

I am simultaneously, this Sunday – and there is a lyrical thread carried over from previous post, about Sunday a.m. in the Cobain ditty– nursing a cold, watching Niners, screening on mute “The Big Sleep”, taping Niners, writing about all the things I carry intending to read or write about, calling around in aftermath of election and in pre-math of ARB appointments, re-reading my treatise on architecture.

And oddly, or fittingly, if there is not a God there is at least Loki, I pulled my back, lumbar such that I am taking but not over-taking both Tylenol but in generic AND Advil. I was carrying two bags of books, about 50 pounds in one hand and a large but not heavy coffee drink or mocha in the other, then sat on a low couch with bad posture for about an hour or half a Niners game then got up and felt that all-too-familiar-for-fifty-not-49-anymore pain of the back. (Let’s recall we were designed to live in trees and drop dead at 39).

I hope to update this blog with about 6 photos from Friday and finish my list of 99 things that screwed up my back.

I should at least skim if not re-edit the 144 articles on Policy I wrote since July, since declaring my run for Council.

I invited both Beau Brown (Menlo football and basketball, Dartmouth football) and Geoff Parker (Paly soccer and tennis, Dartmouth rugby, both with MBAs, maybe both GSB) to check out Gunn v. Los Altos next Saturday afternoon in Los, to scout the Kasznik for the Big Green. Also Phil Hanlon is coming to town, however that complicates the proposition. It would be fun, just for yucks, to ring Monroe Trout. Maybe a code name or cod name for this project would be Monroe Herring.

Oh, yeah, despite not re-hiring post election Keith Peters did name Noah Riley Gunn quarterback finalist for athlete of the week, but not Guy Kasznik. Both PAW and Mercury had Eli Givens.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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