Help me identify 109 shots of “Happy Dartmouth” video

Kudos to the young filmmakers who parodied the Pharell monster hit “Happy” as a type of ex parte Dartmouth recruiting film. I am actually trying to suss out the film they showed in 2011 at my 25 that featured a diverse group of students talking about THEIR Dartmouth and about six minutes in they all, in a succession of quick cuts add “and I sing”, “and I sing” “and I sing” and it is revealed that the link to them all, beyond their and my Alma Mater is that they are members of various singing and a cappella groups, Aires et al. (I am guessing their are five or six).

How about an all-Israeli a cappella group at Dartmouth? Or one comprised strictly of people who touched pay dirt on the gridiron either there or during their prep years? (Stanford has for instance an All-Indian meaning Hindu a capella group).

We’ve come a long way from this circa 1984 Hums Kappa Sig chestnut, a Sting parody:

There’s a little white spot on my sheets today/
It’s a different spot from yesterday.

To be honest, I was thinking about doing a parody of Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” to deal with my not being seated either to Palo Alto City Council or ARB, and all the grief I took, the flak. (Haters gonna hate hate hate but I will shake it off, etc.)

Maybe I can hire these guys to do it. (Also: Ed Lee “Too Legit” especially the Marissa Mayer booty-shake, not bad; she, of all people, does not have to work that hard).

caveat or disclaimer: I have not actually seen the actual video but know the song; actually Terry, my Terry, Terry Acebo Davis the artist and arts commissioner emeritus, and I first “got” the song driving home from LA-LA near her July 9 birthday fest and adventure.

I got the Orozco Murals part. That’s 1.
And there are less than 109, surely.
But for yucks, and without going to the directors themselves, I’d like to identify 50 or so scenes. Some of them are new since 1986 or I cannot get.

X-Delta by Mark Disuvero. North-east corner of Green, near English department library.

(Experts of course, would name the kids. I would say this guy is in league to be next — what’s the Broadway guy from my class, David Foster?)
Gordie Quist
Austin Keith Willacy
Michael O from Sing Off

edot to off: ok, I am both way ahead of this and hopelessly and cluelessly lagging, but the Dartmouth Happy video is indeed a shot by shot derivative of the video per se and not an interpretation of the song, but in today’s age that might be just as valid. Personally and again I knew (and managed) Stew before “Passing Strange” and booked Pat Monahan of Train at 50,000 not 50 million units sold, so I am picky, I would cover the song not just lip-synch and would loosely reference the variety of people places and situations but not ape it, so to speak. Not sure who are the collary of the Magic Johnson and Steve Carrell cameos. Or what else did I miss? If it was an official video I guess we could get Jay Fiedler or Brad Ausmus and Mindy Kaling? Hey, Mindy should do her own version and be Pharell, not that she needs me for ideas. And yeah I am the only person who saw Nathan Ford throw a pick off attempt into center field and saw Matt and Ben off Broadway.

But this is great. Top Marks. Samsom Occum drinks to you,lads!

Like any honest fellow, I like my whiskey clear….

who knows ten? I know ten: shot ten is the new library the narrator guy is doing a Pharell move while walking thru the library, the LEDs spell out “earth science”, at :42.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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