Beth Custer, my grandmother, Dina, Jess & David take New York

Dina and Jessica my distant Jewish cousins, although neither of them knew my actual grandmother, who actually was from Georgia or within a couple thousands miles, "the pale"

Dina and Jessica my distant Jewish cousins, although neither of them knew my actual grandmother, who actually was from Georgia or within a couple thousands miles, “the pale”

Beth and I had breakfast Just For You yesterday and I bid her bon voyage as “My Grandmother” plays New York Saturday, part of a Georgian film festival with parts at Berkeley PFA and New York Museum of Modern Art.

David James the exquisite guitarist and all around nice guy sent this picture of two of the ensemble — there are 8 me thinks — the string section Dina McAbee (also known as half of Ramon & Jessica confusingly enough, and she is Ramon) and Jessica Ivry, cello.

The film is about bureaucracy in 1930s early Soviet-mess. It was banned by the powers that were, which sort of affirms our view on it post-glasnost. (I am very tempted to drop a DVD of this project — Beth wrote the original score for she and her colleagues — at Hoover, attention of my favorite son-of-musician diplomat professor scholar, and I happen to be only ten minutes away).

My Plasty brain flashed not to 1930 which was before my time, and not to Ronald Reagan’s re-election lobster dinner parties at Dartmouth which made me nausea even second-hand at Dartmouth in The Eighties but to 2008 and the Earthwise 15 party at BOTH in that Jessica Ivry although she did not appear I recall Lisa Fay Beatty saying they jammed together in El Fay.

Sadly I could not give Beth any ideas about what to see in New York not having been there since about 2005, with Walrath. Philly, maybe, Le Bec Fin for a splurge, the new Museum, Last Drop. New York, nyet.

We also caught up with JFY founder Arianne from Lafayette, LA and I reminded her of putting her on not cello just cell with a member of Magnolia Sisters, which earned me a yet-to-be-redeemed Free Beignets card. I’d like to hook her up in the 650.

I tried to book Eric Walzcak to cover My Grandmother for Plastic Alto. I could try my ops at Anthology Film Archive.

(Meanwhile I hope to escort Curtis McMurtry to see Stanford, and his hit Friday at Cafe Zoe, Earthwise@20 with RachelGarlin. I chatted up Joe Ed Dick of “Lubbock or Leave It” at KFJC, Sarah Bellum of “That’s Not Bluegrass” KZSU — who reminded me that Rachel Garlin was our in-studio guest once for “Fits the Format” the Jewish-themed show within a show of her “Jewish Music Alternative” at KZSU and Mike of KZSU who was nice enough to announce our little soiree twice and suggest my booking via old family friend Richard Foos of Shout! Factory Sussanah Hoffs and Matthew Sweet and turn Earthwise@20 into a campaign not just 50 hours from now for about two hours, duly noted. )

and1: just heard in real time in between drafts of this Rachel A. Sale a photographer from D.C. area who has traveled thru Peru shooting indigenous Nampas people (check that!) the Jaguar people and is raising money to promote that, I would like to help. Rachel and I met in 2006 or so at Beth Custer’s house when Beth was raising money to travel with Dina and maybe Jessica to Russia to show this film, and I bought a collage on credit from Matt Gonzalez and Rachel was there with Tom Erikson although this should be and3.

You don't know San Francisco if you don't know the work of Arienne Landry and or Beth Custer

You don’t know San Francisco if you don’t know the work of Arienne Landry and or Beth Custer


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