Dr. Frank meet Dr. Frank



I traded notes last week with Dr. Frank the author and punk folk singer, Frank Portman of San Bruno Carlmont 650 area who many people think of as Mr. T. Experience on Lookout and also he played the Earthwise 5-year show at Cubberley in 1999.

But I was also toting a 1970 Esquire Magazine because it has Lt. Bill Calley on cover, the man who went nutzo in Vietnam and murdered a bunch of innocents. Who knew he was named “Rusty” of all things?

Flipping thru that book there was a Pat Kramer story about another Dr. Frank, the phrase popped out at me: Frank Ryan, the former NFL quarterback who played for the Cleveland Browns and the Washington Washingtons, and also earned a PhD in math. I mentioned to Portman that I might write something as if I was confusing the two “Dr. Franks”. Portman was a grad student in English when he started his career; his father helped build the famous Gilman Street or 924 Gilman, that launched among others Green Day. Nine-two-four I immediately note factors nicely to, um 3 times 308, or 2 x 3 x 154, or um 2 x2 x3 x 77. which is actually a really good football number, picture Deacon Jones I think chasing poor Dr. Frank.

I rang Steve Cohen I mean Eric Cohen speaking of twinned primes or primed twins as it were. And he did not know off the top of his head about Opperman’s conjecture regarding primes, from 1882, which is what Dr. Frank in Grafton Vermont is still pecking away at. At which he is still pecking, rather. An article says he has a box of books he is thinking of donating to either Dartmouth, 30 minutes away, or Yale he was their athletic director. Ryan played for Rice but got his doctoral at UCLA after being drafted initially by the Rams.

I want to ring that dude. It’s a red herring but I did ring the son of former Dartmouth boxing great and Hollywood stud Robert Ryan. The son is a prof up in Oregon.

Steve and Eric’s dad, Paul J. Cohen worked briefly on the Reimann, towards the end of his run. He became an immortal back in 1963 while living on Princeton Street in Palo Alto, at Stanford or nearby on the continuum hypothesis. He had to write to Godel to know whether he was on to something. Paul J. Cohen a couple years ago was honored at halftime of a football game, Stanford V. USC i think it was, Steve and Eric followed them on to field with camera for a documentary about the solving of the problem, or about problems of fatherhood per se and I actually from the top deck shot some useless footage. Isn’t that more typical, life as useless footage? Not to be droll.

Frank from the 650 meanwhile was puttering along with his songs until a NY based lit agent said “dude, I mean, doc, you know, like your songs song like teen lit?”

Frank said, in turning down a chance to perform for Earthwise@20: you don’t realize how hard it is to write these #@&^ books!

Joan Ryan I used to read, I think in the Globe but would have no reason to connect her to a QB. Makes me want to run to my brother’s house, my parents old house, where I lived about half my life, about 25 years — the one near the Stegners if you are a frequency of finding yourself on an integer so to speak, Plastic Alto out of the near infinite or very very large amount of data on the internet — and look for box of Topps Footballs. Do I have a Frank Ryan? I think I recently procured for about $5 a Jack Christianson. I also wonder if I have a New England or Boston Patriots Brian “B.D.” Dowling, he of Doonesbury fame. doonesburyfootball2027817I also, dorklike or King Dork that I am, borrowed “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 speaking of primes” but did not realize that is was Blue Ray and I am green light.

Go, Dartmouth and Buddy Teevens right this minute against somebody we win and Harvard loses and we are co-champs.

Here I am send me which is a Hebrew prayer but I use it for football. See above.

(There’s also apparently another Dr. Frank Ryan who just made his last touchdown while tweeting about his dog, presumably not a bulldog, a plastic surgeon but not a White Grafton acrylic I would not think. And this is weird digression but: here on Shabbat please bless my friend the Dartmouth Rhodes fellow Dr. Joanna Morris of Hampshire College and her wee babes).

Frank, if you read this and say “Fun!” is that real, sarc1 or sarc2?

Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Hold that ball and run away from big bad #77, let alone 2 x 3 of them, and either complete your pass, throw it away or step out of bounds.

I think it is taught and or instinct of sorts and not something a computer will help with, with due respect, sirs.

Also, Go Go Go Gunn Get Em Get Em Get Em Gunn X TWO for Gunn water polo CCS championships versus St. Francis today I will live to see lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Ursula finally has tits.

this isn’t about you any more

edit to adit the next dayit: not sure who pat kramer is but roger kahn who wrote the article I was reacting with also wrote something earlier for Saturday Evening Post called “C-(Frank Ryan)/2”. It is anthologized somewhere else that search-injuns pick up and starts something like: “The two worlds of Frank Ryan meet in infinity” and he says Kahn that he does not remember what the equation as title is supposed to mean. Very Borges Y Yo, sez me.

edit to add, a few weeks alter: not only does he not have tie to play the Earthwise@20 or e@rthXXise but also has a new book to finish finishing and a show this sunday the 9th up in Oakland 1 2 3 4 Go Records 420 40th street or something easy to remember even when stoned and frank doesn’t 1,500 words approximating your story merit mention? King Dork Approximately


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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