Betty Soo new sounds and buzz out of Austin

My friend and colleague Laura Thomas of ComboPlate booking in Austin, Texas sends glad tidings about Betty Soo new cd.

Stay tuned.


edit to add, two months later, although I still have not had the chance to hear this, or Jan. 25, 2015 or three days before my birthday i.e. my “birthday week” and I’ll cry if I want to, cry out vox clamantis en caffeine-frenzy: I thought of you, BettySoo because later today I am interviewing in front of an audience jazz musician Seward McCain — and Akira Tana, and Rebecca Coupe Franks — and flashed to your joke about your brother being a boy named Sue in the proverbial Johnny Cash Shel Silverstein sense and I am wondering if I can get away with calling him “Sew”or asking if he had thought of arranging for jazz “ABNS”, but I also hedged my bet by texting Akira “Do you think he will mind if I dub him ‘Love Sew-preme’??” — it’s a Coltrane reference. Also, I see that you are playing this week at Gruene with Michael Fracasso and Curtis McMurtry two other Combo Plate acts I have promoted here, and it reminds me I am derelict in never having do the same with or for you. You might recall meeting me at Flipnotics and or that I bought two copies of your benefit cd in honor of my doctor friends in the Midwest.

Here’s another pic, which could be the cover of a Brian Wilson Beach Boys cover album:

unless I am missing the facts that this is very cathartic music

unless I am missing the facts that this is very cathartic music

and this link is to a recent, SXSW 2014 — to my most recent SXSW2009 — showcase, “Still Small Voice” albeit slightly upstaged by her slide guitar player, name of ______ (check back to fill that blank)

and1, and this is probably a non-sequiter but I do know another Korean-American performing artist that this does apply to plus I briefly managed the blues singer Lara Price who was adopted from Vietnam and returned eventually to find her roots, The New York Times Magazine, cover story on this topic. Maybe BettySoo not that she needs A&R ideas from me can do a song suite derivative of this study or topic or work, or maybe, since I admit I have not heard her new cd, she already has. Link. By Maggie Jones


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