Cyber-attack on Jon Wurster, Hey-ahh!!!

A couple days ago a younger person asked me if I had heard of Har Mar Superstar. Of course: kind of writes songs, kind of on a label , had a cameo in a movie, a dance-off. (I had to search-injun to fill in the actual detes, frinstance “starsky and hutch”, kill rock stars).

Well, in all seriousness, Jon Wurster may be a better dancer than Har Mar. There was something at the end of one of the earlier Superchunk videos, an all dance at lib moment, and I recall saying, and this is before I knew he was funny “Jon’s a a pretty good dancer.”

Obviosly, if he is the drummer he is reasonably fit and has some rhythm. Natch.

It reminds, in the typical Plastic Alto Shaggy Dog style, that there was a band in Sf in the indie heyday called Pee, lead by Kelley Green, kind of a hottie, not quite pure Colma Deena, and they were managed by Kevin Arnold, who went on to co-found, with Jordan Kurland, back when Jordan had dreadlocks, Noise Pop. Anyways, Kelly was interviewed, maybe by Bill Crandall in Big Whoop! — damn, I’m good! — and she said that when auditioning drummers she looked for the guy who looks like he is boning, you know, having sex. (Some people call it the “O-face”, fyi, N.B. omg). Well, she chose, Andy or Andee Conner of A Minor Forest, a real banger.

Anyways, Jon kinda looks like that.

I think I slept in Jon’s bed once. He was on the road. Maybe Lane did not clear this with Jon. There was also a guy named Ed from Firehose or something whose day job was selling soccer gear by mail. They sent me a Christmas card with just their faces, and their pets: Greetings from the Cats from Cavender. Out on ol’86. Jon had next to his bed a poster from France with caricatures of the four Superchunks as seen by the French: he, Mac, Laura and Jon Wilbur, a school teacher from Connecticutt who joined the band after Jack McCook killed Kurt Cobain and ran away to be Richard Kimball’s roadie, in the off-Broadway traveling version of “The Fugitive” music by Judah Bauer.

Is this is good place to strip in that I want to hear a band Called Hairy Who because John Corbett in Chicago made a doc about them? It played the Roxie on 16th and Valencia last month but I just heard about it yesterday, saw the flyer or old catalog actually.

I will probably have to redact the really bad taste joke about McCook, but it is true that Cobain was listening to Superchunk when he offed himself, firing two shotgun blasts into his head and then Courtney Love the harpie did call around Chapel Hill trying to find McCook, who actually does look like Cobain if you squint a bit.

Jon Wurster has a new project, The Jon Wurster Grey Explosion. It’s also known as Drumb and Drumber with Jon Wurster. I thought of both of those in the shower, this very a.m. Terry asked me to drive her to work on the account of the showers, real showers, she normally rides her bike. I was up a few minutes earlier than usual so I look tired. And oddly, she said I was talking in my sleep. I know I was dreaming, but I didn’t know that I was perturbed. I’m usually the last to know. I know I wanted to say or do something about the PAPD who was caught sexting pictures of a sexy or at least laughably trashy suspect – he searched her phone. I think we should fire him and our police auditor. So it took me 3 tries to get this selfie:

This is me, Mark Weiss, of Plastic Alto and Earthwise@20 fame, a wee bit too early this a.m.

This is me, Mark Weiss, of Plastic Alto and Earthwise@20 fame, a wee bit too early this a.m.

Here is the “Dancing Rick” video, which at the time made me think of Jon Wurster, of Starsky and Wuster fame.

I may also strip in is it Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite? who dances well and someone always makes me think of Jon Wurster. There is something I am not quite recalling or matching the feeling at the time, the cluelessness to my actual state of wisdom: when I heard about Superchunk, first from McCook, who I met thanks to or trying to help Jim Yardley, and then I caught a glimpse of them surprisingly on MTV — I don’t really watch MTV — and then The New York Times had an article — maybe by Neil Strauss, before he became the Makeout King — about indie rock and i somehow found a number for Bob Lawton and Jim Romeo in New York, the original Twin Towers Touring – and this was before I got the idea of putting on shows, but was merely a frustrated advertising writer who thought he needed to stay current, and could ring whoever and bug them – I called the agency and Jon Wurster happened to be there, only I didn’t understand that at first, and in fact I thought I was talking to a girl. I mean yeah, sometimes I talk high in my register, especially if I am tapping some kind of Yiddish Vaudeville “recessive gene” — did Jim Harbaugh actually say he has a recessive gene for worry? — but and now I cannot recall if I asked Lane about this or not. I used to underestimate Jon Wurster to say the least. I mean really, I like Jon Wurster. I want him to play a solo show here, part of Earthwise@20, just he and his kit, no jokes even. I did something like this for Leon Parker; maybe Jon Wurster can study that tape for ideas. So here is a second selfie, not to be self-absorbed but in humility because I look stupid; it took me six takes to get the one I put above, the keeper. The shirt says “fear the tree” about Stanford basketball although paid for by a bank. It also says “art” if you cover up the first two and the last six characters.

I need a shave. I need more sleep. And just now literally 90 minutes later, I untuck the shirts.

I need a shave. I need more sleep. And just now literally 90 minutes later, I untuck the shirts.

Maybe I can have Jon Wurster Drum Machine or whatever –I’m sure he can find a better name, now that I’ve got him started — “whats so funny about that?” is a lyric from the ‘chunk cd I did find last night in my messy apartment / man cave /office, from “hyper enough” headline a show and get Bob Mould to open, maybe unbilled, both for scale both for MFN and then, as part of the rider it says that Earthwise will pay for mani-pedis. For all three of us. Such is the stuff of dreams.



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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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