Original G, or Lah med yah weh

(Note: I wrote this exactly one month ago but re-reading it, it eludes even me. The basic story is that a barista at Peet’s in South Palo Alto who did not look particularly interested in Torah had four Hebrew characters tattooed on her arm and when I asked her about it she said it meant “Belonging to God” but when I checked her story, after the caffeine hit, against my cosmology or what I could find online I felt compelled to comment. Maybe I felt bad about invading her privacy or pissing on her view so I redacted the actual story and left this cryptic meandering. I had also a whiles back, before Plasty certainly, read about a guy trying to sue his tattooista because he asked for a certain phrase translated into Chinese characters and someone else told him it said a very weak paraphrase of such. Lamed {Adonai} might be “to God” the way “L-chaim” means “to life” but I am questioning why you would sound it out as “lamed yud yud” or “lamed yah weh” — and then the spell check or higher power suggest “yah web” for “yah weh” but that would make me like cutting edge or a prophet. Anyways, happy new year and infinity to the barista. There’s also a back story about the name Yahweh and Jehovah and the fact that my Hebrew school teacher said we do not say “G-d” and I think or always have that the “yud yud” is like making air quotes or the ” ” practice. And I apologize for fist time readers for the shaggy God style of all this; that’s so Popul Vuh)
Lah Med Yah Way means belonging to G
Or “Yud” “hey” “vav” “hey”

Gunn hoops toniteIMG_20141204_104445283
2.bad plus at yoshis
Ok, I could conceivably pump myself so much up with coffee from Peet’s and five other places (!) such that driving to Oakland in time for the last of 4 sets by TBP would almost work. That would mean leaving Gunn hoops strictly at 9, after 7:30 start, even with score tied. Call back Box Office at (510) 238-9200 to make sure 500 people, plus my 35 WordPress followers, are not way ahead of me. I could sit in the lounge, eat sushi and watch on closed circuits. And then harass my dear old DTM friend EI disposes.

Not sure if I will go to hoops like I did for gridiron, but I will make it a point to learn the name of this #20

Not sure if I will go to hoops like I did for gridiron, but I will make it a point to learn the name of this #20

3.BSR comped me Jason Marsalis and i know he is at SF jazz
and Andrew Gilbert did have something in today’s daily but I will probably hold off on my normal Thursday practice of picking up both papers, and merely skim and and cp-this:
“Musicians today are not going to be comfortable with trad, but these guys had a certain respect for that style,” he says. “When I would call a trad tune like ‘Hindustan,'” a piece first recorded in 1918, “they enjoyed playing it. They don’t look down on it as an old style that doesn’t pertain to them.”

gilbert's article fails to state that Jason Marsalis played drums in the John Ellis band, I managed

gilbert’s article fails to state that Jason Marsalis played drums in the John Ellis band, I managed

4. but saving energy for Rachel Garlin at Z Space Saturday
Kris Kristofferson sings a song on John Mellancamp Stephen King “so many days” Ghost something, which is playing two shows only Friday and Saturday SHN in SF but I will miss; I did just walk past Kris Kristofferson’s grandson (and g-daughter, and d-in-law) five minutes ago
at Mitchell Library,6 which is having a fete Saturday 11 to 4 and we hope to see bruce beasley there
Terry and I met at Bruce Beasley studio winter 2009; I met Bruce in 2007 or 2008 on Cali Ave, with Paula Kirkeby; I perhaps foolishly suggested that Dartmouth alumni might subsidize a Beasley here and that Leon Black has a billion dollar art collection, which charmed Bruce enough to send me his catalog, which catalyzed, one could argue, my seven, yes seven (7) or (7!) campaigns for council or commissioner, and indirectly more than 300 articles on police
(and another 50 or more on sculpture or public art per se) here at Plasty

There is a draft of something in my head only “Building a better Dart-mousetrap” about the old saw about catching mice and about Dartmouth trying to hard to be like Stanford or MIT.
Last night’s Dartmouth shindig, at The Palace, was the first time, in 30 years where the song the Alma Mater was canned and not performed by we Green. I suggest: going back to the old lyrics, the original lyrics, by Richard Hovey, but adding a fourth or fifth verse about co-education. Fifteen years into co-education at least women saw no real problem that “Men” in “Men of Dartmouth” was defined as either or. Heck, add a sixth or seventh verse about LGBTQ of Dartmouth, more the merrier; but let MIT be MIT and hours safely away.
Ben Riley SF lawyer, Dartmouth ’79 and singer-songwriter is he the same Dartmouth singer-songwriter, writing about miners or workers and or West Virginia that I DAM-well read about and shouted out to, already, at Plasty, and then met last night? I am guessing: yes. But will edita
9 Brazilian teacher and musica I met just then:
http://faculty.ithaca.edu/jvgrossmann/ brazilian classical jorge
in a in a in a zajman paves zajdman paves, plus 10
Tjhere is also a back0forth with a guy cooper who wrote about Paul J. Cohen I could paste in here. Where was I? Where is my mind?
(and not sure how I jumped from 10 to 13, no 11 or 12?
Meanwhile if I haven’t or have or something in between talked about Steve and Eric Cohen as Hunter S. Thompson Twins; Leah Garchik of the SF Chron Brand Chron says “Sounds like a great act (but I won’t write about it)”.

(actually Andrew Gilbert wrote about Bad Plus in May of this year, here ok I think I found a 12 or 11 in that Laurie Albert the architect and Paula’s former assistant said that I missed something in the Times about Anderson at Stanford, this, and then I’m done, outa here and on my way to the gym, to watch, not play although I did walk thru and not work out at Palo Alto Ross Road YMCA today and made an appointment for a consult with Juana Navarro, whose been there 17 years)

Phil Hellmuth is not my fan, our relationship is imbalanced; he agrees that poker logic would help Palo Alto policy miasma (for instance, say “check” or “pass” rather than parroting back what the other three, four, or five others just said), but probably did not vote for me, he admitted privately. We coo. Congrats on Pittsburgh. (which reminds me of my friend who sent his daughter to Carnegie Mellon and I asked “did you see the Warhol museum” and he said yes he had seen the Museum of Military History”. I should fold.
15. He’s not actually “lin-sane” but he may be a pathological liar”
Jeremy Lin Played Here sign controversy: just left a voice mail to powers-that be: If Jeremy Lin comes here and at a press conference explains how he got from Gunn to Paly and atones for it, or acknowledges it, that might work, or if he does something like that and gives, say, $100,000 to the Mitchell Center, that might work, but as it stands he is still divisive and controversial, especially in South Palo Alto. In the wake of the Grand Jury report which says we are corrupt, and our mumbled barely audible response, I don’t think we should tolerate little lies and half-truths. Little kids, especially little Asian kids who want to grow up to be just like Line should be fore-warned. A little like Lin is fine enough; and we already are.

If you’re friends of G, your friends if or of me.

edit to add, or 17:
Is she confusing this with Lamed Vav which is 36 or perhaps from Genesis about Sodom:
Gotta dig a wee bit deeper:
meanwhile, picked up or pulled a further list:

18.notes on one chapter of Ann Hagedorn’s “Invisible Soldiers” which I also discussed with Ms. Hastings, Lori of Palo Alto libraries:
condottieiri, Martin Van Creveld, PMSC, Swiss Initiative / Montreaux Document, Pentagon FMS Foreign Military Sales, Allison Stanger, War on Want, Campaign Against Artrade ? slash Amnesty International, “self”-“regulate” emphasis on self; Spicer, Aegis.

Three Colors White Krzysztof Kieslowski dvd 1993

Yiyun Li Kinder Than Solitude (I read as “kindred” and then I flashed to a guy next to me this morning at Peets reading Drier Hands Book or Driving Handbook and I also had something above about Kasznik and paydirt split as pay dirt), 2014 her fourth

Spade and Archer by Joe Gore mainly for the list of other titles: (1993 — ok, that’s actually in front of Menaced Assassin, 1994, which I read as geography like Merced, I will still say “men ah said” three syllables just for effect, novels 7, DKA file novels 4, collection 1, anthologies 2, non-fiction Marine Salvage, screenplays 9, teleplays 3, 13 episodic tv including Kojack, actually I grabbed Spade And Archer I already own for the new reading of the prologue aphorism, attributed to Fitzgerald: The victor belongs to the spoils. That should be a header.

The Hemingses of Montecello: An American Family by Annette Gordon -Reed,teaches law at NYU and history at Rutgers. From Dartmouth, formerly or is a trustee, to our credit. 2008

Village: A History of Greenwich John Strausbaugh 2013 Dave Von Ronk, six cites

The Gateway Arch, Tracy Campbell because of my Cody Sanderson shout above and my unfinished Stanford BSU w. Ferguson, 2013

Britannica American Indians of California, The Great Basin and The Southwest, 2012 130 p.p no mention of Curtis or Nampeyo

Now back to number all of above; if it reaches 36 I will be chauked

Sopranos riff:
only 15 seconds why not

not to be confused nor played simultaneously with from Dreamworks Egypt film, “Ashiri L’Adonai” which to me is a closer translation to what she was trying to say, in ink, on her arm:


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