Dick Allen for HOF

unless my wires are crossed today, this is the same photo I used for the poster

unless my wires are crossed today, this is the same photo I used for the poster

William C. Rhoden in the Times Sunday “Weighing the Complexity of a Hall Candidate, and His Times” states that Dick Allen was the first black to play for AAA Little Rock, and Orval Faubus threw out the first pitch? And he went on to be the 1972 AL MVP nine years later, despite the spiritual beaning he had to endure?

That alone gets my vote.

(Also, in 1999, I used a photo Richie Allen or Dick Allen from his White Sox days, from I think a 1974 Sport Magazine calendar I had saved 25 years, for a show involving Pansy Division, the Peechees, The Electrocutes (aka The Donnas) and J Church -although Kemura from Japan filled for the ailing Lance Hahn and company, although Lance hung side stage nonetheless; actually his illness might not have presented yet, but merely personel problems–yes, there was some kind of sublet joke between the all-gay headliners and the phallic nature of the baseball player and photo, he of the big stick and all that).

If this poster is not posted above I will swede it in later today. Please vote for Dick.

and1: this has nothing to do with a private joke between Ken Dauber, who is being sworn in as PAUSD trustee Tuesday his wife and I and a reference to Mel Brooks. Don’t let your dauber down, ken. And its not often that someones wife says I was thinking exactly what you were thinking. Another version: Ken’s not hens’.

The Golden Era Committee of the National Baseball Hall of Fame rejected all 10 candidates on its ballot Monday, denying election to former players like Dick Allen, Tony Oliva and Gil Hodges.

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Dick Allen of the Phillies in 1964, when he hit .318 and was the N.L. rookie of the year. He is one of 10 finalists on the Hall of Fame’s Golden Era ballot.Sports of The Times: Weighing the Complexity of a Hall Candidate, and His TimesDEC. 6, 2014
The Mets are looking to deal at least one of their three veteran starters, possibly Bartolo Colon, who is owed $11 million next year and will turn 42 in May.Alderson Makes It Clear: Mets Won’t Spend a Bundle This WinterDEC. 8, 2014
The Phillies have an overpaid, aging roster, but trading their ace left-hander, Cole Hamels, could help speed the team’s rebuilding.On Baseball: Athletics Are Dealing; Phillies Wish They WereDEC. 8, 2014
Baseball’s winter meetings have become a magnet for crowds like the throng that surrounded the agent Scott Boras, right, last year in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.Baseball’s Annual Winter Meetings Have It All, Except QuietudeDEC. 7, 2014
Allen and Oliva received 11 of the 12 votes necessary for election from the 16-member panel. Jim Kaat drew 10 votes, Maury Wills 9 and Minnie Minoso 8. (I generally chat with Gerardo the Cuban barber at Cardinal Hotel and in fact want to offer to swap him a duplicate Minnie Minoso for a haircut valued at $23, but did not the day I met Jordan Williamson).


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