Annette Gordon-Reed a good read

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings as depicted in 1804, "A Philosophic Cock"

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings as depicted in 1804, “A Philosophic Cock”

I believe I was first hipped to Annette Gordon-Reed via the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. “The Hemingese of Monticello: An American Family” came out in 2008, but I just got my paws on it last week, from the new Mitchell Center library in Palo Alto.

I also coincidentally or providentially met yesterday Constance Dixon-Sorogane who hails from the Richmond, VA-area and is a recent hired at PAUSD in special education but I believe her when she says she is musical.

I have two friends, Dartmouth classmates, from or in Richmond: John Samuel “Jack’ Martin, an attorney and Jack Bocock, a former Navy Seal and maybe OSS and maybe a Homeland-type spy — he actually looks or looked like the redhead in the TV show and played lacrosse at Dartmouth and was in the Sphinx secret society; Martin meanwhile was the only one in a four-man suite at Phi Delt who was not in the secret society and let out a type of respectful cock-a-doodle-doo about the elitism. I had, and this is really a typical Plastic Alto shaggy dog, leather-sack thingy, written about 5,000 words about Senior Societies and I recall getting an interview with Mr. Kimball of Buildings and Grounds who was faculty advisor to the Sphinx — and I think he must be a relation of Rick Kimball Dartmouth 1978 and a Trustee I met for the first time last week at The Palace, and he says his office, it turns out, TCV, is less than 100 yards from where I sit, at Coupa Cafe on Ramona.

So far I’ve only flipped open at random, shot this 1804 cartoon and pasted it above. What I am dreaming about is putting Annette Gordon-Reed, who teaches law at NYU and history at Rutgers and is also a Dartmouth Trustee, I think, in the same room as guitarist Jeff Parker of Tortoise fame, I’ve met thru Scott Amendola (who I saw Saturday at Z Space with Rachel Garlin, Julie Wolf and is in Portland tonight with Charlie Hunter — Plastic Alto is after all or foremost a jazz story) and I am wondering about an oratorio set to through-composed music. And maybe Ms. Dixon-Sorogane and or PAUSD students could help develop this?

Stuff of dreams.

and1: wow, luck or providence, Jeff Parker is actually in Oakland and San Jose this week,as a sideman. Will have to hit him on this account.
now his bio says he is from Bridgeport, CT born but I swear he said he was growed in VA.
He is with Andrew Bird tomorrow at Largo Something almost worth jumping to check.


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