Nina on Bob or Cultural Red Dog

BLUF, and I got this from Michael McFaul my long-ago Deadhead buddy although he is not in McNally but George McGovern is, BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT, as I was packing up to zip off to the movies — either “Gone Girl” for the Reese, or “Dumb and Dumbererer Too” for the HBO “The News Room” comparison — I chatted up Stanford sophomore Conor Schram a 135-lb wrestler from Pittsburgh, who is taking a course on the media and I suggested he see “The Foxcatcher” and interview Chris Horpel about it: life is a movable feast if you keep your eyes and ears set to vibrate.

This song started playing just then. A “red dog” is football for “everybody go” or as Adam Duritz the huge Cal Football fan say: “everybody freak”. And who does not believe me that I jump up from my table at Ada’s Cafe in Palo Alto and turn 360 degrees towards North, East, South and the West and flap my arms and snap?

Also: Ted Gioia, now absconded to Texas and thusly not avails for my January 25 PAHA History of Jazz Shindig, did write for PTT about Mingus at Keystone June, 7, 1979.

Ry Cooder’s String Cheese incident

Ry and Pasatono Orquestra de Oaxaca, he suggested, according to Andrew Gilbert, that they add trumpet to their Mexican folk music ensemble, which also includes clowning and circus music.
did a show with Golem, i’ve seen.
did they play SXSW?

How did Andrew get the tip?
Hi, Andy, or Andrew. Palo Alto not Berkley is Sister City of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, assuming and big if that Pasatono Orq migrated from rural to their urban whereas Berkeley Sister Cities has or had a Borneo long-house community, so I feel left out and empty that I have to drive to hear this, and am tempted to raise some pronto dough and try to lure them thru Palo Alto for a nooner on their way to F&S. Is there an agent or promoter beyond Ruben? Probably too late but tempting.
How did Andrew get the tip? He’ll never tell. But he lets on thusly to wit:
Arcos has arranged numerous concerts for Pasatono in recent years, including events connecting the band with Oaxacan communities in Southern California. But it was a very different kind of concert at the Getty Center in Los Angeles two years ago to which he invited Ry Cooder. At that point, Pasatono had just one circus tune in the mix.

“When I called Ry to ask him what he thought a few weeks later he said I really think they ought to concentrate on the circus stuff,” Arcos recalls. “He also said they should include a trumpet. That’s Fellini. The horn is very visual and playful, with a great tragic quality. I translated the comments to Rubén and he laughed, saying I can’t believe we’re on the same page. He said the only reason we didn’t include trumpet is because of the budget, but I’ve seen photos of Oaxacan circus band where there’s trumpet. Everything came together.”
Bette Arcos I think is KPFA regular.
And I told the Freight Box person, Elaine?, that there was in my dreams a F&S2, in Palo Alto, at the old New Varsity — Steve Baker was set to tour it, but his son broke an ankle and a soccer game and we’re still healing, waiting, Buddy Hollying. I think I mean Crying Waiting Hoping
they are playing skirball.

do they have an agent?

Oaxaca Oaxaca?

Musical ambassadors for the state if not the capital…

Oaxaca string cheese is there a better name for it?
Quesilla, en Espanol quesa que dehebrar, hebra means strand or string:
Oaxaca, also known as Queso Oaxaca, Asadero or Quesillo is a Mexican name for a semi-soft, white, string-type, Hispanic-style cheese made from cow’s milk. Belonging to the pasta filata family, similar to a Mozzarella, Oaxaca is a stretched curd cheese, kneaded and sold in long ropes gently wound in balls.
(but it is proprietary to Plasty that someone would link String Cheese Incident the musical group to this Oaxacan circus orchestra, no)


effigy versus billboard liberation vs. ready-made

hate crime racial incident

does it matter the category of the creator or author?

cf Gunn High graffitti hate crime

I like Dinkelspiel and Berkeleyside — want to reach out, i may have already

more of my observations about Shelby Sinclair

Don Cherry playing flute outside the cell of Angela Davis, circa 1968

South Park Redskin mash up: because the Redskins copyright is cancelled, they could use the logo in their tv show, about a start-up stealing that name, for borrowed interest. And drew a penis and breasts on to it, for good measure. (then had two of such creatures engaging in arguably non-consensual intercourse)

a little misconstruable

Andre Cramblit

cf. palo alto bad billboard art
cf cristina valezguez in a closet at cubberley “training cetner’

4. Cal Hi Sports
montage of 60 images from the season
Sacred Heart, if your kid does not go there, why root for them?
compare to De La Salle??? Notre Dame
Josh Stern of Paly
Lance Armstrong?

5. missed Jeff Parker
Charlie Hunter
Jeff Charlie Hunter Parker
ois 303 779 6032
insert photo here, it is an old number for blues guy Otis Taylor or his former number, I’ve tried various versions of it.

6. PAHA jazz
mohini rustagi
esther berndt (performing Tuesday 12/16 at CoHo after Warriors game, with Bill Young)
joey oliveira
the dr who booked miles davis
talk to danny in person if he cannot attend..see his clips or flyers.
george winston
will ackerman
dan adams
jason olaine
charles mingus in palo alto tribute
dick fregulia
fair fair and credit
full faith and credit big band
more gioia
dude from nearby, wrote about linus and lucy, wizard of menlo park,
list of venues
akira tana

7. rebotted at STanfrod Tressider CoHo Starbucks

A Long Strange Trip by Dennis McNally, 2002, paper, $20
today’s Merc, for “Finished: 49ers postseason hopes vanish in Seattle as attention turns to future of Harbaugh: by Cam Inman
Chron, “Down and out: Dreamy 1st half turned gloomy and removed any Harbaugh mystery” by Scott Ostler
a disc of photos by Norman Pearl of Burlingame, although my computer has no disc drive
“nice day for a stroll” chapbook by Matt Bowling, PaHA, $10
Chron sports section from 12/2/14 about “Coach evasive on his future” by Eric Branch, the one about the recessive gene for worry
stuffed into a notebook that has exactly six entries, from recent weeks
a totally full notebook my day book, Aug. 6, 2014 thru Oct 25 of this year, seems like a whiles ago
“A brief history of time” borrowed from PA Library my next stop
j. LaDoris Cordell lead of Chron, by Melody Gutierrez, “Secrecy of grand juries blasted: Calls grow for openness in handling police killings
k. full page ad, center for the art of translation
l. Irene Dalis 1925-2014 Opera San Jose did not know her
m. i am late to notice 12/13/14, had to check my watch, re parking restrictions, that today is 12/15/14, but in Europe it is 15/12/14 right?
n. am i the only person trying to think of MO as class not race?
o. IPO valuations are out of control, by Brian Hamilton, of Sageworks?
p. kudos to Frances Dinkelspiel of Berkeleyside, best news source in the Bay area?
q. Sen ElizabethWarren at op ed opposed to the bill?
r. accoridng to Matier and Ross, EA of Redwood City is hosting a private meeting about Olympics ’24
s. next to “Beatboxking cellist keeps them coming for more” by Mike Kepka, cf Garchik, with big photo of Joey Chang of Mountain View, who appeared in the Palo Alto street fair several times, 2009 to 2013, 50 Mason Social House in the Tenderloin; Joey Chang, 34, of El Cerrito; Cello Madness Congress;
t. off line, off this line, Hershel Yatovitz texts me from Chicago.
u. “Saving mY Tomorrow” HBO earth-day-lean-in, with Willie Nelson, TMBG, Ziggy Marley
v. Soundbox at Symphony space venue
w. Gone Girl at 12:20 at Redwood 20
v. Garchik on Larry Baer 18 to life? and this is my 20th post in this list?
y. gave up Ms. Moskovitz story to Leah Garchik….I’m a bad, bad man.
i would only go to Gone Girl because Reese is producing; has a different vibe than Strayed
z. book at Keplers about 33 artists in 3 acts or something, I want to compare to Tom Robbins art writer anecdotes; I also wanted to compare how many sports writers former editor s of best sports writers vs. editors of best essays; I counted 14 of 24 of the sports guys and all guys pretty sure.
a.a. was gonna list the 14 classmates of Mrs. Creighton, 1976, courtesy of SB
a.b. I called Garchik because she started and ended her column with weed stories; Bizarro meanwhile had an eskimo getting a chocolate kiss shaped like a human nose;
a.c. wariors at 16 in a row, 21-2 overall, Tuesday in Memphis. dont I have a buddy who works for the Grizzliers”
a.d. Scott Osler is the fifth horseman of the Apacoloyse: “The end is going to be ugly and painful and unpleasant for all concerned No way around it; It all unraveled for good on a cool, clear afternoon in the city the 49ers love to hate; come to think of it, I better find an open mic this week to do the last installment of Harbaugina Monolgoue? Freight? (who is having Oaxacan Circus Music Wednesday?)
a.e. speaking, as I did to Garchik, about Peninsula roots of Chang, Tom Stienstra “Barbarians Snobs Imitators” 30th anniversary edition has a nice ring to it. And he was busted for growing dope, Steve Staiger flashed to, the other day at PaHA.
a.f. Mike Riley, OSU coach in Jake Curtis: did he get fired or promoted or moved on? many college teams can I name of top ten NBa scorers — Moses malone -none; Jabbar, UClA, Malone, Utah State, played against my teammate Lockhart of UTEP; Kobe none; Jordan UNC and Jim Yardley told me about him; Wilt, Kansas?; Shaquille LSU and they gave his dad a job; Elvin Hayes, Houston, played against UCLA Walton, but now I forget where he played pro, also Houston? Dirk,Germany? Hakeem, obviously I am confusing Hakeem, who I saw posed he other day with Dartmouth grid legend Murray Bowden(owns half of Houston) with Elvin. Elvin played Baltimore Bullets?
a.h. the other cool thing about South Park Redskins is their grid of NFL owners, inc Mike Brown of the Bengals , now 9-4-1 and shut out Browns, new Browns anyhow 30-0 I should text congrats to my classmate Katie Brown Something. first Bengal shutout since 2008.
a.i. Dez Bryant caught 3 TDs which is a good omen for Stanford’s Devon Cajuste since that’s his favorite player, he told me, once, at Sam’s on Uni, the night he scored 3 TDs himself v. Army; Stanford favored by 14 v. Maryland, (48); my dream is to sit in box with Mayor of Palo Alto or press box, thanks to Plastic Alto coverage of Gunn football; and Cajuste and Williamson;
a.j. article on list of Bowl Games and history;
a.k. Delasalle plays Friday 12/19 against Centennial Corona of Riverside County.
a.l. Jeremy Lin, pride of South Palo Alto, got 8 points and 6 assists in 20 min for laker win v Minnesota; I found a clip unfiled and unfurled at Earthwise Ifnormation Repository with a picture of Brian Baskauskas as player of the week and Jeremy as honorable mention;
a.m. Cindy Lee Garcia wants Youtube to take down video of her which upsets militants?
p.1 lead of Merc, by Howard Mintz;
a.n. Affordable Care Act year 2 starts enrolling Nov. 15 thru FEb. 15, by Tracy Seipel
a.o. Edit: County must see housing as its mission: pro-developer tripe? Tuesday’s board meeting, cf Cindy Chavez.
a.p. Big Tobbaco at Stanford, op ed by Donald Bentley, m.s. 1982
a.q. SJSU basektball team played without five suspensions, reminds of V-12 players at Dartmouth 1944, in odd ways;
a.r. the Merc reports there are 21 comparable or better streaks that Warriors at 16, topped by Lakers, 1971 33 in a row. Eleven of the 21 won titles those years. Ok, if we get to 20 odds go to three-fourths.
a.s. Fuzzy Thurston who was not actually a classmate of PAUSD prexy Glenn Bill Max McGee at Dartmouth, died at 80; I showed Max our Max a photo of SI cover of his namesake, from above urinal at Old Pro, when Juliana Lee donated $50,000 (of her purported $3 mill in commissions) to PIE.
a.t. I started to say: Andrew Luck led team to 2nd division title as Ryan Fitzpatrick of Los Gatos and Harvard broke his left leg, dumb luck.
which reminds: am I seeing Gone Girl or Dumb and Dumber too?
u. HBO’s News Room kinda jumped shark with Jeff Daniels and friends playing acoustic jam when I get to Memphis. (but Nina Simone comes on radio 12:18 at Starbucks with Dylan’s Tom Thumb Blue
that’s my transit

edits and adds:
i. searching-injuns:
When 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern asked the Dead to play the White House if he were to win, the Dead responded, “We won’t play until you legalize marijuana.”
Richard Simon on MTV site, at the time
ii. I also apropos of above, texted a photo of M. Ward of She and Him on Tonight to Hershel based on the killer guitar solos on that old school guitar
iii. I did write to Andrew Gilbert and then Betto Arco probably to no avail.
iv. Mike Riley will coach for Nebraska, I added already elsewhere in Plasty. Congrats. 61
v. Norman Bridwell creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog died today at 86 but I am sussing the term “red dog” meaning all defenders attack at once, the football jargon (and I do have a brief item about Greg Brown Julie Brown, a Oaxacan carving I saw and Mark DiSuvero, recentemente)
vi. in this brief history of my blog I am forgetting why exactly I changed from Ry Cooder meets String Cheese Incident meets Oaxaca cheese reference to Red Dog a term for blitz a term for in my mind abundance, but there is also a Bud “Red Dog” Ettinger who apparently invented the linebacker blitz and had red hair and there is the “South Park” parody of Dan Snyder and the Washington football team whose offensive mascot lost its copyright protection so that even Comedy Central can either parody or pirate it, a Moser of the Post comments:
And then it gets real bad when, before a game against the Dallas Cowboys, Snyder gives a pep talk to his discouraged team.

“We cannot give up,” he says. “We have been through too much together. We have fought Eagle and Bear. And the Eagles only beat us by 3 points! … Don’t let them break you — don’t let them win!”

Spoiler alert: The Dallas Cowboys then play “a lone Redskin” — Snyder in an Indian headband. Alone on the field, he is repeatedly crushed by Dallas squad.

additional note number roman numeral vii: the subtle Counting Crows lyric allusion is botched above: “well, everybody trip” is the line from “Hanginaround” a top 5 hit from 2002 or so; I dig the song because my cousin Craig “Bip” Ruda sings background and claps on recording and my then client Stew does so on the tour; and when the man goes “everybody trip” the musicians ad lib some dance moves, fast cheap and out of control. This is about the fifth Crow reference out of 1,000 plus posts. And I read but did not paste in two passages, one about his anxiety in recent years, or admission of such and I forget the other. About the making of the album, with all the guests spot. More than any other pop figure, Adam Duritz is my guy, my generation. It’s good he went to UC Davis not Brandeis or something, which would have pickled his herring. The one Feldman went to. The Jumbos or what not. Warriors, come out to play.


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