Amy Goodman, Matt Taibbi, Alayne Fleischmann, on Democracy Now with a bang

I think my new years resolution is to write off entirely the 20 years in the music biz and go back to my first love, journalism. Hence my fascination with this episode of Democracy Now I caught while flipping thru channels surfing the Bowl games…

Alayne Fleischmann, and the name is a shibboleth, is a Canadian-American lawyer who blew the whistle on a big Wall Street firm

Alayne Fleischmann, and the name is a shibboleth, is a Canadian-American lawyer who blew the whistle on a big Wall Street firm


obstructing pedestrian traffic, the Rolling Stone reporter (actually he covers Wall Street)

In November, (11/6/14) he published in Rolling Stone “The Nine Billion Dollar Witness” about JP Morgan and whistle blower Alayne Fleischmann.

take us home, Sharon Jones:

and1: sounds impressive and inspiring on Amy Goodman, but a wee bit of sussing churns a strange steak in this Taibbi an unbelievable tactic in a beef with a Times reporter named Michael Wines, as described here.

from Corporate Crime Reporter (which reminds I did send a query of sorts to a pr guy repping a website about this case, JPM):
She grew up in a small town in northern British Columbia near the Alaska border.

She studied philosophy at the University of British Columbia and then law at Cornell Law School before joining JPMorgan Chase on Wall Street.


What was it in her background that led her to blow the whistle on what may be one the biggest corporate crimes of recent times?

Was it some ethics course she took in college or law school?

“I actually think it was because I came from a small town – Terrace, British Columbia,” Alayne Fleischmann told Corporate Crime Reporter in an interview last week. “I was raised with this idea that ultimately you have to do the right thing. It was just simple things like — you can’t take money from people. We are talking about pension plans and retirement funds, things people are relying on at a time when they don’t have another income. I just grew up with a value that a lot of people have — and that is, it’s okay to do well, but you can’t do that at other people’s expense.” (has a J.D. from Cornell and worked at Bingham I think it was. Was at JPM only 2 years).

Here is Amy; this exercise had me thinking about Ann Hagedorn as well:


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