Talking of Kiri te Kanawa

a nice Kiwi lady took this shot of me pretending to work on this article: the tell is the lack of my peepers

a nice Kiwi lady took this shot of me pretending to work on this article: the tell is the lack of my peepers

1. I went into Starbucks not Peets because Terry’s brother Gary gave me a gift card of $10 for Channukah. There was $2 left on it, the coffee was $1.80 and I asked the young clerk if I could donate the balance as a tip.
2. The January, New Year’s light shone reflectively (so to speak, Janus) on the rainbow mural, that I knew to me the work of Joey Piziali, so I shot a photo, thru the glass, which is a better vantage point than from the narrow alley. I waited for a passer-by, to mark the time.
3. I asked a lady sitting behind me, nicely, to shoot me, as what professor of Dartmouth Art History and father of a U.S. Ski team Felix McGrath might call “reportage”.
4. The lady, a nice lady — and I have left the original caption — was from New Zealand.
5. Her accent was nice enough, among her other charms, that a man sitting behind her — J_____, joined us, and asked if she was familiar with Kiri Te Kanawa.
6. Somewhere in there I left a voice mail for Erik Flatmo, who went to Gunn, Columbia, Yale, taught at Stanford and mayor or mayor-not-be like myself a former basketball player. He has a course last spring — about the time of the Gunn graffiti hate crime hoax or miscarriage of justice — about virtual drawing, which featured muralist Joey Piziali as a guest critic; without violating the sacrosanct academic environment, I would not mind writing about what the kids today thought of public art.
7. In walks Michael Alchek a commissioner who once mistook me for Hoody Allen and was in kind of a rush — he bought two cups of coffee — and did not have much of an observations to share about the Piziali mural, as part of a triptych or the fact that the building was being torn down around it: did they leave the one wall of the old building for any other reason besides the fact that there is public art on that building? (And I doubt he had seen my previous post comparing the young commissioners to The Mickey Mouse Club; and I did not mention that Alcheck who is a realtor and manages or owns a shopping center somewhere south of Palo Alto was unbraided in a local rag for trying to tell Los Altos commissioners what to do on a project, supposedly; I complimented his hair — kind of a hip hop or New Wave thingy — he went to Priory — and said that J_ mistook him for an artist, but I lied in a white way — god, that is not racist, “white lie”??? — and said J_ mistook him for “the artist” implying “Piziali”.
8. J__ said he once worked for Tip O’Neill, who said “all politics are local”.
9 I recommended George Packer, who profiled the Biden lieutenant TK.
10. My original head here, before Starbucks logged me off and WordPress failed to save, was “Reportage on the mural” but I switched to “Talking of Kiri te Kanawa” as a reference, and I admit I had to suss or what I call search-injun the actual cite, “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock” the women come and go talking (I had “speaking”) of Michaelangelo.
11. J_ has read and recommends something I barely have tried: James Joyce.
12. I started out wanting to add a bit of W. Royal Stokes on John Stubblefield to my preview of Pharoah Sanders, coming to SFJazz.
13. Joyce is probably LFHFAO about all the bad stream-of-consciousness writing the internet makes for apology. (for makes apology?)
14. I should run the photo of the kid accused of the graffiti crime.
15. In their destruction of the building it looks like the developer not we taxpayers have painted over the Miles Davis stencil, I shot above.
16. My new friend and neighbor, who reads Manil Suri, made a successful joke about “down ” and “up” but I forget the rest.
17 Notes:
a. Kiri Te Kanawa has a website sure and a foundation. In fact, I sent this brief message and the link: greetings, somewhat obliquely, from 10.5 K kilometers. (I should have said “away” but I think they get it. It’s about 6,000 miles)
b. in the initial now lost draft of this, I admitted the photo was a hoax in that I am not actually writing and the tell is that I am not wearing my eyeglasses
c. I also took the opportunity to share with Ms. New Zealand a photo I shot of the Mauri artist TK2 who I met in residence recently (TK3) at DeYoung Museum in SF. This:
d. this is just literary enough to shoehorn in here, “eat bird for supper?” a message I sent to Eric Hanson the literary music agent, who roots for the Steelers, who playoff the Ravens, the former Browns, named for an Edgar Allen Poe joint. And not to digress, but I once left a Teddy Ruxpin pin on his Baltimore tombstone. If I do spend half the day in a sports bar, and I do admit that although I think of the internet and by extension wordpress and Plastic Alto as a business tool, one can project and infer a wee bit about the actual human behind these business tactics, I may not actually, asI intended to do, go home and shower: I am wearing yesterday’s New Year’s Day Next Day Deerhoof tee.
e. I just noticed, as I was trying to remember something else, that Daily News on Fri., Jan., 2 mentions Cadence Lee winning state title on Feb 22 of last year. Daughter of my classmate Emmie Fa. And now a Brown student, along with Josh Stern of Paly, the lacrosse player and sportswriter.
f. I think, two hours in, and two hours before the post office closes — I am awaiting a post — of the old school variety — that I spotted Stanford’s Clay Carson, and rose to near-stalk him — he would be spoken to, or not –and that my friends is Shakespeare — Hammy even — I said “hammie tutu” the other day in reference to Hamlet Act II scene 2 — my former client Stew, Mark Stewart, who has a lyric suggesting that black people get mistaken for people they don’t resemble in the least.claycarsonofstanfrd
g. failing to speak to the Carson doppelgänger, I bought a yogurt — J__ nodded at me but would not be spoken to – I wanted to get his email address — of the following parts: plain nonfat Greek yogurt –speaking of Classics and Marsh McCall and we was — cultured grade A non fat milk, active yogurt cultures — I’m paraphrasing — strawberries, sugar, modified corn starch, cellulose gum — and come to think of it, maybe I should have tried this exercise before commitment — oat and honey granola — I almost wrote “joey” no “hoey” close to the vernacular “hooey” , whole rolled oats, milled cane sugar, rice flour, oat flour, vegetable oil, canola and or safflower and or sunflower oil, molasses, honey, natural flavor — which previous life experience and my copious readings tells me is actually translated to “soothing no something artificial and made in New Jersey” — comma, salt, barley, no excuse me barley malt syrup and last and least, blueberries. There is more but I spare you that, seriously. Ironically, to some people this is the most poetic part of the post, and the most informational.


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