(Weird) preview of Echo Brown one-person show at Stage Werx Mission SF

the dartmouth club is block rushing this house

the dartmouth club is block rushing this house

in the spirit of Samsom Occum the original Dartmouth Indian or Big Green in that, according to Michael Dorris, the Mohegan or Mohican was forced to dress “in drag” in that he was already civilized enough to wear Abercrombie or the Abercrombie of the day, 1769, but Rev. Eleazar Wheelock was smart enough to know he can mack in mo money dressing in a loin cloth or a toga or what not. Then there’s John Belushi. Then maybe MidDay Kaling and Whitey Withers playing, there’s a theme here, Matt and Ben. Then Mz. Echo, playing both sides against the middle, if that’s not too dirty for a middle-aged old boy to cop to. Yo, go, by younger green so sister/brother/thing!!!

Just ask the song.

edit to add:
This show “Black Virgins are Not For Hipsters” debuted in SF last year — despite my misleading headline, I found via an old Daily Cal article — but is playing this week in Oakland as well. Personal to EB: I would co-produce this, as Earthwise Productions, any time if we could find, excuse the expression, a black box.

From B-Side Barn to Spike Lee Joint in a few short steps, ask me how!

From B-Side Barn to Spike Lee Joint in a few short steps, ask me how!

ok, I was right or at least not wrong, just confused the first time: there is a StageWerx show, a reprise of last year’s debut. Here is how the Dartmouth newsletter has it and note that is bills her after Lawrence Lessig, Nicholas Kristof, Armisted Maupin, the Anderson Collection and a children’s author of some note, and also in my defense it is also true that same newsletter send me and just me plus a random former linebacker for Holy Cross to watch Harvard-Brown together at the Patio, his name exude the run on was Mahan I think a great guy great stories about the old days and the famous epidemic:
Date: Sunday, January 11th
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Place: Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia, San Francisco
Cost: $12 for Everyone

Echo is about to lose her virginity to a good looking white hipster that she met on Craigslist. This will happen in ten minutes. That gives Echo just enough time to do exactly what you shouldn’t do the first time you are about to get laid: contemplate America’s racial problems. Echo is black. So she’s used to pondering race. But she doesn’t want to ponder race IN THIS MOMENT. Right now, all she wants to do is convince herself that she is beautiful, despite a lifetime of conditioning to the contrary. To make herself believe in her own beauty, Echo will pray to all of the gods, call her best friend over 20 times, and talk to her cat about the meaning of life.

Following the show (around 9pm), we’ll gather at Elixir (at 16th & Guerrero) to catch up. The first few rounds of drinks and appetizers will be sponsored by the Class of 2006.

Does not say if it is public event or you have to be 30 years old and pay club dues. Which is why I may have to produce this event myself, down here in 650.

It’s also true that somewhere else I was not sure I joked whether Echo Brown is principally thinking to Echo Brown’s self as “male” or “female” but Echo Brown plays both types that was my joke, in the spirit of Parks and Top Dog Underdog writer. And the one now on tv, plays the lady in hospital with early onset dementia. Lori. Anna Deveare Smith or Lori Jean Parks. When I saw Top Dog Underdog on Broadway it starred Mos Def before or after he sang with my bud Charlie Hunter and I sat next to Stefon Harris the vibes player and I took a random West Indian Woman I had met the night before. I should keep writing about that! Former British colony, natch. Terry meanwhile claims to have been neighbors in Venice Beach in a Abbot Kinney not Sleater Kinney of both Dan Mountain and Lori Parks.

edit to add, Sunday: i am trying hard to finish my weekend off in time to get to Frisco to peep this out and possibly re–dez-vus with the (young) Dartmouth crowd. And I went back to do a rarity, edit a post on Plastic Alto, specifically getting clear Anna Deveare Smith and Lori Suzan Parks. (apropos of Echo Brown: Terry my Terry the visual artist Terry Acebo Davis just chided me an hour ago about our visit to the artist Joe Zirker, and I asked Joe about Richard Anuskiewicz, and Terry said “Don’t ask an artist about another artist, unless he’s dead” — Richard’s daughter Stephanie Anuskiewicz was a Dartmouth classmate; Richard once painted a game ball in abstract colorful stripes, and it was on display at Alumni Gym and probably kicking around Hanover somewhere, tho I digress — so maybe talking about and linking to ADS and SLP is taboo but it is also a compliment. To Echo Brown. And further, perusing her site for just a minute tells me that I overplayed the gender-bender thing: she plays male characters but nobody confuses her with a dude, I don’t think. Will update later. I am the one confused here, obviously and per usual. And, yeah, I have been mistaken for a woman once or twice. You haven’t?

So here is link to Anna Deveare Smith:

Will update about Stanford connection, or if I saw her here.

Suzan-Lori Parks meanwhile is about my age, i.e. younger than Anna, although they are both of a generation pre-dating Echo Brown and won the Pulitzer for her play “Topdog/Underdog” in 2002. Both are MacFound geniuses. Not sure if anybody else confuses them.

Did I also mention Venus Opal Reese? She was in Dallas last I checked. I met Venus at a Blacks in Performing Arts Conference, had her open for Henry Butler at Cubberley, read a script of hers, had her “hair” monologue in my series at Art 21 Gallery and then lost contact. Venus reminds me of Aleta Hayes in that they are both blacks in the arts at Stanford but not sure if anyone else thinks Aleta Hayes when they think Echo Brown.

Link to Suzan-Lori Parks.

TDBHAA (this doesn’t belong here at all) but I wrote to Sharon Washington Dartmouth ’81 and it turns out that Dartmouth undergrad aspiring writer Kamala Thompson (’15) also wrote to Sharon, good get. Sharon shared some thoughts on “Selma” and director Ava duVarney, her esteem for the director and admiration of the project. Meanwhile, editing myself I am toting three books to gloss their references to Selma: Truman Capote book of essays — he had a domestic servant from Alabama named Selma; Kingdom and the Power about the New York Times has a few graphs about Selma and their coverage; Keeping Faith, Jimmy Carter, which I won for my work for the Daily Dartmouth in 1982, has tangential references like Andrew Young and Governor Wallace but no Selma per se. More to come.

Echo Brown is from Cleveland. I wonder if she knows personally Tracy Chapman.

What this most reminds me of is Mindy Kaling and Whithers or Withers at PS-?? — and their producing partner Jason Hsio I think it was or is, i.e. Off Broadway, “Matt and Ben” forget I how got hipped to it, def not or mos def not via the alumni club. Or was it? I also tried to book a reunion of former The Dartmouth staff, 1983-1989 at the Studio Museum of Harlem but was told people would not go uptown like that, in 1998 or so, and instead Jack Steinberg of The Times got us a room that they used a lot, speaking of kingdom and power. Jacques, I mean. Oui monsieur.


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