Russell hits trey to start Titans

Gunn v Mountain View Friday January 9 in new gym

G 15  MV 4  1QGunn v Mountain View Friday January 9 in new gym

G 28 MV 11 2Q

G 42 MV 19 3Q 10 Gil short jumper

G 46 MV 24 1:46 left odd technical foul sequence

G 46 MV 27 final Riley takes a knee

I caught two and a half of the four-part Gunn hoops quader Friday night, against Mountain View. I shot 77 photos so I really out to update this. The first section above I posted in the first minute of the game, using my hand-held. Today, Sunday, about 45 hours later, I ran into and met for first or second time Gunn coach Brandynn Williams, and we talked for a bit. He said I could interview him post-game at future contests. I asked about Noah Riley, the quarterback I watched play 11 times, and he said “toughest guy on the team”. I suggested the depth but also character of people like Noah could provide an intangible difference to make this team very good to great.

Other people’s research says that 10 Titans scored in the easy win over the nearby Spartans:
Alex Gil: 4-1-9 Tim Sun: 0-1-1 Jonathan Davis: 2-0-4 Chris Russell: 4-1-12 Rohit Sampathi: 0-2-2 Anthony Hu: 2-0-4 Noah Steinbremmer: 0-2-2 David Lee: 2-0-4 Lukas Dorhard: 2-0-4 Sharod Miller: 2-0-4 (I didn’t have a lineup card and had to ask Coach Williams if indeed #50 was the football wide receiver: he looks so much bigger here. Actually some of the spelling looks sketchy so I cannot stand behind the numbers per se: for instance, I met Mr. Dorward and he explained his name is spelled “like Forward but with a D”. I liked a play versus Summit where Dorward took a rebound, hustled up court himself, from forward, went behind his back right to left then threw up court to get an assist on the break, and I even thought: possible point guard?


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