Selma and Louise

in all seriousness, which of these people just on looks alone would you want in a bar room brawl or in your editorial comics bullpen or at the bookstore?

in all seriousness, which of these people just on looks alone would you want in a bar room brawl or in your editorial comics bullpen or at the bookstore?

Colman Domingo plays Abernathy in the new biopic hagiography about MLK, while a Nigerian Brit named David Oyelowo plays the Nobel laureate martyred peace activist and leader. I would do the opposite, have Colman Domingo as MKL and Big O as the butler’s son.

But Colman Domingo is out of closet, so we cannot do that.

Or Ava DuVernay cannot do that, because she is unqualified. An actual director, if you have to go with a relative unknown, could steer Colman into Martin, surely. (But don’t call me “shirley”).

Colman Domingo I met backstage at “Passing Strange” and then I stared at the flyer pinned to my bulletin board but never made it to “Wild With Happy”. He was a preacher’s son and a German performance artist in PS. And yeah, he could play a right wing megalomaniac and actor from Nigeria raising money in Hollywood.

Ava on Terry Gross says that “another filmmaker” bought the rights to the actual MLK material; they should have bought grand rights. Or, I cannot wait for that.

AO Scott, I beg to differ.

I like meanwhile: soundtrack by Jason Moran (from Houston, which has a million key piano march towards musical greatness, not just Jason and the black radio guy), — I would buy the actual soundtrack, I could write about the music supervisions, first rate, or at least interesting, it’s a $20 million film, even with no deal from the estate, so the music budget is at least $500,000 — there’s also Ledisi also known as Ledisi Young as Mahalia Jackson singing over the phone will TBA with the actual title, she from Oakland 510 but also NoLa 504 — Common the light-skinned liberal rapper plays one of the Kingsmen and also he and John Legend mention “Ferguson” on the closing track;

I’m gonna see the joint again just to affirm my first take.

I have a joke about the word “Ejogo” that is too dirty for Plastic Alto.

I like David Oyelowo as Nina Simone. Actually part of my problem is my respect for Ambrose Akinmusire, and being in his proximity enough times to hear him ask “Yorba or Igbo?” when he meets a Nigerian. But a Nigerian who maneuvers his way into $20 Million MLK joint sounds like a weird mix of Ronald Reagan and I don’t know what.

I thought of the guy from Gallipoli and his Jesus thing, Mad Max guy, Mel that’s funny I am stuck on that. Mel Gibson. David Oyelowo is the African Mel Gibson?

There was a trailer for the stupid fifth pressing Philip K. Dick opus and I turn to Terry and say “They auditioned Arnold to play MLK — I’ll be black”.

I found in “Forward” an article about the Jewish community of Montgomery, AL not doing enough for blacks there, but I am pretty sure there were more Jews in these marches than the movie would have it. I actually have a page from Rabbi Sydney Axelrad’s bio that references Mississippi not Alabama but I think helps my point. I could add that later.

Mick LaSalle gives it 3 stars, or man applauding from his seat. Which reminds, when I interviewed Stew for KZSU during “Passing Strange” at Berkeley Rep, the Chron happened to have it’s review that a.m. I had in the car for Stew — I drove him to and fro — and it was a decent 3 star and Stew’s line, both spontaneous in the car and then on the air was “We have actual people standing on the seats and applauding, we don’t need the Little Man version” and in fact from the balcony Door 4 of Roda Theatre at Berkely Rep in honor of Molly Ivans, Kathleen Turner and Stew I did in fact, at least for a moment, stand on my chair and lean forward in a crouch and clap manly. I mean “madly”.

There is a 10:25 a.m. in RWC for you stalkers. (I am the only guy who is both ducking the White Supremacists for supporting blacks, and militant blacks in theory for dissing any MLK joint, plus the Asians (and fans of Armani) for defending the First Amendment rights of Sean Berry, which is exactly why I am at least pump-faking a run at Assembly, Rich Gordon’s seat, speaking of “wild with happy”.


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