Kate Lee Short the Oculus w. Dave Ellis various


This is already at PAC although even better around 8 tonight or so I hear or hope to

This is already at PAC although even better around 8 tonight or so I hear or hope to

Seven p.m. to approximately 7:20 finds me, lweatcdr, as opposed to weat, at Palo Alto Art Center, party for “Hear This” sculpture and rather hip noises, and perchance peeps, then I am off to my second home town, Saratoga (1968-1974), to watch the Mighty Titans pluck the Falcons –maybe I will bring some chicken wings, I saw them for sales at Whole Foods the one in Palo Alto although I will also be passing by or could be the even larger and cooler Whole Foods of Cupertino, where ironically enough I ran into Manny Cappello who owns or maybe founded Wing Stop and went to Gunn and is Saratoga Town Council, and bring, for comparison, wings from both places — same or different kitchen, they are probably surplussed from Packers-Seahawks, basketball, natch. I am watching Russell, Gil-Fernandez, Lee I mean Lee-H something, Lee-Heidenrich?, Lukas Dorward not his little brother killer crossover means he is a Vike, but on Varsity as a frosh, very rare, Noah Riley, who I mentioned to Pac-12 assistant coach and his forbear at QB Chris Strausser, and more.

But on the subject of chicken, there is Dave Ellis of North Carolina and Brooklyn, formerly known as SQWRM, and his installations of speakers, and now thanks to Karen Kienzle and KRew, or KREW but not KCRW, I would not expect, but maybe, if WWOZ of New Orleans can live-cast Danilo Perez at the Ace Hotel Panama City, sure KCRW Palo Alto, Kate Lee Short photo by Phil Bond, here installed and instigated for a minute, whose counting?

Dave Ellis on the left, with scarf and unknown friend, a whiles ago, i'm certain

Dave Ellis on the left, with scarf and unknown friend, a whiles ago, i’m certain

Shaggy dog or chicken story.

Revealer: Dave Ellis I I hardly know — I and I hardly know or a typo but he is not Dave Ellis the musician but his brother John Axson Ellis is my former client on sax and they grew up on a chicken farm or chicken farm church or such. LWEATDR is lord willing and the creek don’t rise and speaking of Carolina yes that was me who delivered Archers of Loaf in 1995 when Guadalupe Creek rose enough to cancel a Sharks match but these knuckleheads soldiered thru to the Cub and WEAT is not a radio call letter but an Andrew Marvel reference, “world enough and time”.

I am hoping to suss out Menlo Girls v. Pinewood Girls at Menlo at least the first half, 6 to 6:30 then PAC 645 to 715 then Titans Falcons in Saratoga –driving past my old abode, it was stucco not adobe, I wish I had an adobe abode, who wood knot? — for second half then back to cuddle with my baby if that is not TMI.

And sorry to learn of passing of John Milton the Shakespearan with the Cowboy Hat and the snakeskin boots, the Commie in the Mercedes again go figure. John joined my little indignant parade that crashed for 3 minutes each the PATC meeting, apropos of Free Speech at Lytton Plaza and a ban on…wait for it..amplifiers.

Evil be though my good >>> gourds be though my speaker cabinet.

And who did or to whom did i lend LEND NOT GIFT my VHS of Barnstormers that has custom painted exterior???

And where is the cord for my self-powered Crosley thru which I will augment my Tana-Franks-McCain panel?

hear this january 17 thru april 12, 2015 (dave ellis not yet appearing) at Palo Alto Art Center on Newell the former City Hall the former Palo Alto Cultural Center


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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