Subdural pacino bleeding

LOS ANGELES — An Al Pacino movie broke out in the middle of a concert by the band Chicago, with thousands of fans serving as extras.

Cameras were wheeled onstage during intermission of the group’s show at the Greek Theatre on Friday night to film a scene from Pacino’s upcoming movie “Imagine,” in which he plays aging rock star Danny Collins.

was seen attacking tourist s 300 block of Broadway

was seen attacking tourist s 300 block of Broadway

With coaching from the director, the crowd chanted the name of Pacino’s character as the 73-year-old actor walked on stage to sing “Hey Baby Doll” in a black suit. The movie co-stars Michael Caine, Annette Bening and Jennifer Garner.

I think Dan Ausmussens account of the goo killing birds here in real life (!) is similar to the movie “The Host” by Bong Joon Ho, which means pretty soon we will have a monster, not Ed Lee or Ron Conway, jump out of the Bay and start ravaging people.

Meanwhile I shot (with a camera, although a friendly bystander or enabler provided the flash) the Tom Parkinson plaque on Addison, part of Berkeley Poetry Walk installation.

This whole farrago starting to sound like Brock Clarke novel.

How can Birdman and The Humbling (not Danny Collins) both have the stars being locked out of their dressing rooms in their tighty whitey’s and fake suicide with guns, and literary reference — one with Ray Carver the other with Philip Roth.

Simon’s (Pacino) extraordinary dressing room soliloquy, during which he makes the first of the film’s many references to “King Lear,” is followed by a sequence eerily similar to a scene in “Birdman,” in which the main character accidentally locks himself out of his dressing room and has to convince disbelieving theater personnel that he is who he says he is. Not long after making it to the stage, Simon makes a suicidal dive into the orchestra pit that lands him a 30-day stay in a psychiatric hospital.

The Humbling based on 2009 book by Roth, reviewed in the Times then by Kathryn Harrison, best known for her book “While They Slept” about a Medford, OR case about a teenager bludgeoning his parents with an aluminum baseball bat, if that somehow fits here.

As my former purchase and one-time lunch partner (via Matt Gonzalez, at Just For You, a whiles back, such that it is no longer off the record, just off my rocker) would say:

I’m so confused. (Jonathan Richman, see below)

and worse: I used to confuse Al Pacino with Bob Dinero.

and: wish I had made this a tribute to Ernie Banks instead: let’s play two or make two movies on the same two or three gags.

and: we caught the large-headed end of “Biloxi Blues” on cable, wow! Neil Simon.

Kay Kosty at Angelica’s in RWC soonly.

This is worse than 3-dot. This is pixelated. Shotgun blast. Scattershot. Birdshot.

even oddlier this is a tribute to Jeff Golub, and his 2011 cd “The Three Kings” that featured my former client Henry Butler and was referenced indirectly today in The Times. He died of PSP, progressive supranuclear palsy.

I get Jeff Golub mixed up with Jeff Lorber.


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