More Doug Moran with finish fetish fundament

Doug Moran the Troll of Matadero Creek doesn't like Bruce Beasley but Sid Espinosa, me, Greg Scharff, Terry Acebo Davis, Elise DeMarzo and countless others beg to differ

Doug Moran the Troll of Matadero Creek doesn’t like Bruce Beasley but Sid Espinosa, me, Greg Scharff, Terry Acebo Davis, Elise DeMarzo and countless others beg to differ

and my response:

Greg Brown at his address to PAHA, for the publication of Matt Bowlng’s book –Greg is on the cover — noted that when he visited Linkoping and brought up the fate of “Foreign Friends” they all started laughing in that the work was designed to be temporary and not permanent, that they toss similar works into the bog and let them rot but we were so intent on trying to repair the piece.

I met my girlfriend of six years now –my Valentine — Terry Acebo Davis at Bruce Beasley’ studio — she was on PAPAC at the time as chief negotiator liaison to Bruce and I went as an ad hoc member of the public. In fact, that I met Bruce randomly as he toured Cali Ave with Paula Kirkeby in 2007 is what launched for me three runs for Palo Alto City Council (>10,000 votes all in) and about 400 articles on my blog on policy — I am mentioning these two anecdotes in that the beauty of art, compared to say computers, is you cannot plot or predict how people will perceive them, what reactions it provokes. Our art catalyzes us and binds or bonds us.

People thought the Beasley design for Mitchell was weird or worse, but in context to a mishmash building design, it seems unifying; that it blends in or goes unnoticed Doug claims is remarkable in that context. Also, for a continuous granite arch, it is significantly better designed than the crappy ad hoc basketball court with its even crappier faux monument to a sports hero*.

De gustibus non disputandem.

Or as Paracelsus said: the difference between a poison and a potion is the Doug I mean Dose.

* I mean “Jeremy Lin Played Here” which is our version of the 3 Lies of John Harvard” statue in Cambridge, MA. No, Jeremy went to JLS and played there, sprained his ankle at YMCA et cetera. If he had played at the new Mitchell Park court, he or someone nearby would break a leg. Mark my words. It’s an attractive nuisance.

This might go over the heads of most PAW readers or seem odd, but what creators are fighting for is the opportunity, in a consumer society, or military-industrial-complex, whatever you call this, The Matrix — to create period. What happens to the work, how people see it, what they get or don’t get, what they project, what they reject, if they want to buy it or destroy it is mere commentary. And somewhat irrelevant. Beyond our control.

I guess by my own logic it should not faze me in the least that I write here and Doug, or Steve Levy or Bill Johnson delete my work.

But I back it up at my blog.

Fido sit, where’s your muzzle? Pound the alarum. Let’s burn this fleur. Call me Nicky. Don’t be a sticky.

The Pomp don’t twerk cause the random lost his hand-job.
(And I just saw this two minutes ago, for the fist time. One hundred thirty six others have seen it. I recall seeing a parody of it, on Leno. And I did hear “feel my backside up a little more” not “fill my bottle up” And I hear “fido” with “bitch” and “turn them out”. See what I mean?


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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