Nya Jade keeps rockin’ in the free world

international woman of mystery nya jade

international woman of mystery nya jade

Nya Jade is based I think in New York but is Ghanaian and for a while hung out in the 650. I recall seeing her at Foothill Junior College when I was taking Janis Stevenson’s class on the blues, singing with the chorus of Lydia Oey and not attending Paul Davis’ too slobbering Beatles pant (like a Collie stationed in front of a taco stand, in July). Paul Davis who gave me an “F” for saying the Beatles were over-rated and more a phenomenon in a McLuhanist sense of the electronic media that cutting edge per se.

I look forward to hearing more of Nya Jade either via these tracks or it would be great to hear her live. I think that under a different name I booked her once into Stanford CoHo but I’m not sure of the details.

There is a mystery to Nya Jade, for sure.

If she is secretly an international woman of mystery I am sure it is for the good guys and gals. Since I said below that Ledisi deserves a variety show ala Carol Burnett, maybe Nya Jade and some friends, maybe even Shonda Rhimes could team up something that is like a musical mix of “Charlie’s Angels” “Homeland” or maybe Marsh McCall my Gunn classmate could lend me your ears. I think Lisa Allette Brooks who did field work in Botswana once gave Nya a guitar lesson. Or, not sure.

edit to add: Nya’ website says that she is actually not “what country” but Country per se, like Darius Rucker and also Mazel Tov to Nya (not Nyree) and family: what day of the week, makes me wonder, was your daughter born on?

ok, and1: my then-client Allen Clapp and How The Orange Peels opened for Hootie and the Blowfish at Mountain Winery and as musicians (including Peter Holsapple) were sitting around I started thinking “who is that second guitar player?” and it turns out the dude was actually Darius’s bodyguard who set up up-stage of the singer, whose fans perhaps cannot help but reach out to touch his awesomely prodigious talent; I wish Nya the right amount of attention to get her what she is seeking. See also: Eugene Robinson who similarly courted a certain cultivated amount of “HOLD MY ____” onstage. Eugene proud papa of 3 and Stanford grad. So: what about duet of Eugene and Nya ala Billy Joe and Norah?


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