Sharod garners ‘Toga laurels

"Nothing is over 'til we say it is!" Belushi, 1978 and Sharod Miller, 2015

“Nothing is over ’til we say it is!” Belushi, 1978 and Sharod Miller, 2015

For my money I like Sharod Miller as man of the match, Gunn over Saratoga by 2, in that in crunch time he back-to-back made a tip-in then swatted inside the Falcon shot.

This after the Saratoga rooters were heckling him and jeering; he did make an awkward entrance, dropping a pass and then, football style, falling to the floor to try to cover it. And I did watch all 11 Gunn football games — Sharod was a receiver and looked normal whereas here he looks huge, because the Titans otherwise are muskrat skinny — including I wrote when Shinichi Hirano said Sharod at outside linebacker was co-player of the game. In Lynbrook the duchebags actually make monkey-sounds when he came in and called him “Killer.” And I insist, although 2,000 others may beg to differ, that when Paly rooters go “U.S.A! U.S.A!” it’s because their team is all-white while Gunn has a black coach — Brandynn Williams, Sharod, and Andre Augustin splitting the point with a Jew and a Asian.

So, good on Gunn. Closing out the El Camino lower title, to be promoted back to SCVAL, where we won league in 1980, 1981 and 2009. Also, the Lee-Heidenreich’s passed beautifully. “Al Palo Alto” (Alex Gil) played well but it was not his night.

Gunn should pick up sticks against Santa Clara and whoever but I will hopefully pick them up at their CCS berth, and meanwhile I am re-booting as an embedded reporter at The Mullin Show, especially against the Fremont Indians, whose two best players, I see on Cal-Hi, are Muslim. Let’s see them shove the flag in their faces, class act that. (Sarc 1)

Yeah, and I did taunt slightly, but in rather esoteric form: “One flap down”. I generally say either “Patience” or “Defense”.

Meanwhile I was rolling with Coach and The Judge. The Judge distracted us from crunch time nervousness to relate the relevant comparison to his being told, 30 years ago but like it was last Tuesday by Los Gatos timekeepers that he had one time out, but when he got the inbound and tried to call time, they gave him a T. Two points, but I forget how it ends. I said “so you became a judge, and vow to never impose arbitrary justice?” He, (Griffin Bonini, Gunn 1983) also had an interesting story about his recruiting visit to Dartmouth and sensing something amiss in Tim Cohane (he ended up playing at Claremont). I made a lame joke comparing the Bonini Twins, Muff and Colin, to the Lee-Heidenreich brothers; Muff lost more between freshman and sophomore years than they guys weigh put together. No, he said thanks to Hans Delannoy, he went from 5’11” and 210 to 6’0 175. But he did say “I lost 60 pounds” so I can’t quite do the math.

and1: Paly actually lost to Homestead, 48-46 with Mullin held to a season-low 10, so who knows if they are still in the hunt for a share of the SCVAL or CCS berth. And Fremont has it seems to Muslim or Middle-Eastern sounding names: Shorab and Abdulrasul, so let’s see how far Paly “los mucosos” take their GI Jingo act. Not sure if I’ll get to Paly in Los Gatos, unless it’s to also rendezvous with my old friend Diane Collman Skinner a close personal friend of Harbaugh, former Paly rah-rah, author, to meet her family. If Terry my Terry — my Valentine — wants to come along, even better. (edit to add: I ran into Kevin Mullin, his mom, his dad and his brother at Rinconada Library and he said if they beat Los Gatos that Fremont will be for the title).


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