Paly Campanile butt rap correspondent

I haven’t finished my David Carr tribute, but am re-routing to post a quickie about Paly Campanile, the venerable publication still helmed, 63 years later by Esther The Woj Wojcicki, and its butt-rap correspondent, a kid named Bo Filed. Maybe its a typo and he is writing about bubble-rap.

Major labels’ old sales model hasn’t been completely unsuccessful in the modern age. Their marketing departments, A&Rs and financiers are all adapting to try and mirror the grassroots fame attained by independent artists, by spending lots more to try and play catch-up. An example of an artist cashing out on this is Harlem’s A$AP Rocky, who capitalized off the success of his first mixtape by signing a $3 million deal to Polo Grounds Music and RCA Music. A$AP used the label’s funds, influence and connections to drop his debut, “Long.Live.A$AP,” which strayed from his butt rap roots musically but brought in major revenue for his labels from hits like Wild For The Night with Skrillex and F****n’ Problems with other heavyweight rappers Drake, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. It’s unclear whether Rocky and the rest of the A$AP crew would be having the same kind of mainstream success today if not for Polo and RCA’s help. – See more at:

He also agrees with the big boys that Giraffage aka Charlie Yin of San Jose is the bomb. Booked by Evan Hancock of Windish. Sold out at Noise Pop. Am I the last to note

Windish>Windy City?
I also should not ASAP Yams aka Steven Rodriguez untimely demise.

And what was the bit that KFOG’s Renee botched confusing “All About the Bass” for something darker? And funkier. I’m kind of a Michael Franti 2006 guy myself. (edit to add: it’s hard to see how this fits, but Meghan Trainor of “AATB” is from Nantucket but her manager Troy Carter is Erving Wonder co-founder from West Philly)

And not to run too far out of bounds like Jim Harbaugh 1981 but Derek Carr is the Raiders’ QB, with a 76 rating and 21 TDs while his brother David Carr is like him a Fresno State but not the media critic of the New York Times.

and1: I watched one minute of this and did not see any butts. Saw a lot of shoes. Saw young men dressed in black. (see Derek Carr, above). May have to update this, to conforming.

also: It would be fitting if there was a successful rapper who is black and named Rocky in that the Stallone creation is rather white supremacist in that it is basically about the wonder of Chuck Wepner a Jersey moke going the distance with Ali in his prime. Jersey-Philly better check that. Yup, Bayonne, NJ. But it sells better in Hollywood as Rocky Balboa from Philly.


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