Four non posts

The world is expanding and unpredictable. We like it like that!

The world is expanding and unpredictable. We like it like that!

1. something about Paly basketball, and Mu v. Mo*

2. something about “State of the City Palo Alto” and Mountain View Voice news reporting the hard to measure role of the builders and realtors role in that election; how is that like our “push poll” here? (Keep in mind that Mountain View Voice is the Palo Alto Weekly, meaning strong pro-developer bias).

3. I read the NYT Mag story about the Palantir dude and his affair with a Stanford undergrad. Reminds me of Tom Wolfe “I am Charlotte Simmons” (Let’s keep in mind that in Tolkien the palantir were used for evil not good). Emily Bazelon on Joe Lonsdale or what I call “bazelonsdale”.

Cannot really think of the joke linking this case to Palms, although I've never had a taste for palm.

Cannot really think of the joke linking this case to Palms, although I’ve never had a taste for palm.

I was on my way to checking if anyone else has thought of the Joe Lonsdale-Ellie Clougherty case in terms of “Charlotte Simmons” when I ran across his site which explains his point of view. It references her interest, before the split of “branding” their relationship, I guess that means with a cute hyphenated version of their two names, like in the celebrity gossip pages. I don’t know, like Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt, I cannot think of one. Is it Bradjolina? His quote: She told friends that she might not need to work because of her plans to marry me, and she emailed me about “branding” our relationship with a name. First thing I thought of was that it was like the Midas Myth only its not that you cannot eat, you cannot get laid because your dick has turned into money, or something. A weird new type of gold-digger you lure. Yeah, I’m a hater. And I’d definitely never heard of either of them until first the student daily and then the New York Times wrote of it. And to be fair, jokes aside, all I know is the Times version of it, what I call Emily Bazelon on Joe Lonsdale, or “Bazelonsdale” I am linking the journalist and her source or subject. And it is kinda weird that the lady’s family is from Virginia and this gets linked in with the Rolling Stone’s false report on rape their. There’s also, comes to mind, something about the editor of the Daily Dartmouth, 10 or 15 years after our directorate who had to resign over being accused of rape or date rap by something that happened in Richardson Hall, in the men’s room, “a two-holer” the room, in Harper’s or something. I guess I would say personal relationships are difficult enough but if you add millions or billions of dollars into the equation, it gets even trickier. Plus as a Luddite I would add that all these 1s and 0s mess with their ability to function as humans.

4. Ceramics: Stephen A. Stephans circa 1976 w. “Art Today” by Ray Faulkner and Edwin Ziegfield, 1969, Holt, pp 181-213 and I have a photo of 1981 late Peter Voulkos at Anderson Stanford just yesterday.

and1: “O.J. The Education of a Rich Rookie” by O.J. Simpson and Pete Axthelm, 1970, I bought for $10 at an a quality book store, not sure why I bought it, or pulled it. when 6 was 4: i also have something about Nicki Minaj and the ARB, but got there a minute late but wanted to read into the record something about fill my glass, turn them out and fido sit fido guzzle at 429. I would bowdlerize “higher” for “hotter” et cetera. This piggybacks to 3.

*A Los Gatos rooter or dad yelled “Give him a T” meaning technical foul because Paly star Kevin Mullin had been trying to convince the refs that he was being fouled. I countered, “M.I.T!”, to mock him, the first heckler then said in a slightly lower tone “He’s supposed to be smart. He’s applying to M.I.T”. The couple next to me, on the other side, Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Tovey, parents of #10, Dana Tovey, covering Mullin said “Our son is applying there, too!”. So if Kevin Mullin and Dana Tovey are someday teammates and friends, at MIT, you read it here first. I also noted that the Merc had “highlights reel” of area athletes away at college and said that Geoff Parker’s son Sam Parker ran 1:18 800 at a big meet in Boston. The Mullins apparently know the Parkers, as well. I am curious to see CCS scoring leader Mo Abdulrasim, if I’ve spelled that correctly

edita: I’m a little off on Sam Parker of MIT, whose dad Geoff Parker was all league in tennis and soccer at Paly and All America in Rugby for Dartmouth, my classmate, and teammate of my roommate Teddy Conway: 1:53.07 was good for 11th in the NCAA 2014 indoors, and he is now a senior. That would be 4-minute mile if he could do two consecutively. Good on Sam, future Maccabbi champ? [the next day i found the clip and it lists Sam as down to 1:51:98; for reference, only 16 Dartmouth –sic– men have done better since dad’s days]


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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  1. LAura says:

    Mark, send me your email. I don’t have it

    This is from Laura Stec, I met at BAA Bay Area Action years ago and I sometimes haunt her column for a leading local portal and make inane responses that barely link to what she was trying to describe. She is a food activist and chef, influenced by Francis Moore Lappe and Alice Waters.

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