Third Eye Blind July 25 at San Francisco Masonic

Kudos for Steve Jenkins, my Gunn and Terman schoolmate, for keeping his rock and roll fantasy alive to middle age.

I remember Dorothy Bradshaw, my 8th grade drama teacher looking out the window at Steve and a kid named J.T. Leroy, I mean John Leroy and saying (she not me) “Steve Jenkins and John Leroy think they are God’s gift to girls!”

Mr. Mel Froli meanwhile claims he does not remember Dorothy Dot Bradshaw but misses Mrs. Barbara Bateman a music teacher. He says that when Terman closed, in 1978, not only did we bury a time capsule but we moved a special Ginko tree, Mr. Terman’s favorite kind, from campus to Stanford Engineering building. He, now that Ms. Bateman is gone, wants to return the favor by planting a tree at the re-opened Terman in her honor. As he told me this tale, at a Gunn hoops game recently, I knew that Stanley Jordan, the second most successful Gunn/Terman musician, after Stephan, was touring through and thought about ambushing him on this. (Would Stanley help raise money for his old music teacher?)

Terman music teacher Barbara Bateman, r.i.p.

Terman music teacher Barbara Bateman, r.i.p.

Maybe Steve Jenkins can dedicate “Jumper” to Mrs. Bateman the Terman music teacher and have a tip jar at the mercy table (merch, for merchandise, stupid spellchek) “Bateman Ginko Fund”.

I will pass this on to mgmt.

Steve’s brother George, although I thought he was a bully, is a successful rowing coach. George was “red neck” while Steve was “prep”.

Third Eye Blind please help Mel Froli and Terman alumni raise money to plant a ginkgo tree at our old school

Third Eye Blind please help Mel Froli and Terman alumni raise money to plant a ginkgo tree at our old school

and1: it’s actually about 40 dates co-bill with Dashboard Confessional and 2 nights in SF.

andand: here is the KFOG ad slick which omits the co-bill with Dashboard Confessional, because apparently they don’t play them. On the other hand, when 3EB broke it was on Live 105 and not KFOG, it’s only very recently that KFOG plays Nineties chestnuts and hits like 3EB and Cake and Green Day.

To put this back in context, Third Eye Blind played Cubberley in January, 1995, more than 20 years ago, it was my fourth or fifth show and most of the bands were people I’d known since high school (which was a mere 12 years prior to that), plus the Donnas, playing as Ragady Anne. Third Eye Blind was unsigned, I had seen maybe twice and was tracking unsigned buzz bands. They played with Heavy Into Jeff (who was more popular at the time, although in truth neither band was a draw in Palo Alto) plus the opening act, my friend, because he dated my college classmate and ex-girlfriend Charlotte Gerstein, Rob Lederer, or Rob Craig, of Number Nine. Steve actually played drums on the Number Nine demo. Stephen I mean. I actually had met Kevin Cadogan before he joined with Steve, in that his dad and I were both in a Berkeley rainforest group together and he helped me vet demo tapes of bands we were hiring for a Berkeley Borneo Project benefit at Starry Plough. Well, that’s an exaggeration: Kevin basically told me all the bands I liked sucked! And as everyone from my gen of fanboy-to-functionary SF indie and industry knows, Steve Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan partnered sort to get signed and release two great albums on Epic but parted ways, quite dramatically and neither has partnered as successfully since. And nobody who mentions Kevin in a correspondence with Steve ever gets a response or result.

You know you’ve had a long run when you go from paying hotties to toss their panties on stage to doing a benefit to keep the senior center affordable.

I’m still here: see also, Greg Camp of Smashmouth quitting the band because he was sick of playing to kids, 11 year olds who only knew one song, “All Star” because it was in “Shrek”. But then he re-joined the band. There is something Shakespearean about all this. Or at least Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neill and that was pretty deep Brian Denehy and Nathan Lane on Charlie Rose last night.

andandand: I have to keep going here. Here is a link to on-sales, it’s a Live Nation, the former Bill Graham Presents in SF. Tickets are $55 to $70 but they tempt you with re-sales of people who beat you to the punch and are charging as much as $235 for specific seats, I guess Ticketmaster takes a cut. For comparison, we charged $6 all ages at our show and probably did not even pre-print tickets let alone pre-sale. Later we used about four different services including BASS and Virtuous and Andrew Hancock whoever. I thought I was being diligent and supportive to offer the link but they really don’t need my help.

4and: (that’s a new record, 4 ands) Their social media page mentions they have a friend with a severe medical problem, pediatric neurosurgery so in the big picture, beyond how much clutter there is or how many people ask them for favors, a tree planted for a music teacher sounds not that interesting, I admit. But I put it up here like a message in a bottle and a prayer. And my thoughts are with the family going thru the medical history.

A5d: the site lists two members, SJ and Brad Hargreaves. What people don’t know about Brad is that he is also an excellent jazz drummer and down with Liberty Ellman. I caught up with Brad not so long ago, always wanted to book him. Maybe the Varsity HanaHaus will be a venue after all.


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