Henry Butler is no small, Japanese woman although Mimi Jones is a West Indian ram

I was Henry Butler’s manager, for six months. (blind piano player from New Orleans) Malcolm Papa Mali Welbourne (who actually got his moniker from his reggae days, dubbed such by Burning Spear himself, because Malcolm or Mali had four kids on the road with him his brood, he is or was a white guy with dreads, his father went to Harvard, excuse the digression) loved Henry and we met because of that (although coincidentally his agent was a cousin of mine, Roggie Baer or Roggie Lynn, a lady, Pete Anderson’s former assistant she like Malcolm down in Austin although Roggie (regina) like me has roots in the South Side of Chicago); I wrote a white paper as a potential manager of Papa Mali (also incidentally produced by Dan Prothero Fog city records in Sf, who also put out Galactic and Stanton Moore and later Tim Bluhm of Motherhips and Eitenne DeRocher) saying that he was like a cross between Dr. John an obvious influence and Jerry Garcia, which Malcolm never considered and apparently had never heard before. Malcolm plays guitar.

I did not get that gig but a couple years later when I saw him at Hardly Strictly he credited me for having planted some kind of seed which Kreutzman spotted as well, or more importantly.

The Jerry Garcia Estate still owes Palo Alto a piece of art (anything, but I like a drawing of lighting hopkins, a multiple, lithograph somebody bluesy like that) and the option to purchase at cost a print of JG and BW “top of the tangent” palo alto circa 1964, via April Higashi although it is the lady from the gallery who sullied the waters.

Actuallly the JGEstate is supposed to have in their possession the actual document on official paper with official seal “proclamation for jerry garcia 2003” but I suspect the gallery lady actually Bogarted it…

too much info, i know…

i also want to take credit for being the first to suggest to Mike Kappus the long time agent for John Lee Hooker and others that his archives Mike Kappus Rosebud might be of scholarly interest and he just last week told me, I saw him at a Joe Ely – Ruthie Foster show that he is giving his papers to UNC Chapel Hill (Ruthie foster once produced, frankly her break thru album, by same Malcolm Welbourne.

From: Nicholas Meriwether
To: Mark B Weiss
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 4:00 PM
Subject: Re: jerry lives in palo alto

Hi Mark,

Thanks for yours – – you’re doing great work. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

I love the fact that you brokered an intro that got such legs … most cool.

Come visit when you can – –

Best Regards,

On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 11:46 AM, Mark B Weiss wrote:
Mr. Nick:
I name-checked Jerry Garcia last night at a public hearing in Palo Alto, about how office space is displacing retail and the lack of a music venue here, his one-time home-town.

In 2004 an art gallery showed Jerry’s art work, and I was producing a concert series in the gallery. As the publicist for the Jerry art show, I arranged for then-mayor Bern Beecham to issue a proclamation honoring the Dead’s roots here. Meanwhile my friend and near-client Malcolm “Papa Mali” Welborne was on tour, agreed to play the little room and further agreed to add “Friend of the Devil” to his set list of originals and blues.

A couple years later, Malcolm told me he had met Billy Kreutzman at a festival, they hit it off and co-founded a group together, 7 Walkers.

I probably over-stated the point in claiming, last night, for the public record, that my little series was like an incubator in that it engendered a new band.

Here’s a version of that:
Mark Weiss
in Palo Alto
small-time concert promoter and manager, land-use watchdog

Nicholas Meriwether
Grateful Dead Archivist
McHenry Library, UC Santa Cruz
1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Mimi Jones formerly Miriam Sullivan bassist and composer who I met in 2000 with Rachel and Allie and I believe is from Montserrat, celebrating an Aries birthday today, on tour East Coast soon enough, bless

Mimi Jones formerly Miriam Sullivan bassist and composer who I met in 2000 with Rachel and Allie and I believe is from Montserrat, celebrating an Aries birthday today, on tour East Coast soon enough, bless


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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