Former Gunn footballer Rich Freed stands and delivers for kids v. technology, or sits at his desk for a very, very long while, rather

Kudos to my Gunn classmate Richard Freed, Phd for his book “Wired Child: Debunking Popular Technology Myths” which attempt to counter the billion dollar behemoth of hype for computer proliferation and gadgets and information as consumer electronics. In the vein of both Mander and Thoreau, Freed, a clinical psychologist in the East Bay, husband and daddy to two girls, he is concerned that what we think helps us or is fun, may actually be doing more harm than good, or we are not calculating the harm, at the very least.

Some of his sources and name checks: Walter Mischel(former 3x Gunn parent), Alan Eagle(former editor of Gunn Oracle and Dartmouth football play-by-play air talent), Jane McGonigal, Marshall McLuhan — I counted 260 citations in the notes.

Dr. Freed, Johnson Park, fall, 2014, photo by Dave Freed, c Plastic Alto

Dr. Freed, Johnson Park, fall, 2014, photo by Dave Freed, c Plastic Alto

I am a little iffy on the Dave Grossman log-rolling and shout and blurb: I wasn’t familiar with this guy but apropos of Colombine and the like this guy says “arm the teachers” I beg to differ.

I caught up with Rich recently by phone — and he sent me a review copy, or his robots did, via Amazon — and we were formerly and for a while quite close — which means we partied, in the 1980s — and told him he could or should put more of his personality into this book and campaign. It reads a bit like a grad school dissertation. I suggest Oliver Sachs as well, especially the story about the deadhead dude. And David Burns. And that he keep blogging on these topics. Like John Henry. Hammer away. If the Michael Moore movie about Columbine is not in his background and gray matter and zeitgeist maybe it should be, if only for the David Lowery slash Victor Krummenacher-ism of the title track, which Rich I am sure would have known primarily, meaning when it was new and unadulterated, for better and worse, I am mean Camper Van Beethoven:

he’s up to 3 positive reviews on Amazon even if there are merely confederates
that’s actually a reverse Putnamism, take them bowling.


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