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If you send me a jpg. of you Senator Bill Monning at the Jerry Garcia Archive, with the hand statue, I will post it to my blog, Plastic Alto. I’m a concert promoter in Palo Alto who has run for City Council here three consecutive times, plus I’ve put in for commissions now five times (with a pending application for Human Relations Commission current, may be seated tonight). I’m an 8-time loser by some accounts, but as Jerry would say “at least I’m enjoying the ride.”

Saw GD at Laguna Seca.

Mark Weiss
Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto
Plastic Alto blog

I’m also, for what it’s worth a former Nelson Rockefeller Center Fellow in Public Policy at Dartmouth College; my first Dead show I went with eventual U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul…at the Greek, spring 1982, not that I have kept up that relation very well…cool guy however

Senator Hill:
I just wrote to your colleague Bill Monning about his rumored interest in the music of the Peninsula and San Mateo based rock band, The Grateful Dead and wanted to post a photo I saw on his social media page, posed at their archive in his district, at UC-Santa Cruz, to my blog called Plastic Alto, which covers everything from real-time reports on Palo Alto counci and commissions to record reviews. I want to give you equal time, if you have a favorite San Mateo County rock band, I can write about for my blog. Conversely, if you do not, I’d be happy to write you a white-paper on the history of rock music in your district or the county.

I think of you as a sports guy, you told me you playd football at (San Mateo High^). (I told you to check out watson filikitonga, the current star there, we met at a campaign kickoff here, in PA at 433 Kingsley)

I hope this is not too frivolous.

Mark Weiss
Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto
Plastic Alto blog
(former candidate, 3X, for Palo Alto city council — I’m actually thinking about making a try at Assembly 24, Rich Gordon’s seat, to the left or more independent than the people who have announced)

regarding the video, I may have been at that show, June of 1989. I definitely saw one or two shows of that series, urged on by David Cherner and his AWBY crew; I drove down with a guy named Jon who was a hotel broker, to my advertising copywriter. “Fire on the Mountain” stands out in that “long distance runner” describes my “persistance” (Liz Kniss’s word, although I am not sure she meant it as a compliment) in this six-year process of “civic engagement”, and “Estimated Prophet” McNally highlights and Monning on his social media page suggests it. “At least I’m enjoying the ride” I think of as late-Dead and post-prime but its embedded in my gray matter, from “Hell in a Bucket”. Maybe I will update, sussing around the setlists and the video file, if you don’t have a full three hours to listen in and travel back in time, or you can (suss).

and1: at 1:48:48 they say “like an angel, in a shaft of light”

andand: The note is real, although moot: I figured out later that it was cut-and-pastable although rightly it should probably have permission, or they could ask me to take it down from here. I also cut out the two people Senator Monning was standing with, including Nick Meriwether, the archivist, who I recently corresponded with. And, yeah, it’s a little weird to post correspondences which were previously or otherwise private. A real deadhead would know if and how and the frequency of “Fire>Estimated”, but I don’t.

State Senator Bill Monning of Carmel, and a Jerry Garcia monument, in Santa Cruz, circa 2013, from his social media page, permission pending or asked for, (detail)

State Senator Bill Monning of Carmel, and a Jerry Garcia monument, in Santa Cruz, circa 2013, from his social media page, permission pending or asked for, (detail)

^ a couple hour later it dawned on me that Jerry Hill more likely told me that he played football for Balboa High in SF (coincidentally, where Jerry Garcia a few years ahead of him, attended and dropped out). He may have said he played against OJ, at Galileo. I am more certain I told him that San Mateo had the big back, maybe not future Heismann quality, but worth noting, WF. Or via follow up. I also recall meeting and maybe mentioned to Hill, that at an author event that Kamala Harris attended her driver told me he was of that vintage and played for Galileo. I walked Jerry to his car, and have met him three or four times, but it is not what I’d term a developed relationship. The first time I met him was at a Camille Townsend event.

edit to add, the next day: it also dawns on me that Theatreworks has closing a production, a bluegrass vehicle of the same name, and that it goes back to a 1928 traditional song (which Robert Hunter the lyricist probably knew, even if he is not referencing), a Charlie Daniels cd, an Edward Abbey book. Have not heard back from either politico –not surprisingly, although I did hear from the archivist at UC Santa Cruz, who I copied here. I also spoke once with the curator of SM History museum about creating a show around great rock bands of the county.


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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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